Puzzle Master Trophy in Puzzle Showdown 4K

  • Puzzle Master


    Complete a 510-piece Puzzle in under 2 hours

    How to unlock Puzzle Master

    Even though the game will help you and whenever you place a tile above the correct position, the outline will brighten up and the controller will vibrate, it may take too long to simply brute force check a piece on every position. The time needed for a puzzle is therefore highly dependent of the image you've chosen. I would recommend using the image "Gamer Sayings", located in the "Wacky" category.

    As you can see, any colour as well as gradients apart from black/white will give a good indication where a piece has to go. For black or white pieces, if they have characters on them, compare the font or symbol for matching. Plain black pieces that aren't edges only occur in the top left saying or at the middle left or middle right. White pieces are the most difficult to place, they may be in the center, or the bottom left or top right saying.

    Unless you dawdle around, this puzzle should easily be finishable in less than two hours. Once it is complete, the trophy as well as Puzzle Connoisseur (if not yet achieved) will unlock.

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  • Even easier if you have someone to do this with...it can be done in coop
  • @1 Nice. There should have been in the guide. I was not planning on doing it coop, but I guess some people would like to have an even easier time by getting this trophy in coop.

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