• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 28 (16, 3, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-20 hours (skill dependant)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Mission select
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes (Must complete all levels on Green Beret difficulty for My War is Over
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

The vast majority of the trophies in this game are earned from getting over a certain score in each level. There are a healthy dosage of golds in there though! The game itself is a simple on rails shooter that will frustrate at times, and there are some glitches such as enemies becoming invincible or the game crashing entirely. If you do experience the invincibility glitch, just restart the level to fix it.

Step 1: Start Story mode and complete Prologue, then use Mission Select and grind XP on Jailbreak until you unlock the perk "A far cry"

To make life easier for yourself you'll want to unlock the ability to take advantage of a glitch in this game called the Infinite Wrath glitch (see Step 2). To use this glitch you must have the Perk "A far cry" equipped, so grinding out XP to unlock it early on (Jailbreak is the second level) will make things so much easier for you. Jailbreak is the shortest level in the game and consists solely of QTE's, have the perk "Cool Hand You" equipped so you cannot fail any QTE's even if you miss the button prompt, all that will happen is you get no score for it.

To make the grind quicker equip the Perk "Older, Wiser" which gives you an extra 10% XP, and if you have a second controller you can use this and play in co-op mode to get double the XP. Here you'll need to press the button prompt on both controllers which can be tricky on your own, but with the no fail perk equipped it's worth the inconvenience.

In this step you will earn:


Step 2: Play through Story Mode on Green Beret difficulty, using the Infinite Wrath glitch if needed

Now you have unlocked the perk "A far cry" make sure to equip it in the Skills and Perks menu. With this equipped you earn Wrath with each perfect reload you perform, but you can also activate Infinite Wrath if you jam the reload when Wrath is activated. To activate Wrath press , then press to start reloading and then again when the bar is outside of the yellow and white sections to jam the gun. Doing this will empty your wrath gauge but will keep you stuck in Infinite Wrath meaning the game plays in slow motion, you have infinite ammo, every kill gives you some health back and you get a Wrath combo points bonus! This will make the levels an absolute breeze, except the final level which may still cause you some problems.

In this step you will earn:

War you won't belive
My War is Over

Step 3: Using Mission Select replay levels on Green Beret difficulty and get a 3 Star rating on every level

Now comes the hard part. After completing the game on Green Beret you should be getting close to level 20, and hopefully you've unlocked the perks "Don't make him angry" and "Let's tap". Those two perks alongside "A far cry" are essential to getting 3 stars in every level. If you haven't unlocked these perks yet, then go back to grinding XP on Jailbreak until you do.

Once you have all of those equipped you're good to go! Now play through the levels one after the other on Green Beret for the x1.2 score multiplier and activating Infinite Wrath ASAP. You'll need to be quick and accurate, aiming for the head to get extra bonus points in all levels except Forest Hunt and Demolition of Hope, in those you need to aim for the legs or arms of the police officers to disarm them instead of kill them. Shoot other objects around the level to keep the multiplier high, and try to get Perfect in the QTEs to get the bonus points. Try to complete the levels all in one life to get the best combos that you can, and if Infinite Wrath is interrupted by a cutscene remember to put it back on straight away. This may take some time, and quite a few tries on some levels, but eventually you will be able to do it!

Here's a break down of the factors that affect your score;

Difficulty - Depending on what difficulty you choose your final score is multiplied by 0.8 (Private), 1.0 (Sergeant) or 1.2 (Green Beret). So because of this make sure you play on Green Beret difficulty.

Kills Per Minute (KPM) - After the Difficulty bonus has been applied it will then multiply your score based on your KPM. It will take your KPM and divide it by 10, with the minimum multiplier being 1. So if you get a KPM of 12 it will multiply your score by 1.2, 13 - 1.3 and so on and so on. This means killing quickly is important in the higher score levels.

The Multiplier - There's an in-game multiplier that you can see in the top corner of the HUD under your health and wrath gauges that can go to a maximum of 15. A regular enemy killed with a multiplier of 1 will give you 25 points (100 for a headshot or disarm), but with a multiplier of 15 it will be 375 (or 1500). Keep it high by killing enemies quickly and by shooting other destructible elements in the world. If you're on a level with a helicopter flying around you, shooting at that will give you points and push the multiplier higher.

Chain Kill, Wrath Combo and Reload Combo - These are going to be important to you throughout the game. To get a Chain Kill you must kill an enemy within 1 second of killing another, try to kill enemies in groups quickly to benefit. Wrath Combo increases with every kill you get in wrath mode until it ends, so in Infinite Wrath it is possible to go through some levels entirely in this mode racking up a massive combo. Reload Combo's are gotten by activating a perfect reload and then killing enemies, once you next reload you must hit the perfect zone or the combo will end. Luckily in wrath mode you have infinite ammo so make sure to perfectly reload once you enter Infinite Wrath to get the best combo you can.

In this step you will earn:

Forest Hunt
The Demolition Of Hope
First Blood Complete
POW Camp
River Run
Interrogation Escape
Deep Jungle
Village Vanguard
The Waterfall
POW Evac
First Blood Part II Complete
Afghan Camp
The Fort
The Fort - Second Stab
Cave Encounter
The Final Showdown
Rambo III Complete
God, didn’t make Rambo. I made him

Step 4: Cleanup

After that you should have all the misc trophies, but if you managed to get 3 Stars without many tries you may still have a few odds to cleanup. The best level for all of these is Prologue, so replay it on Private difficulty and get the last of these trophies out of the way!

In this step you will earn:

God would have mercy
Good supply of body bags
I'm the last one, Sir
Your worst nightmare
Become War to survive a War
Mission Accomplished

Special Thanks:

Vyrastas - For the Trophy Guide template

[PST Would Like to Thank Xander45 for this Roadmap]

Rambo: The Video Game Trophy Guide

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35 trophies ( 21  )

  • All Trophies Unlocked

    "We did it John" - Congratulations, you're the proud owner of the Rambo plat!

  • 2 stars on Prologue

    Get over 1'000'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Jailbreak

    Get over 220'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Forest Hunt

    Get over 280'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on The Demolition Of Hope

    Get over 510'000 points for the level.

  • 3 stars on all CHAPTER 1 Levels

    To get this you need to get over the amount of points shown for each level,

    Get over 1500000 on Prologue
    Get over 300'000 on Jailbreak
    Get over 370'000 on Forest Hunt
    Get over 700'000 on The Demolition of Hope

  • 2 stars on POW Camp

    Get over 220'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on River Run

    Get over 1'000'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Interrogation Escape

    Get over 640'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Deep Jungle

    Get over 370'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Village Vanguard

    Get over 1'300'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on The Waterfall

    Get over 260'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on POW Evac

    Get over 300'000 points for the level

  • 3 stars on all CHAPTER 2 Levels

    Get over 350'000 on POW Camp.
    Get over 1'350'000 on River Run.
    Get over 900'000 on Interrogation Escape
    Get over 500'000 on Deep Jungle
    Get over 1'800'000 on Village Vanguard
    Get over 360'000 on The Waterfall
    Get over 450'000 on POW Evac

  • 2 stars on Afghan Camp

    Get over 500'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on The Fort

    Get over 1'300'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on The Fort - Second Stab

    Get over 800'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on Cave Encounter

    Get over 450'000 points for the level

  • 2 stars on The Final Showdown

    Get over 1'100'000 points for the level

  • 3 stars on all CHAPTER 3 Levels

    To get this you need to get above this number of points in each level of the Chapter.

    Get over 700'000 points on Afghan Camp
    Get over 1'900'000 on The Fort
    Get over 1'000'000 on The Fort - Second Stab
    Get over 650'000 on Cave Encounter
    Get over 1'500'000 on The Final Showdown

  • 15x Score Multiplier on any level

    No that is not a typo on my part, they really did mispell "Believe"...

    You will more than likely get this naturally, but you can get this in the first level. Anything that gives you a score in game will increase your multiplier and you need to get it to 15. As you make your way through the levels try shooting some environmental areas as well, you'll see that some planks of wood, boxes, fruit, Helicopters and other things can be shot and give you points, keep doing this alongside killing the enemies in the area and you should get this.

  • 20 kill per minute ratio on any level

    Kills per minute is pretty self explanatory, you need to be fast and accurate. You can do this in the first level if you're fast enough, Prologue and Village Vanguard are the two easiest levels to get this in. You'll see your Kills per minute on the Debriefing screen at the end of the stage.

  • 10 chain kill combo on any level

    A chain kill is when you kill several people within a short period of time. Chances are you will get this naturally as you play so don't worry too much about it. If you don't have it by the end of the game, then there is a Perk called "Join the Deaths" that increases the time allowed between kills. Equip this and retry a level like Village Vanguard and you should get it easily.

  • 3000 kills in total

    This you will more than likely get naturally as you play the game. Chances are you'll need to play most levels at least twice to get the 3 stars in them. If you manage to get 3 stars in the levels first time round, then just replay a favourite level of yours on Private difficulty over and over until this pops.

  • 2000 headshots in total

    Self explanatory, you'll want to be aiming for the head anyway in order to get the extra points. You should get this naturally as you play, but if you don't then replay your favourite level (Village Vanguard is great for these) and pop some heads!

  • As you play through the levels you earn XP, which is based off your score per level. To reach level 20 will take some time, but it is worth it as you'll need some of the later Perks to be able to 3 star the levels. An easy way to get to 20 is to replay the level Jailbreak over and over. Make sure you equip the Perk "Older, Wiser" which gives you 10% extra XP and then play through this short QTE only level, to make it even better for you you can use 2 controllers and play through it that way to get double the XP.

  • Reload Combo of 100 on any level

    This is a lot simpler than it sounds. A reload combo is activated by killing an enemy after making a perfect reload, this means pressing to reload, and the pressing again when the bar is in the yellow zone. Get a kill after this and the combo will start, to keep it going you must keep reloading perfectly, if you jam the gun or reload normally the combo ends. To get this easily upgrade your light weapon skills and play Prologue on Private, the default weapon here should have quite a large perfect reload zone and there are way more than 100 enemies available for you to kill.

  • Complete story mode on Green Beret Difficulty

    Green Beret is the hardest difficulty in the game, and the later levels are absolutely crazy! The easiest way to complete the levels is using the Infinite Wrath glitch explained in the Roadmap. But even using this glitch the final level will put your skills to the test, good luck!

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