The Cleaner Trophy in Prototype

  • The Cleaner


    Destroy 10 Military Bases or Infected Hives in New York City.

    How to unlock The Cleaner

    This is much more easily done going after Hives as they have much weaker defenses against you if you come after them in a tank or helicopter, which you will want to do to take down the hive quickly. So just steal a tank or helicopter, find an infected zone, get to the hive in the center, and destroy it. If you go after bases, follow the same strategy: grab some heavy weaponry and blow up the base (from the outside, not inside like you did during the "Escape the Hunters" mission at the start of the game).

    You can track your progress under the Statistics -> Infected and Military pages on the pause menu.

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  • If anyone is wondering, this is combined. You may kill 4 Bases and 6 Hives, it doesn't have to be 10 of one. Also, this goes nicely with Surface-To-Air (Kill 50 helicopters in armor) and Threat Elevated (Defeat 25 Air Stikes). Just enter a base in a tank, shoot it with a few missile and they call in an Air Strike, then kill the two helicopters with the tank before finishing off the building.

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