Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
Offline: 40 (1 3 / 16 / 20)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-6 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable trophies: None - Chapter Select
Glitched trophies: None
Does difficulty affect trophies? No
Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats


Everyone's favorite feline gives us a movie tie-in game that actually isn't to bad. There is not a lot of difficulty here and you're in for a very quick platinum. There are only 9 chapters, none of which are very long. You can bust through the story in nearly 2 hours.


Step 1 - Play Adventure Mode

There is no difficulty option so just head straight into the story. While playing the main story, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are 21 different traps to use, 9 wanted posters and 9 eggs hidden in the world that you must collect. Follow the guide for the traps and locations of the posters. The trophies that cover this are: These Eyes Tell No Lies, Pray for Mercy and Over Easy.

Also, try to achieve a gold medal for each level as this will reduce the amount of replaying levels you'll need to do. See Legendary for more info and tips. Most likely you will need to use chapter select to go back and get a gold medal on a couple of levels.

You will come across three story related serenade's that you should get perfect scores on. In addition to those three, there will be several opportunities to use the guitar as a weapon on the levels: The Thieves Bar, The Chase, The Mine and The Great Terror. Use it early and often on each of those levels and you should get Virtuoso and Holy Frijoles.

Other than a few easy combat related trophies, there are six trophies that require you to perfectly execute a specific manoeuvre. They are:

  • Light on my Feet
  • Copycat
  • Well Balanced
  • Such Moves, Such Handsomeness
  • Don't Desert Me
  • Care to Dance-Fight?

Step 2 - Challenge Mode

There are four challenges in this game, all very simple and you will just need to get the high score for each of them. Afterwards, knock out the simple multiplayer trophy. It is local multiplayer that is played with a single controller.

The high scores you need for each challenge are:

  • Barrel Barrage - 5,000
  • Market Mayhem - 30,000
  • Shape It Up - 30,000
  • Bandit Boot - 1,000

Step 3 - Mop Up

If you have missed any trophies that are part of the campaign, now is the time to go back via chapter select to get them. Most likely you will just need to get a gold medal on a few levels or track down one or two collectibles.


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Wozamil for this Roadmap]

Puss in Boots Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 16  20  13  )

  • All other trophies have been collected

  • Complete a best of three team challenge

    Head to the Challenges Menu, change the single player card to Multiplayer then change the number of rounds to three. Select any game (Shape Up is the quickest) and trade wins between your two players. This is done with a single controller.

  • Boot an enemy into a trap

    See These Eyes Tell No Lies.

  • Ole!


    Block an enemy attack

    To block, hold your sword () towards the location the enemy is going to swing from. You will be prompted to block when the enemy is going to attack you.

  • Perform a deflect

    Same as blocking, except this time you need to block at the last second.

  • Perform a Claw Frenzy

    See Looking Sharp.

  • Defeat 3 enemies with one guitar attack

    Save a guitar attack for when you have at least three enemies nearby. You must have three that are surrounding you really close. It will not hit anyone that is not within melee range.

  • Play every guitar tune

    In addition to serenading all three senoritas, you must perform at least one guitar attack during the following levels: Thieves Bar, The Chase, The Mine and The Great Terror. See Holy Frijoles for more info on guitar attacks.

  • Discover every type of trap

    This requires you to take out an enemy at least once with each of these traps. Some, such as the barrel, are quite common and will be found everywhere. Others, such as the window, only have one location. The order in which they appear in the game are:

    • Struck a Chord (Piano)
    • The Moosetrap (Moose Head)
    • Trouble Barrelled (Barrel)
    • Over the Ledge (Ledge)
    • Through the Pane Barrier (Window)
    • Well Disposed (Well)
    • Battered (Fish Head)
    • Vitamin Overdose (Pumpkin Stand)
    • Baled Out (Hay Bale)
    • In Stock (Stocks)
    • Snare and Snare Alike (Snare)
    • Net Loss (Net)
    • Sharp Exit (Cactus)
    • The Pits (Pit)
    • Rubble Maker (Rocks)
    • Carted Off (Mine Cart)
    • Hammered (Hammer & Anvil)
    • Kicked Up a Storm (Beehive in Tree)
    • Scorcher (Campfire)
    • Rakey Rakey (Rake)
    • Goose

    Credit to phish5529

  • Defeat 20 enemies using the guitar

    Scattered around the world are guitars. When you see one, throw an enemy into the guitar to acquire this single use attack. To use it, you will need to fill the Guitar Meter (located under the Claw Meter) and press the button. Once activated, quickly tap to fill the bar, after which, press once more when prompted to attack the enemy. For fun, you can move the guitar while playing with the . If you have three enemies nearby, you will also earn Pet Peeved.

  • Defeat 10 enemies using Claw Frenzy

    Once the Claw Meter is full, activate it with the button. You will then need to use both the and the and pull both these sticks up and down repeatedly. If you do not have this by the end of the game, load up the first chapter and continually use this attack whenever the meter is full.

  • Collect all nine golden egg pieces

    There are 9 golden eggs hidden throughout. You can spot them by the glowing effect coming out from vases on the floor. Boot or Claw an enemy into the vase to get the egg. You can see which eggs your missing from the map in Adventure Mode.

    • The Thieves Bar – 2 Eggs
    • The Chase – 3 Eggs
    • The Mine – 3 Eggs
    • The Great Terror – 1 Egg
  • Collect all nine wanted posters

    Throughout many of the levels, you will see old-time western style wanted posters nailed to a post in the ground. Boot or Claw an enemy into the poster to claim it. Once you have found all 9, this trophy will be yours.

    The Thieves Bar – 2 Posters

    • Second Floor of bar
    • Final area with Cat Lover

    The Chase – 3 Posters

    • First area, just to the right side once the fight stars.
    • The area right after climbing the clock
    • On the boat, accessible after the cat catcher come.

    The Mine – 3 Posters

    • First part of level, after enemies come out of the cave towards you
    • In the cave after you get discovered and enter your first fight
    • Final section of the level, in the same scene as the rake.

    The Great Terror – 1 Poster

    • Near the beginning area, next to a statue in the center of the area.
  • Perform a perfect sneak

    There are many opportunities to earn this trophy. When you are required to sneak, rapidly move the and up and down as fast as you can. When it says “freeze” on the screen, don’t move. Wait for it to say “sneak” before continuing on. Being able to do perfect sneaks will be crucial to getting a gold rating on a few levels.

  • Perform a perfect shape-match

    These are the parts where Puss will hide behind an object and mimic it’s shape to hide from the enemy. All that will be required is to follow a few button prompts 2-3 times to get a perfect shape match and this trophy. If you manage to make it through the game without earning this trophy, load the Hotel level.

  • Perform a perfect balance

    This is the trickiest maneuver Puss will need to make. Thankfully, there are tons of chances for this. What you need to do is balance across a tightrope like object by using the to keep you steady. If you start to lean one way, quickly push the stick the opposite way ever so slightly. You just need a smooth, gentle touch to stay balanced. If Puss leans too far, he will be standing on one leg and will say “Whoa.” This will negate your chance at this trophy for that attempt. There is a extremely short tightrope in the level called The Chase that has a 5 foot tightrope in the event you have to resort to chapter select after beating the game.

  • Get a high score in Market Mayhem

    Using everything you learned about traps up until now will prove quite useful here. The key is to quickly dispatch all enemies and traps will help with that. Using guitars on multiple enemies at once will almost ensure that you don’t fail this very easy challenge. The high score to beat is 30,000.

  • Get a high score in Barrel Barrage

    This is really simple. Collect coins and chests and avoid the barrels. The high score you need to beat is 5,000.

  • Get a high score in Shape It Up!

    This is very much like all the shapes you do in the game, except this time they come down a conveyor belt giving you only a limited time to hit the buttons. Every three shapes you make will reward you with a time bonus and every seven will give you a pig that you must put to sleep. Fairly straightforward and you should have the high score in a matter of minutes. The high score to beat is 30,000.

  • Get a high score in Bandit Boot

    This is the most fun challenge of them all. It will require a little skill. You are given five chances to knock an enemy into point traps. The difficulty and the required number of points to advance increases each round. You must avoid cactus's and fire. If there is fire in the way of a big point trap, you will need to put out the fire first before proceeding past it. This is done by booting an enemy into a nearby barrel full of water that will extinguish the fire allowing safe travels for the next boot.

    Also, there is a special barrel on many rounds that has a picture of a boot on it. Do what you can to hit this target as it will give you an extra boot, for every round thereafter. It’s also cumulative. So if you get three of them, you will have eight shots to reach your round goal. The High Score to beat is 1,000.

  • Get a perfect time in the Beanstalk

    During the Beanstalk level, you have two attempts to earn a perfect time. Hold to boost and keep holding it until you get to the end and have been notified of a perfect time. This trophy will not pop until after the level is over. You will most likely need to get a perfect time to get a gold medal on this level.

  • Get a perfect time in the Canyon

    During The Stagecoach Robbery, you need to quickly run through a canyon area and make a few jumps and ultimately jump onto the stagecoach. If you were quick enough, this trophy should pop. It’s not to difficulty as I was able to do it and still chop down the environmental objects for coins along the way.

  • Perform a perfect dance in the Cantina

    During this stage, you will have a dance fight with your furry little friend. Simply execute all the button prompts asked of you without messing up and this will be yours.

  • Serenade three different senoritas with a perfect score

    Puss will come across three senoritas throughout the game. Serenading them works the same for all three. You will need to fill up the meter by quickly tapping then kneeling with . You can move the guitar itself with the for added effect.

  • Bronze medal on every level

    See Legendary.

  • Hero


    Silver medal on every level

    See Legendary.

  • Gold medal on every level

    Gold medals are judged on how much money you accumulate within a level. Most of the levels are fairly straightforward and with the following tips, you should be able to easily get gold.

    • When you are walking from point to point, swing your sword and break open boxes, crates, vases, etc.
    • If you have Perfect stealth's, shapes, balancing, etc, it will reward you with a lot of extra coins. These will often make or break a gold medal. The balancing, as difficult as it is, doesn’t need to be completed. You can earn gold without getting a perfect in any level, however, if you completely fall, it’s a huge penalty.
    • When fighting enemies, first throw them into some environment pieces and then throw them into a trap.
    • One of the trickier levels to get gold on is The Giant’s Castle. Avoid the poison shooting flowers. There are also 2 nice little bonuses you can get in the level. They are chain jumping up the shoelaces. When you approach the laces, spam the button until you get to the top and you will get a x6 chain bonus good for 1,000 points. You will then get another opportunity later in the level on the other shoe that is good for 2,000 points. The final thing that will help is if you can get a perfect sneak at the very end. Unlike many of the other sneaks, you have to be a little quicker on the thumb-sticks.

Secret trophies

  • Complete The Thieves' Bar

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing the Thieves Bar.

  • Serenade a senorita

    Story related, can't be missed. You will be asked to play a guitar for another cat. While not needed for this trophy, try to get a perfect score. See Purrrrrrfect Score for more info.

  • Defeat the cat lover

    Story related, can't be missed. The cat lover is at the very end of the first level, The Thieves Bar.

  • Complete The Hotel

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Hotel.

  • Complete The Chase

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing the Chase.

  • Complete The Cantina

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Catina.

  • Complete The Stagecoach Robbery

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Stagecoach Robbery.

  • Rock a pig back to sleep. Only in Adventure Mode.

    Story related, can't be missed. To rock a pig to sleep, you will have to swing with the . Follow the pattern located on the bottom left corner.

  • Complete The Giant's Castle

    Story-related, can't be missed. If trophy does not trigger the first time you finish the level, replay the level later using chapter select.

  • Complete The Beanstalk

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Giant's Castle.

  • Complete The Mine

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Mine.

  • Complete The Great Terror

    Story related, can't be missed. Trophy will pop after completing The Great Terror.

  • Story related, can't be missed. You will earn this after completing the Adventure.

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