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    Set 22 puppet children free in a single playthrough.

    This trophy is unlocked in Act I, Curtain II. You will need to set the 22 puppet children free by pressing on their hidden locations throughout the level. During the first half of the level they are hidden behind walls, usually in groups of three. Once you reach the rooftop area they are harder to locate, and are usually found on their own rather then in groups. It's worth noting that you are allowed to lose your head/ die. You don't have to recollect the puppets during your playthrough. Furthermore, as the trophy description suggests, you need to set all puppet children free in a single playthrough, not over multiple attempts.

    See the below video by Wozamil for their exact locations in the level-

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  • Apparently, for what I saw on the video, the first three puppets (Blynket, Wynket and Nod I think they were) don't count towards the total. However, they're requiered for another trophy. Anyway, the only one that counts are the ones that go alone, so it seems.

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