Surgical Striker Trophy

  • Surgical Striker


    Cut all the souls from all the Weavers without letting a single one recover.

    Weavers are mini boss fights found in 6 levels of the game. These bosses usually involve cutting a cloth/ flag material with your Calibrus to inflect damage upon them. At the end of each of these fights, you will need to cut the soul canisters free to defeat the Weaver. There are roughly between 20-40 of these soul canisters which you must cut with the Calibrus by pressing during each Weaver fight. If you don't cut them all in time they will return to the Weaver and you will have to inflect more damage to them before they will be released again. For this trophy you must cut free all souls the first time they emerge, and not let them return to the Weaver. This can be trickier then it seems. In total there are 6 Weavers in the game, found in the following levels:

    • Act I, Curtain I
    • Act I, Curtain II
    • Act II, Curtain I
    • Act III, Curtain I
    • Act IV, Curtain I
    • Act V, Curtain III

    - Make sure you have unlocked the Calibrus cutting boost in Act III, Curtain III. This will make cutting the souls a lot faster.
    - In general start from the outside and work your way towards the middle. The souls are usually arranged in a circular formation which compliments this approach.
    - Try not to touch the ground as this will make you lose precious time, and probably prevent you from successfully cutting all souls.
    - If you mess up and don't cut them all in the first go, press and return to the level select menu. Choose the same level in which you were just playing and choose the option 'The middle of the scene'. This will return you to the start of the Weaver boss fight, and prevent you from having to replay the entire level again.

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