Strike, You're Out. Trophy in Prototype 2

  • Strike, You're Out.


    Destroy a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less.

    How to unlock Strike, You're Out.

    Strike teams are helicopters that will chase you after attacking enemy properties or soldiers. You will see a text warning saying "Strike Team inbound" if they are chasing you. On the screen the strike teams are marked with a red lightning in a circle shape.

    It's recommended to do this on the first island (Yellow Zone) because only one helicopter will be chasing you. On the second island, there will be two helicopters and on the third one three helicopters. Get yourself a helicopter near an enemy base, create some damage to trigger the strike team and destroy it with your helicopter.

    Alternatively, you can also buy the finisher upgrade that lets you take out helicopters immediately. Just jump on the helicopter and press to destroy it.

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