Another's Treasure Trophy in Puzzle Showdown 4K

  • Another's Treasure


    Complete an Bonus twice in one Showdown

    How to unlock Another's Treasure

    (Offine Co-Op)

    Requires "Scoring" to be set to "on".

    The trophy description is misleading. In a multiplayer game, once your opponent discards a piece, it will be added to your stack. To unlock the trophy, place two pieces that your opponent has discarded.

    The easiest way to get this trophy is to set up a 28 piece two player game. Let Player One play until he has placed all his pieces. The only pieces that are now missing are the three pieces in Player Two's stack. Player Two has to discard two of them (press and hold ), which will then be added to Player One's stack. Use Player One to place those to unlock the trophy.

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  • anyone have a clue how to get a treasure bonus? i know this is a VS trophy but not sure how to get the bonus.
  • The opponent must hold the circle button to discard the puzzle piece. Then you play that piece. What I did to speed this up was had my opponent (or boosting by using a 2nd conttoller) discard many pieces quickly, them I just finished the puzzle and gained the trophy with ease. :)

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