Trail Of Corpses Trophy in Prototype

  • Trail Of Corpses


    Kill 53,596 infected.

    How to unlock Trail Of Corpses

    Unfortunately, you will have to do some serious grinding to unlock this trophy. After two run throughs (second using New Game + of course), completing all of the kill and war events, and going for other trophies where killing infected is involved, I only had around 18,500 infected kills. So try to save this one for last so that you already have some of the kills under your belt. When it comes down to this one, the general best strategy is to pick a kill event where you can rack up many infected kills quickly and keep playing it over and over. The most obvious would be the Rolling Thunder event, where you get two minutes in the Thermobaric Tank to kill as many infected as possible. This event has the highest number of points required for the Platinum medal (750) of any kill event making this the optimal event to grind for kills.

    You can track your progress under the Statistics -> Infected page on the pause menu, but there is no total "Infected Killed" statistic, so you will have to put on your mathematician's hat and do a bit of addition.

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  • This is my favorite trophy but why is it always 53,596 kills in every zombie game?
  • because i think this was it but its because that the population was that exact number at the time so they made it that number ... i think
  • Apparently it's the population in Dawn of the Dead or something like that...
  • I grinded this with the Kill Event - Rolling Thunder in about 2 hours. Just keep going north and aim south (so drive forward and aim backwards). Hold R1 and R2. Rinse and repeat ;)!
  • Just to clear up the reference, in the original Dawn of the Dead it mentioned that the population was 53,594. Dead Rising paid homage to this and showed that the town had the same population, and there was an achievement for killing 53,594 zombies, aka the entire town's population. Left4Dead took it one step further and had an achievement for killing 53,595 zombies, and then Prototype and Dead Nation both went with killing one more, hence 53,596.
  • Interesting. I thought it might be because 53,596 spells D15C in hexadecimal.
  • But it wouldn't apply to what 53 594 represents...It really is about Dawn Of The Dead, though.
  • I found another level that's great for grinding this.On the mission where you have to Defeat Elizabeth Greene after transporting the Bloodtox to the location is a great place to grind because she stays in one place.Just get out of the view of the military and let them attack her while you run around and kill all the zombies around there.If you want you can take a military disguise and grab a gun/launcher and run around without fear of getting seen by the military.
  • The only thing is, that is much much much slower then the Rolling Thunder event.
  • does anyone knows how to get this trophy in an easy way? without taking much time.
  • @10 Rolling Thunder Event really u get at least 600+ kills if u are lazy in just 2 min that's almost 10k in 20 Min.
  • i had a time that i had 1.300 kils in one try
  • Came to say the exact same thing as #4. Rolling Thunder event, head north and turn the turret facing south, aim as close down as you can and just hold fire down. Just driving around I could get around 800 but with that method I was getting around 1100 per round. I went out of my way to kill infected during the main game, I got around 4K kills. So you are going to have to grind no matter what.

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