Road Rage Trophy in Prototype 2

  • Road Rage


    Destroy 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.

    How to unlock Road Rage

    You will automatically learn the Armor Hijacking ability during a main plot mission on the second island (Green Zone). You should wait until you got some armor upgrades by consuming enemies (see Finally Full trophy). The best location to do this is on the third island (Red Zone) near the enemy base where the most northern airbridge is located. On the streets around this base are lots of moving tanks. Hijack one of the heavily armored ones, drive around to take out other ground units and destroy incoming strike teams and helicopters. The 10 kills have to be done with one single vehicle. If your vehicle gets destroyed, the counter will be reset.

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  • Actually the hardest trophy in the game IMO. When in a tank, find another tank sitting by itself in the Red Zone, take it out from as far away as possible (as soon as the targeting system sees it) and then come closer to shoot any carcase/debris left over. This way you don't cause an ALERT. Drive off for a couple of blocks before returning to repeat. Takes about 7-8 mins.
  • @1: Guess you suck at the game then. Prototype 1 asked you to do 20, and that was piss easy even without abusing helicopter spawn points. Cutting it in half can only make it even easier.
  • Very easy to get if you have the Hardened Armor Enhancement. A bit tougher without. There is a huge base at the Southern tip of the Green Zone (red square on the map) It has two Tanks on it's western perimeter. Jack one, destroy the other, destroy the patrol tank and keep causing alerts to take out strike team choppers. use the machine gun against the choppers as the cannon can miss them if they move too much. should not take long.
  • I found it easier to hijack a tank then destroy one tank, apc or chopper at a time, if you target an enemy vehicle then shoot just one rocket the alert meter doesn't go all the way up, just wait till the alert meter is clear again then fire another shot, do this on easy and it won't get to alert stage at all, just rinse and repeat till the trophy pops
  • This has got to be one of the most easy trophies I have got, easy to get in a tank and just roll around. It seems harder for them to destroy you than it is for us to do them in two to three rocket hits.
  • the location on the video , is perfect , tanks keep spawning there , but once you see choppers , keep attack them as fast as you can
  • Easiest way to do this mission, is when you start Enemies and Allies, its basically the first mission at the green zone. You get in a tank are and to proceed to the rally point. You can, but you can also just go around blowing up tanks and helicopters with no worries. Just keep an eye on your alert meter, kill a tank, rinse and repeat. You barely take any damage, you never have to worry about any enemies, and its basically kill and complete trophy easy peasy. :D Also, at the rally point there are like 3 or so tanks to take out there as well. They are only focused on the mutants. So have fun!

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