• Estimated Trophy difficulty: N/A (personal estimate: 3/10)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended, chapter select available)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty select
  • Do trophies stack?: No stackable trophies
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes known

Introduction: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day is part of the Short Peace project, a series consisting of four anime shorts, an introductory animation, as well as said game. You do not need to know the anime shorts to play the game, even though I'd heavily recommend you watch these if you have even the slightest interest in animation art. Also, looking at Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day alone you may be let down at how simple and short it is. It is but a part of a series of short movies (or in this case "short games") after all.

The game itself is easily described as a 2D Arcade Platformer. You run from left to right, using only jumps, slashes and shots/smart-bombs to fend off pursuers that serve as sort of a time limit when playing a level. No stage takes longer than 3 minutes, which adds up to less than half an hour of playtime.

You follow one day in the life of Ranko, a teenage girl who is living in an underground car garage and has set out to kill her father using a violin and wrestling. If you didn't guess by now: yes, this is the latest creation from the wicked mind of Suda 51. And boy, are you in for one hell of a ride. Even if you've played Suda games such as Killer 7, this game will leave you with a shaking head, wondering what the hell you just witnessed.

In general, the trophy descriptions are very straight forward. You will notice however that in the Roadmap the trophies are listed from bottom to top (compared to how they're listed in the XMB). This is because this is the recommended order in which you should go for these trophies.

Step 1: Play through the game
With only half an hour of playtime, the game is very short. Adding all movie sequences and several retries during your first playthrough, you will still only need an hour or two to complete the game. Do not worry about any collectibles just yet. The game doesn't track which you collected, and even the ones you did collect will respawn when replaying a level. So ignore everything for now and just play the game to not only unlock chapter select for all stages, but also the following trophies:

One Down
Boss Beaten
Who's Up for Seconds?

Most likely, you will also by pure chance get:

Get Off My Lawn!
Speed Demon

Optionally, when you die, you can exit the game through the XMB, restart and continue (refer to Step 5 and the trophy description) to also get the trophy Longest Day, awarded for not dying. As the game is very short, personally I'd recommend you save this one until last and just enjoy the mayhem.

Step 2: Stage related trophies

After beating the game, you can replay any level through chapter select. Do so for the following trophies:

Get Off My Lawn! (if not already achieved)
Speed Demon (if not already achieved)
Look, Mom! No Guns!
Pro Limboer

Step 3: Boss related trophies
This is where your trophy hunt will become a bit more challenging. You will now replay boss stages for the following trophies:

The Shortest Day
Dragon Slayer
Mask Master

Step 4: Collect all boxes
Hidden throughout most levels are white gift boxes with red ribbons. As mentioned before, the game does not track what you did and did not collect. The extras menu merely hints at how many boxes you collected, but not in which level or how many boxes there are in total. In fact, when replaying a level all boxes will respawn. Collecting all boxes will give you:

Super Scavenger

Step 5: Play through the game without dying
It is possible to not die when beating the game for the first time. So if you followed the XMB trick or even got this by pure luck, then grats, you're done! If not, then this is the time for your second full playthrough. As by now you should understand the stages and game flow, this will be significantly easier when saved for last. If you do this the legit way, it may still take a few tries, but as the game is short it still won't be as tough as it will be repetitive (i.e. until you know the layout of each map by heart). The single trophy earned in this step is:

The Longest Day

[PST Would Like to Thank Shabadoo_Shrimp for this Roadmap]

Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  )

  • Complete a playthrough without failing or retrying any stage.

    Start a new game and play though all stages in one go without failing. Normal enemies cannot kill you, but will slow you down. So the only way to fail a stage is to be caught by your pursuers.

    If you should die, you either have to return to the Main Menu and start a new game from scratch... or you follow this helpful hint from TachikomaShiki:

    If you do happen to die, a Game Over screen will appear but don't worry, it won't save unless you choose an option so instead press the PS button on your controller and quit back to the XMB then load the game back up and choose 'Continue'. DO NOT pause and quit to the main menu at anytime or it will count as a retry when you continue afterwards.

  • Get all the item boxes scattered throughout the game.

    The game does not track what you did and did not collect. The extras menu merely hints at how many boxes you collected in total, but not which ones precisely. In fact, when replaying a level all boxes will respawn. It's annoying, but luckily Youtuber Pulse VII has recorded a series of videos which will show you where to find the boxes in stages 2, 3 and 5. There are no boxes hidden in motorbike and boss levels.

    Massive thanks to Pulse VII for letting me use them in this guide and to Kurty for informing me of Pulse VII's videos in the first place:

    3 boxes in Stage 2:

    5 boxes in Stage 3:

    5 boxes in Stage 5:

  • Defeat all the gold enemies.

    Just like with boxes, the game does not tell you how many golden enemies there are or where to find them. You simply have to play all levels and keep your eyes open for golden enemies. When you see them, don't rush past them, but instead take your time to kill all of them off (usually, it's enough to kill one enemy to trigger a chain reaction). Use L1 to fend off your pursuers to get the time needed to kill all of them.

  • Emerge victorious without losing a single mask.

    Mask Master is probably the toughest of the three boss trophies, as it requires good reflexes, timing and a bit of luck.

    Round 1: The boss only has two attacks which will stay the same throughout the match: He will either slash across the screen to hit you or will try to drop down on you from above. After he performs either, he will kneel down to catch his breath. This is the moment for you to attack. Sometimes, after a hit, he will try to follow up with a horizontal kick. Due to this, you should always try to jump over him or on top of a platform right after a hit! If you are fast enough, you can then hit him another time when he recovers from this follow-up kick. Once you got in two hits, he will call forth two Doppelgängers, who share his attack pattern.
    They will start by sliding across the screen in straight horizontal lines. To dodge make your way to one of the top platforms. The Doppelgängers will disappear after one hit, so it may be worth dispatching them first. If however, you have the chance to slash the boss before the Doppelgängers are gone, Round 1 will end immediately. You can tell them apart by the color of their masks, as well as looking at which enemy stops to catch his breath - only the "real" boss will do so.

    Round 2: Same as Round 1, but now the "referee" starts floating around. Don't let her catch you, as this will cost you one mask! Luckily, she is rather slow and can easily be circled. Use this to your advantage and only attack the boss if the referee is out of reach.

    Round 3: Again the boss will call forth some Doppelgängers. This time however, you're dealing with 6 of them! They will start by collectively rising up and dropping down on you in a straight vertical line. Simply stand in between where two of them will come down, then just slash away to take out two of them in quick succession. Now use the same strategy as before and if they rise up again, try to stand between two of them once more to thin out the herd.
    Always keep an eye out for the referee! More than once I messed up a perfectly good run by jumping straight into the referee, simply because I focused so much on the Wrestlers that I completely ignored her.

    Pulse VII has also recorded a video showing how he got Mask Master:

  • Defeat Kirara without taking any damage.

    You will have to target four body parts of the boss, which are legs, tail, wings, and finally its head. During the battle, try to stay to the far left of the screen to avoid the sweeping tail attack. Doing so, you will only have to worry about the regular enemies, as well as the hearts the boss sometimes throws at you. Regular enemies can be shot, hearts will have to be dodged. Once you damaged/broke off the aforementioned body parts (I started with legs and tail, then moved on to the wings and lastly the head), the boss will take off and sweep across the screen. Once it takes off, move into the upper left corner where the attack will not hit you. The boss will now also shoot fire and lasers. These, too, cannot hit you when staying in the upper left corner. So once the boss tilts his head back and screams, retreat there! Rinse and repeat until all four body parts are broken.

    Pulse VII has also recorded a video showing how he got Dragon Slayer:

  • Defeat Night and Day in under 50 seconds.

    You will fight Night and Day on stage 6. As you are trying to escape death from below, the two bosses will sometimes appear on the platforms you climb to take shots at you. These are the only moments when you can hurt them. Even when you miss an enemy once or twice, they will appear often enough for you to kill them eventually. When going for the trophy however, you have to make sure to hit your enemies every time they appear! To do so, you will have to learn where they appear and lay out your route according to their positions:

    The topless guy will be the one you kill off first. The last slash should then be done when the trenchcoat guy appears on a platform to the far right, while the path continues with a set of wall-jumps to your left. Take the chance and jump to the right instead of continuing. If your timing is right, you will land on the platform directly in front of him before he fires the shot. Now jump at him while slashing to complete the boss fight in ~48 seconds.

    Pulse VII has also recorded a video showing how he got The Shortest Day:

  • Complete an indoor stage without missing a single attack.

    You do not have to beat all enemies within one level for this trophy. Rather, every attack will have to be a hit! So no aimless slashing. As a matter of fact, simply don't attack at all! With this strategy, this trophy will be a cake - after all, if you don't attack, you can't miss.
    Try this on stage 3 (as this is the first indoor level) and make sure to keep your thumb off the square button! If you run into enemies you can't pass, then either slide (pressing down on the D-Pad / Analogue Stick) or jump. Both moves will kill off enemies but don't count as attacks. So simply rest your thumb on the X-button and get to the end of the stage. Here you will come to a room in which you have to destroy a specific item in order to open the door. The item is located in the upper right corner of the room - to destroy it, simply run towards it and then slide into it. You can also make use of your shot (L1) to fend off pursuers and buy yourself some time.

  • Complete an outdoor stage without being hit by a single enemy.

    At first it may seem hard to differentiate between you hitting an enemy and an enemy hitting you. You can only know for sure you've been hit when Ranko is slowing down. That said, Stage 2 is probably the easiest level to try this on. There's really not much to say other than it may take a few tries to learn where enemies will be. But after two or three tries you will get the hang of it. Personally, I found it easiest to find the level's flow and rush through it. If you are having trouble doing the same, you can try to take it nice and easy and make use of L1 to fend off your pursuers when need be.

  • Complete an outdoor stage without firing a single shot.

    Personally, I did this in chapter 9, as the pursuer will shortly pause when you have to wall-jump - giving you some time to build up momentum to escape. While it always may seem like a close call, you can even mess up a few jumps without your pursuer catching up with you. Due to this, even if it's tempting at times, keep your fingers off the shoulder buttons for this one! Also, chapter 9 does not have any parts where you need to kill off specific enemies to open doors, so that's one less thing to worry about. This does occur in chapter 2, which made it trickier for me to not use my L1 shot here to keep the pursuers off my back. The only tough part will be shortly before the end, when you run over icy platforms while enemies are charging at you. Make sure to time your slashes right, or they will push you into your pursuer.

  • Maintain maximum speed during an indoor stage.

    During the game, you will speed up Ranko by pushing the analogue stick/d-pad to the right. This trophy will pop after maintaining main speed for a few seconds and will most likely come naturally just by playing. It is not necessary to maintain maximum speed throughout an entire stage! But be aware that if you replay chapters for this trophy, you will have to select an indoor stage!

  • See the ending.

    Story-Related Trophy. Will be awarded upon beating the game. The trophy will unlock after the credits rolled.

  • Beat a boss stage.

    Story-Related Trophy. Will be awarded when you beat the 6th stage.

  • Beat a stage.

    Story-Related Trophy. Will be awarded when you beat the 1st stage.

  • Drive off the Veiled with gunfire.

    This trophy does not refer to your L1 attack, but to a special attack that lets Ranko pull out a laser gun. In all honesty, I have yet to figure out how this move is triggered precisely. At first I thought this was triggered for combos, but when replaying certain stages, this attack always happened after beating the same enemies. Due to this, it's highly likely that this trophy will pop just by playing the game. If it does not, I can confirm that Ranko always pulls a gun for me on chapter 2, when defeating one of the roundish, spiky, black enemies right after the first wall-jump section.

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