Threat Elevated Trophy in Prototype

  • Threat Elevated


    Destroy 25 strike teams.

    How to unlock Threat Elevated

    Once again, you will need to have a strike team called in for this. Just go to any location where there are military personnel and do something to raise an alert, such as killing them or using one of your attack powers. Then just stay alive and make sure the alert is maintained and soon someone will call in an airstrike. You will see "Strike Team Inbound" appear on the screen and should see some "lightning bolt in a circle" icons appear on your minimap, which are the strike team. Now that you have one called, destroy all the helicopters that came (these are the lightning bolt marks on your minimap). Use a tank or another helicopter, throw things at them, steal the helicopters from their pilots, whatever you please (using a tank is recommended so you can work towards Surface-To-Air as well). Once you have destroyed all units in the strike team, you will see "STRIKE TEAM DESTROYED" appear on your screen. Please note that sometimes the strike team brings in some of the flying viral detectors which must also be destroyed.

    You can track your progress under the Statistics -> General page on the pause menu.

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