Return Fire Trophy in Prototype

  • Return Fire


    Catch any object tossed by a Hydra; and throw it back.

    How to unlock Return Fire

    Hydras are big red tentacle type things that pop out of the ground. The easiest and quite possibly the only location to get this trophy in during the mission "Things to Come" where you have to protect the Bloodtox pumper from being destroyed by waves of infected. The final wave before the mission ends will consist of two Leaders and two Hydras. Take care of the Leaders first so that they don't destroy the pump, and then focus on one of the Hydras. Keep a decent distance from them and their main method of attack will be to pick up nearby civilian vehicles or piece of pavement and throw it at you. You want to press CIRCLE right before this object would hit you and Alex should catch it. Then all you need to do is press CIRCLE again to throw it back at the Hyrda. When it hits, you should unlock the trophy. You can also try using the Longshot Grab from your Whipfist if you have it unlocked to grab the object while it's in midair.

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  • the technique is picking your moment
  • I used the whipfist and targeted the car while it was in the air and pressed grab.

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