• Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
  • Offline trophies: 21 (21)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-12 hours (skill and farming dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Chapter Select)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes (Difficulty trophies do not stack)
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Project Root is a top-down "open world" shoot-em-up with a free camera (360 degrees). You are a rebel with a cause, as you fight to take down the evil Prometheus Corporation and those in charge of it!

The gameplay can be a bit bland and repetitive, but overall it's not a bad game, just nothing really special. The story is forgettable, and the graphics are ok, but don't let that discourage you - if you're at all into early PC games with a similar aesthetic, it's at least worth a shot!


Step 1: Do the Tutorial and beat the game on Easy

The difficulty trophies do not stack in this game, so you will need to beat it on each of the three difficulties - Easy, Normal and Hard. Start off with Easy so you can get the miscellaneous trophies out of the way while you learn the ropes!

Upon completion of this step, you will have earned the following:

  • Baby 
  • Presentation Card 
  • The Last Snowflake 
  • Sylas' Revenge 
  • Blackout 
  • Sabotage 
  • Countdown 
  • Contact 
  • Captain 

It's almost impossible not to also pick these up on the way:

  • Hunter 
  • Killer 
  • Traveller 
  • Shield 
  • Life Collector 
  • Weapon Collector 

Step 2: Beat the game on Normal & Hard

You can do these in whichever order you choose, as your stats do not carry over between difficulties, and the difficulty trophies do not stack. Jumping straight from Easy into Hard may not be the best idea, but you know how skilled you are, so do whatever order you feel comfortable with.

Upon completion of this step, you will have earned the following:

  • Colonel 
  • General 

It's almost impossible not to also pick these up on the way:

  • Zombie 
  • Endurance 

Step 3: Cleanup miscellaneous trophies

If you're still missing any of the miscellaneous trophies, now's the time to pick them up. They're all best earned on Easy, with an upgraded ship. Refer to the trophy guide below for individual trophies if you're having trouble.

Upon completion of this step, you will have earned the following:

  • Racer 
  • Survivor 


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Project Root Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 21  )

  • Baby


    Tutorial complete

    The Tutorial is the level labelled "Training" in the level select screen. Complete the simple tutorial for this simple trophy. Simple!

  • Level 1 complete

    Level 1 consists of some simple destruction objectives, followed by a boss. As demonstrated by the Racer trophy, the level is relatively short. You won't be beating the level in under 4 minutes on your first try (this will require some upgrades to your ship), but it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes if you follow the waypoints.

    When you reach the boss, the best tactic is to circle him as you shoot (you'll notice this is a theme with this game overall). The boss' attack patterns are very simple, as it always aims directly at you, rather than leading its shots, so as long as you keep circling, you should be fine. Try to come into the boss with some form of rockets and the enemy will go down very quickly.

  • Level 2 complete

    Level 2 lacks a boss, but is longer than level 1 by a decent amount. The level goes in mission phases, ranging from destroying targets to escorting a one-man convoy.

    The final phase of the mission will be the toughest, as the enemies are infinitely spawning. Assuming you're playing on Hard, you're going to want to take the level (and all levels from here on) VERY slowly. Take it one enemy at a time where possible, and remember not to circle around enemies into areas that potentially have MORE enemies, as that's a sure-fire way to get suddenly bombarded with bullets.

    During the last phase of the mission, you need to destroy reactors surrounding a shielded area, and then destroy the building in the center. I suggest taking the whole thing slowly and first taking out any of the non-respawning enemies, including tank hangars and ground missiles. Be slow and careful, there's no timer here.

  • Level 3 complete

    The third level, Sylas' Revenge, is relatively short even on Hard. I've got it down to about 16 minutes per run. This is a simple enough level that if you're having trouble progressing, I suggest that you use it to farm some experience to upgrade your ship. 

    The first mission in the level lacks a marker, so you'll need to find it yourself. The game tells you to go to the Northeast, so do so. If you get to a part of the level that looks different from where you started (instead of water and dirt you'll see runways and ships below) then you've gone too far; double back and it'll be nearby. Once you've located the radar dish, the game will give you a large number of objective markers which lead to mines. Be very careful as you approach them as they do massive damage if they hit you.

    I suggest approaching the mines at the Northwest first, and circling your way back around to the Southeast (left), so you're closer to the next objective when you've destroyed all of the mines.

    After destroying all of the mines you'll have to protect destroy the group of enemies encircling the radar dish, and then protect the radar dish once again, this time with a 15 second timer. When the timer reaches 0, you have succeeded and can move on to the next objective. Next you will have to destroy some naval ships. The smaller ships are easy enough, but do note that (at least on hard) the larger ships do automatic, unavoidable damage to you, and a lot of it very quickly. Being that you HAVE to kill this group of ships, and one of them is a larger ship, I HIGHLY suggest that you come into this fight with some seeker rockets to take it out as quickly as possible, or you risk almost instant and unavoidable death.

    Once you've defeated the ships, you'll be notified of a mysterious presence. The presence is the level boss, and happily it's a pretty easy one. The boss is another naval ship that can dive and resurface elsewhere nearby. The ship attacks pretty typically; the usual seeker missile groups and straight shots. Focus on circling the boss and shooting at its gun turrets to damage it. Note that there will be another large ship in the area during this boss fight, and I'd consider it to be even more dangerous than the boss itself. If you can avoid going anywhere near it all the better, otherwise take it out as quickly as possible, or risk death.

  • Level 4 complete

    This level is painfully long. That needs to be said before you read any further, because you need to be ready for a long ride, at least an hour on Hard, and keep in mind that if you lose all of your lives, you have to start back at the beginning. If you're playing on Hard, this is the point where I would suggest that you farm experience elsewhere a little bit if you are currently lacking in upgrades. You should have nearly maxed out weapons, and at least two points in airframe and defense. If you're going to farm experience, I suggest level 4, Sylas' Revenge.

    There are so many mission objectives in this level that I'm just going to focus on the actually difficult ones. For the rest just remember to take it slow and steady.

    The first thing you want to do is to prep for one of the harder objectives ahead of time. After you've cleared out all of the shield generators and taken out a mini-boss, you will have to destroy a very large group of tanks. These tanks have a ton of backup, and you really need to focus on the tanks themselves, or they will get away (you have very little time to destroy them all). In order to mitigate some of the hassle of that later objective, you're going to want to spend the first 5-10 minutes of your run clearing out the area that the tanks will drive through. From the starting point of the level, you want to turn right and back (Southeast from where you initially are directed, Northwest on the minimap). Clear out all of the areas South of your ship ahead of time, so you don't have to deal with these enemies when the timed tank part comes up. Believe me, you'll tank me later (hehe).

    Once you've done the above, it's time to carry on with the main mission. Eventually your mission will be to "Engage Heavy Assault Ship". This boss will more than likely kill you once or twice, so be prepared. The boss will constantly turn to face you, and he basically turns at a one-to-one with your ability to strafe around him. He will fire a double beam cannon where the beams surround you, and if you are caught in this extremely difficult to maneuver around attack, you will die. As you approach him he will more than likely be aiming directly at you, and any time that is the case, he will use the beam attack. Your main goal with this boss is to get to his side to avoid the instant death beam. It may seem a good idea to break away from the engagement to kill some other enemies and hope for a pickup or two, but it almost never is. Keep in mind that he will turn to face you again, and you'll get a beam in the face when you return. Use whatever powerups you have on him, if any, and pat yourself on the back if you come out of this without losing any lives.

    After the boss above you will be tasked with more destruction, one of which is by far the most dull affair in the entire game. 

    After you slog through the Geothermal Complex section, you will be given the objective "Intercept Ground Forces". The ground forces are in the North end of the map, so start flying in that direction before the marker appears to get some headway. If you followed my direction and cleared out the enemies in the area at the start of the level, then this shouldn't be too bad. Take note of the direction the tanks are heading and make your way to the front of the group, killing them off as you go, but remaining focussed on getting to the front of the pack. If even a single tank gets through the barrier, you will fail the mission and have to start all over. Once you've made it to the front you need to start destroying the tanks that are coming towards you. 

    After the tanks are all destroyed you will be given yet another objective - "Engage Command Ship". Yes, there is another boss. This boss also has a death beam, but the boss itself is slow moving and doesn't actually make any effort at all to turn towards you. Happily, there are also infinitely respawning enemies with a high powerup drop rate to keep you going. The boss has an outer shield that you need to take out in order to do any damage, and this shield will eventually resupply itself. Focus on the sides of the ship one at a time until you've destroyed each section on both sides. After both sides are destroyed, you will notice that shooting the enemy now does nothing. This is because there is a somewhat hidden spot that you must now focus on. Direct yourself to the back of the enemy ship and wait for it to "open". When it has opened up, you can damage the center of the ship. Use all of your powerups here if you get any, and you'll eventually take them down.

  • Level 5 complete

    Level 5 is a relatively short mission made extremely long by numerous infinitely spawning enemies. The level also brings shielded enemies to the table en masse, which means your weapon upgrades are going to come in especially handy. By this point in the game it really helps if you have your airframe maxed out as well, since that adds not only significant defensive capabilities, but most importantly a free extra life.

    The level starts out simply enough with a basic destroy defenses objective, then moves on to a destroy tanks objective. Once you start the level, move directly forward, and one of the enemies in the first group you encounter is guaranteed to drop a shield; handy! Before clearing out the base defenses, I suggest checking the surrounding area for ground turrets. The tank objective has the tanks moving in groups along a set path, and while there is no timer involved, they will eventually hit an area full of ground turrets ready to ruin your day. If you can enter the tank objective with seeker missiles, use them to destroy the center tank (the one that operates the group shield). 

    After the tanks are taken care of you have a simple destroy airborne forces objective, followed by a mini-boss. Remember the guy from Level 4? Yup, he's back. Same thing as last time, except now there are infinite spawning enemies all around, making it even more difficult. Use the same tactics as you did before and just pray you don't land in his beam.

    After the boss you'll have some more generic objectives leading into another "suspicious signal". As you get closer to the signal, start taking out all of the ground defenses you come across. There will be infinitely spawning enemies en masse during the second boss fight, and this boss will have you backing up a lot, so you don't want to back right into a turret by mistake. Also make sure to do any and all side missions you see, especially the "inactive ground units" side mission, as it will reward an extra life, and all you have to do is destroy some inactive tanks (watch for the ground turrets though).

    The final boss fight for this level would be really simple if you didn't have to contend with the infinite enemies surrounding you. You're going to want to approach this with a "death by a thousand cuts" approach to this boss, as it roams around the area, and will eventually come close enough for you to damage him. If you have special weapons on you, wait until its shield is gone to use them. Just keep backing up whenever it uses its spread shot, and try to do damage as much as you can while avoiding triggering enemy respawns (they happen when you move into certain spots).

  • Level 6 Complete

    Thankfully, Level 6 is not an endless barrage of respawning enemies, so we're back to the usual taking it slow for this level. There are a few new enemies here, including more tank-like airborne enemies who use seeker barrages, and very large ground tanks with a steady flow of seekers. The beginning is pretty stressful since there is almost immediately a very large group of the new large tanks, paired with two airports. The airports do infinitely spawn enemies, so they should be your focus. For the large tanks, your safest route is to get beside them, since they can't turn their cannons or move, so they only shoot straight forward (though their seekers will circle back in your direction). Take the first section enemy-by-enemy, and you'll get it done eventually.

    As you progress toward the first objective, you will come across two gates. The one on the right marks an optional objective. Make sure to take this optional mission on, since it is pretty easy and rewards you with an extra life.

    Note that the new enemies you are encountering have high drop rates for powerups and extra lives. You want to take every opportunity you get to kill all enemies you find. If there's a red arrow on your screen, you want to approach it cautiously in the hope that it's one of the airborne enemies I lovingly call "fatties" (since they're quite bulky).

    As you progress, you will eventually run into our friend from the last two levels. Death beam is back, so use the same tactics as before to get past him. This time he's surrounded by airborne enemies, though they do not spawn infinitely. He should drop an extra life upon death. The extra lives should be adding up by now (I was at 7 by this point), and rightly so - you will need them.

    CAUTION!!!  If you're reading along as you go, or reading ahead before doing the level, take special note of the rest of the guide for this trophy. The next section is the last section of the level, and it is timed! The time limit is very short compared to what you need to do, so be sure to read on and take heed.

    Eventually you will come to a section with a time limit. The timer will start at 8 minutes and count down to zero. If it hits zero you will automatically fail, making the last hour or so a waste of time. Once the timer starts, head directly to the objective. You will have to go through a long corridor with many ground tanks; ignore these tanks and move forward. Timing is extremely tight in this last section so it is imperative that you keep moving. At the end of the corridor there will be a gate you can't get through. Your objective will be updated and you will have to move to it to destroy the power units for the gate to proceed.

    Once you get past the gate you will be in the hardest section of the level, and one of the toughest in the game. The boss in this room is a large carrier ship, with hatches on its sides that release endless streams of enemy mines that themselves shoot seeker shots. The area is basically a square arena, surrounded by those large round turret bases that shoot off in all directions, as well as the usual seeker turrets. There are also infinitely respawning shielded enemies. All of this means you need to prioritise, and do it quickly. Keep in mind that this area is NOT the end of the level! After you beat the boss, you'll need about a minute remaining on the clock to go to the next area and finish the job!

    I would suggest prioritising the outer defenses of the area first, and the boss' spawning hatches second, one side at a time. Take out all of the ground turrets on one side of the boss, then take out the hatches that are spawning more enemies. The ground turrets in this area have a very high drop rate for special weapons, so whenever you get one, turn it on the boss to take out the enemy spawning more quickly. Rinse and repeat on the other side until there are no more hatches or ground units. Once that's all taken care of, you need to focus on the back of the boss, which will be the only place you can damage it. While damaging the back of the boss, it will continue to fire a lot of seeker missiles. Dodge in circles while continuing to focus on doing damage; it has a lot of health and you don't have a lot of time to take it down.

    Once the boss is down, don't stop to breath. Make your way immediately to the final objective and destroy the missile emplacements. There will be very little standing between you and this objective and it's mostly for show, but I made it here my first time and got complacent not realizing there was more to the level, and had to start all over. 

    If you're having trouble with the boss or want to be prepared ahead of time for this difficult timed section, check out the video below for a general idea of how to go about it. Note that I didn't do it perfectly, and the guide written above is based on lessons learned from the video below, so best to use the video as an example of what to expect rather than as a guide in itself.

  • Level 7 Complete

    "Escort quest" sums up the beginning of level 7. Not much detail is really required beyond the typical "take it slow" and "one enemy at a time". The very first part of the level, before the escort bit, has you destroying some nearby inhibitors. Beware of the mines surrounding the inhibitors, and note that the water ships are almost guaranteed to drop powerups, which can be pretty handy right at the beginning of the level.

    Some of the escort parts of the level do have timers, so when your friend is staying still, you are wasting time. Make sure to keep his path clear and you'll be fine, as they give you plenty of time. He can't actually be killed, so you're mostly racing against the clock whenever it appears. Don't be afraid to take some small breathers by backing up and eliminating enemies one by one if things get too hectic.

    After you're done escorting the operative and protecting him in the base, you will have to enter the next area and survive for 15 seconds; nothing too bad, just a few airborne enemies. After the survival phase you will have to kill a support ship mini-boss. Remember the boss from level 5? This is the same thing, but the other enemies are toned down significantly. Take him out and you're on your way to the real boss.

    The boss has two phases, with the first being significantly easier than the second. As is typical, there are infinitely spawning enemies in the area, so you want to try and get it done relatively quickly rather than dragging it out (but still prioritise life over damage to the boss). Before you move the boss into his second phase, I suggest clearing out all of the ground turrets in the area. The boss will continuously move from side to side, left to right and back in the area, so take advantage of his absence from a side to clear out the non-respawning enemies. Note that the tanks respawn infinitely, so don't spend too much time on them.

    Once the ground defenses are taken care of, move on to the boss. You'll have to take out all of the weapons on each side of the boss in order to move it into its second phase. You can take your time doing this, but the quickest way is to circle the boss, shooting the airborne enemies that approach as you go, and damaging the boss when you can. Be sure to shoot the seeker missiles whenever they get uncomfortably close.

    When the boss moves into its second phase it becomes much smaller, but the whole ship will be a target. This means that you can try to keep your distance and hit him from afar (you can use his shadow as a guide to keep your distance while still doing damage!). The second phase boss has a death beam similar to what you've seen before, so be sure to stay away from the front of the ship. Circle it to maximise damage, and stay away from it whenever it approaches the edges of the area, as there will be tanks all over the place and it will be very difficult to dodge all the bullets. Once you've done enough damage the boss will explode in typical fashion and you can move on to the final level!

    See the General trophy for information on the next level!

  • Easy game complete

    The difficulty trophies in this game do NOT stack.

    Please refer to the General trophy for more information.

  • Normal game complete

    The difficulty trophies in this game do NOT stack.

    Please refer to the General trophy for more information.

  • Hard game complete

    The difficulty trophies in this game do NOT stack.

    Hard is the toughest difficulty in the game, and it does not let up. If you're having trouble on a specific level you can read through the trophies pertaining to each individual level. Since there is no trophy for beating level 8 specifically, I will be detailing that here. First, some general tips:

    • Take it slow! If there is not a timer on the screen, then there is no need to rush. Keep an eye on your mini-map and the red arrows on-screen to make the best decisions about your surroundings and react accordingly.
    • Prioritise life. Since you'll be taking things slow, levels on hard can take anywhere from a half hour to over and hour. You don't want to have to start the level over again because you were fighting the last boss of a level and got killed because you were rushing to do some damage.
    • Level up your primary weapon and airframe first. The more damage you do, the less enemies on screen at once, and the quicker you will down bosses. This game is an endurance test above all else, and these two are the best things you can upgrade to make it easier on yourself.
    • Farm experience when necessary. On Easy and Normal you can get by without any need for this, but on Hard that one extra skill point can sometimes mean the difference between killing a boss before you die and the timer running out. Level 3 (Sylas' Revenge) is fairly quick, and if you do all of the side missions (worth 10k experience each), you will end each run with 80k experience towards a level. It might take a few runs, but at about 20 minutes per run, it can be worth it in the end rather than losing hours from failing missions.
    • Do side missions! Like I state above, side missions award an extra 10k experience each at the end of a level, which can be a huge boon. Also, side missions are guaranteed to drop a powerup, and many of them drop extra lives, which once again can be the difference between success and failure.

    With those general tips out of the way, let's take a look at the final level, Level 8.

    Level 8 is by far the hardest (and rightly so - it is the last level after all). The level itself is quite straightforward and the difficulty lies in the sheer amount of bullets on screen at all times. As you progress, you will come across gates that are oddly reminiscent of the original Contra game - big walls with turrets across it. In order to progress further you need to take out each of the turrets on the wall.

    Each of these walled in sections is relatively close to the last, make note of when you break through them how many you've done. Once you're through the second gate, you're going to want to stop. Right before the second gate, there is an enemy which spawns infinitely and is 100% guaranteed to drop a powerup of some sort, with a chance for that powerup to be an extra life! The best chance you have to beat the last level is to cheat. Basically what you want to do is to go through the gate in the direction of progression, then turn back and kill the enemy that spawns right in front of you. Keep killing this enemy until you have a stockpile of lives. Happily, this means that you can afford to be somewhat reckless in getting to this point, since if you die you can replenish your lives and then some. View the video below to see this farming method in action:

    I suggest using the method above until you have at least 15 lives. This may take a while. Do whatever you're comfortable with of course, but be aware that the final boss has 3 phases and is completely surrounded by turrets and airborne enemies. Once you are comfortable with your extra life stockpile, move on towards the final objective.

    On the way to the final objective you will pass through another two gates (four total). After the fourth gate and just before the boss, there will be a small room with small tanks and ground turrets with a pillar in the center. Stop here and kill everything in the room for a repair powerup, a shield, and an extra life! 

    The final boss is something similar to a train. It is stationary and has a shield until you destroy the two batteries on each side of it. You need to wait until the batteries open their rocket hatches in order to damage them fully. Once the two batteries have been taken care of and the boss' shield is gone, you need to damage it enough to move it into the next phase, at which point it will simply move to the next set of batteries. Rinse and repeat two more times and you have beaten the final boss! Congratulations! To get an idea of what to do, you can view the video below:

  • Kill 100 Enemies

    Anything that shoots, and even some things that don't, count toward this trophy. You will more than likely earn this trophy during your first run of the first level. The game throws plenty of enemies at you, so look forward to this easy trophy coming quickly.

  • Kill 50 Tanks

    Tanks are any mobile ground enemy that shoot at you (there are cargo trucks which do not count toward this trophy). You will kill far more than 50 tanks during any single playthrough, so this will come naturally.

  • Travel 100 kilometers

    You will travel far more than 100 kilometers during a single playthrough. I personally earned this trophy in level 4 of my first playthrough, so this will certainly come naturally.

  • Die 50 times

    This trophy will come naturally if you are going for the 100%. A death in this regard is precisely what it sounds like - if you lose all health and your ship blows up, you have died. If you don't earn this during your Easy playthrough you will definitely earn it on Normal or Hard.

  • Destroy 500 missiles

    Missiles in this regard refers to any enemy projectile that you are able to shoot. There are two types of missiles; regular and seeking. Most ground turrets fire seeker missiles, while most tanks simply fire regular missiles. Either of the two types count towards this trophy, and there will be plenty of them coming your way so this should come naturally within a single playthrough.

  • Collect 10 lives

    Extra Lives are dropped by random enemies in the same way that special weapons are. Some enemies are predetermined to drop lives, and you can also earn extra life pickups for completing side missions during a level. Extra life pickups are an orange-red color and feature a picture of your ship.

  • Collect 50 Homing Missiles

    Homing Missiles drop from enemies randomly and are represented by a purple icon. This trophy will almost certainly come naturally during your first playthrough, as they drop often enough and you'd be remiss to pass them up when the chance to get some missiles arises.

  • Play 5 hours


    Your first playthrough on Easy shouldn't take more than 3-5 hours, so odds are you won't get this on your first playthrough. The game only counts time actually spent playing the game for this trophy. At the end of each level it will tell you how long you spent on the level, and that number will be added to your total. Note that the trophy can and will be rewarded while you're in a mission; you don't have to finish the mission for the time to count.

  • Complete level 1 in less than 4 minutures


    (Yes, there is a typo in the trophy description)

    Level 1 is the shortest by far, but getting under 4 minutes will still be a bit of a feat. The first thing you need to do is to upgrade your ship. You should attempt this trophy on Easy difficulty, with fully upgraded weapons, airframe, and defense. Odds are you will have these upgrades after your full playthrough on Easy anyway, so come back to this after you've beaten the game. 

    The only way to get this trophy is to memorize the directions you need to take per mission objective, and head in those directions before the objective markers appear. You need to be constantly moving toward the next objective in order to pull this off. Take a run or two of the level to familiarize yourself with where you need to go, and when you're ready for your speedrun, make sure that you save some sort of special weapon for the boss, so they go down more quickly.

  • Complete level 5 without losing a life

    This is best done on Easy difficulty after having beaten the game, so you have all the upgrades you'll need. Level 5 (Sabotage) has you going on mostly destruction missions (tanks, base defenses, etc.), and ends with a boss fight. Take everything very slowly for this run. It may be Easy difficulty, but it can still surprise you, so don't let your guard down. This run will likely take around 30-45 minutes to complete.

    If you need tips on the boss, please refer to the Sabotage trophy for details.

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