So Above It All Trophy in Prototype 2

  • So Above It All


    Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don't count).

    How to unlock So Above It All

    You will have to max out Heller's movement abilities first! You will need the Double or Triple Air Dash and the maxed out jump height. You can only do this after reaching the third island (Red Zone). Once on top of the tallest building, try to run up the pole in the middle and make a high jump by holding down . Make sure that you didn't waste any air dashes until this point. They are gonna save you a couple seconds on your way down. Once in the air, keep tapping the 'Glide-Button' very quickly (). If you keep holding the button you will reach the ground too early. Once you begin to fall too quickly use your Air Dash. This will give you back some extra height.

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