Ithsmus Be Difficult Trophy in Puzzle Showdown 4K

  • Ithsmus Be Difficult


    Complete an Isthmus Bonus of 15 or more pieces

    How to unlock Ithsmus Be Difficult

    Requires "Scoring" to be set to "on".

    An "Isthmus Bonus" will be rewarded for placing a piece in such a way that it connects two or more blocks of pieces to form a larger one, similar to building a bridge between two islands. Like the other bonus related trophies, this will most likely unlock naturally.

    If this did not happen or if you want to get this trophy out of the way immediately, you can unlock it in a regular 28 piece single player game. Place any pieces on the board that are either from the top or the bottom edge, plus place only one piece on the left and right edges. Discard (press and hold ) any other pieces until it matches the tile placement on the picture below:

    Now place an edge piece that connects both parts to unlock the trophy:

    Of course it doesn't have to be exactly like in the pictures; any placement of two groups of 8 pieces on the rim (or 7 + 9) will do as well.

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