• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (28, 4, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 8 (6, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
    Minimum of 3 months play time required. See Community Ambassador for more information
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 3. Zero To Hero, Hall Of Fame and I Am The 5%
  • Glitched trophies: 1. Community Ambassador. See trophy description for more information.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. I Am The 5% requires altered driving aids.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, depending on the order in which you earn them.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
After several delays and an initial launch platform planned for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Project CARS is finally here and ready to play! The game itself is a racing game with a handling model intended to simulate "real world driving physics". With a significant roster of cars and real life race tracks, the game is full of content spanning a: career mode, quick race weekends, an online mode and routinely updated community events. As a result of this, the game itself should not prove to be difficult for anyone familiar with racing games, however the sheer amount of content required to play through means that this platinum will require a significant time investment.
Step 1: Input your Details and Avoid the Missable Trophies

This first step does not take long, however it is important given that if you do not do the correct things at the beginning of the game, you can miss a few trophies.

After inputting information like your name, you will be given a choice of disciplines to start racing in. In order to earn the Zero To Hero and Hall Of Fame trophies, you Must start in Tier 8, which is the Kart One championship. Starting in any other discipline will prevent you from earning these two trophies.

In order to maximize your efficiency in the Career Mode and make things as easy as possible, you will want your Options and Help settings to look like this (unless a trophy specifies otherwise):

  • Steering Assistance: No
  • Braking Assistance: No
  • Driving Assists Allowed: All
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Yes
  • Stability Control: Yes
  • Traction Control: Yes
  • Damage: Off
  • Mechanical Failures: Off
  • Tire Wear: Off
  • Fuel Usage: Off
  • Auto Start Engine: Yes
  • Flags & Penalties: Off

Prior to starting each race, you want the following settings:
  • Session Length: 0%
  • Opponent Skill: 0 (Beginner)
  • Allow Restarts: Yes

Tip: If you are struggling with wheel spin, or if some cars feel like they constantly want to spin out of control(e.g. Mclaren F1), try editing your Tuning Setup prior to a race. If you set Traction Control Slip to 1%, you should get noticeably better traction.

Step 2: Completing the Career

This will be the longest step of the game. Here you will be progressing from season to season with the ultimate goal of entering the Hall of Fame. Along the way, there are a few things to be wary of. Firstly, you will need to make sure that you progress from Tier 8 Karts to Tier 1 LMP1 within 10 seasons to earn the Zero To Hero trophy. This shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge provided you are progressing to more advanced racing disciplines at the end of every season when new contract offers become available. Once you have made it to LMP1, you can start focusing on other trophies like Defending Champ and Triple Crown. To replay lower Tiered Classes and Disciplines, wait until it becomes time to select a new contract. By scrolling across to Contracts only in your Inbox, you will be able to view all the previous contract offers you have received throughout your career and still be able to accept them.

Once you have completed these trophies, you can start completing the various disciplines that you have yet to complete so that you can earn their respective Gold Accolades towards the Fully Loaded trophy. You should also earn the following miscellaneous trophies at some point in your career (please see their trophy descriptions for more information):

Conquered. All. Races. Seriously
Double Rainbow
No “I” In Team
Taylor Would Be Proud
Mailbox Full
Requesting Flyby
Keep Calm And Race On
My Little Friend
A Day In The Life
Do You Smell Somethin’?
On Your Left
Credit Where Credit’s Due
Lap Time Wizard

Step 3: Complete the Miscellaneous Trophies that are Associated with Quick Race Weekend and Time Trial

Now you should be left with a few trophies that can only be earned in Quick Race Weekend, Time Trial or you just never got around to achieving during the Career. For more information, please see these individual trophy descriptions:

Petrolicious Love
To Affinity And Beyond
Home Field Advantage
Half Racer, Half Demon
Pit Boss
Ready To Pounce
Consistency Is King
Grand Chelem
Emergency Stop
No Roads Needed
Reversa Corsa
Sunday Driver
Eastbound & Down

Step 4: Multiplayer

Here you will be completing the various multiplayer trophies. These typically revolve around you winning a certain number of races and completing races without crashing. For more information, please see the individual trophy descriptions:

Player 1 Versus The World
I Am The 5%
Clean As A Whistle
Pristine Paintwork
Speed Racer

Step 5: Community Ambassador

This final step gets its own step because it requires 2–3 months of play for you to achieve. You are required to participate in 20 Community Events, however only 1–3 events are available at any given time, with new ones being cycled in on roughly a weekly basis. In order to earn this trophy, you will have to return to the game and complete each new Community Event as they become available until you have participated in 20. In this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Community Ambassador
One More For The Road

Project CARS Trophy Guide

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45 trophies ( 34  )

  • Earned all other Trophies

    Earn all the other trophies to get this one.
  • Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons

    Missable! This trophy is missable for two reasons. Firstly, you Must begin your career in the very first Karting discipline, Kart One, to even be eligible for it. If you start your career in any other discipline, like Formula A for instance, the trophy will not unlock for you. Secondly, you will have to progress through to LMP1 within ten seasons, if it takes any longer you will not earn the trophy. Also bear in mind that if you have done either of these things, you will have to create a new career to earn the trophy.

    With this in mind however, this trophy should not pose too much of a problem. At the end of every season you will receive offers from various teams and motorsports disciplines to come race with them. As long as you focus on progressing to a discipline that is in a higher tier than the one you are currently in, you should get this trophy within 6-8 seasons. Ideally, the offer you want to choose at the end of each season is the tier directly above yours. For example: you would want to move from Formula C to Formula B and so on, until you end up with the offer to progress into the LMP1 discipline. Once you make it to LMP1, it is just a matter of winning the World Championship. You can check your progress towards this trophy at any time in your "Driver Network Profile", under the "Career" tab.

    To check where each discipline falls within the tiered hierarchy, please see the image below:
  • Defended a Career Championship for three consecutive years

    This trophy is somewhat misleading as the full requirements are not specified in the trophy description (though they can be found in the in-game Historic Goals menu). You need to defend a Career Championship for four consecutive years, however only the Championships found in Tiers 1 and 2 will count towards this trophy. Even though the trophy description states three years, you will need to defend it for four years. The first year is when you earn the championship, with every successive year counting as a defend. To check which disciplines are eligible, please see the image in the trophy description for the Zero to Hero trophy.

    Once you have settled upon which discipline you will be focusing upon, it is just a matter of winning its final Championship for four straight years. You can do this by choosing to renew your contract with your current team at the end of each season. You will only have to win the Driver’s Championship towards earning this trophy, not the Team Championship where applicable. You can check your progress towards this trophy in your "Driver Network Profile" under the "Career" tab.
  • Won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines

    This trophy is also slightly misleading in its requirements. The three different motorsport disciplines must be from Tiers 1, 2 or 3. You can check which disciplines are eligible by consulting the image found in the description for Zero to Hero.

    Assuming that you are progressing into higher tier championships at the end of each season, you should earn this trophy at the same time as you earn Zero to Hero. For example: winning the Championship for the Formula B, Formula A and LMP1 disciplines would earn you the trophy. You can check your progress towards this trophy in the "Driver Network Profile" under the "Career" tab.
  • Completed three Historic Goals and became a racing legend!

    Missable! This trophy is missable because Zero to Hero needs to be completed in order to earn this trophy. Please see that trophy description for information on this matter.

    This trophy is basically a culmination of the trophy requirements for the Zero to Hero, Triple Crown, Defending Champ and Fully Loaded trophies. In essence, you have to complete those four goals within the same career. Progress will not carry over if you start a new career. You can check your progress towards this in your "Driver Network Profile" under the "Career" tab. Note that while the in-game menu would suggest you need to receive all invitations, they are not required to earn this trophy.
  • Signed 8 Endorsement deals

    New Endorsement deals are awarded for every two Gold Accolades that you unlock in the Career. There are a total of 20 Gold Accolades available to be won in the career: 16 can be earned by winning the final championship within each discipline, while the other 4 can be earned by winning one of the 24 or 25 hour endurance races. You will only need to earn 16 of these Gold Accolades though, so it is up to you whether or not you want to focus upon completing each discipline, or whether you would like to skip some disciplines and instead earn one of the Endurance related accolades.

    Keep in mind that you should get one of the Endurance Gold Accolades for completing the LeMans 24H Endurance invitational event while earning the A Day In The Life trophy. You can check which Gold Accolades and Endorsements you have earned in your "Driver Network Profile" under the "Career" tab.

    In order to go back and complete lower tiered seasons once you have reached LMP1, all you have to do is complete your current season. Once you are prompted to select a new contract for next season, scroll across in your inbox so that it displays contracts only. Here you will see a list of all the contract offers you have received throughout your career. There should be at least one contract from each discipline. They are free for you to accept at any point in your career once a season has ended so that you can go back and complete each discipline as you like and earn their Gold Accolades.

    Keep in mind that Gold Accolades can only be earned once per final championship. Winning the LMP1 Championship 3 times will not give you 3 Gold Accolades. Only 1 for the first time that you win it.
  • VIP


    Received 12 Invitations

    Invitations are awarded for winning various races, as well as passing mileage and win milestones. There are 52 invitational events possible to receive so you will almost certainly earn this trophy without even trying while simply progressing through the game.
  • Completed every Practice, Qualifying, and Race session in every round in a Career Championship

    Prior to beginning most events, you will be given the option to enter the session or simulate to the next session. In order to earn this trophy, you will want to find an event that features a Practice session and make sure that you enter it without skipping or simulating any of the session. Then complete the Qualifying Session, followed by the Race(s). You do not need to win, just complete them. Assuming you begin your career in Karts, the first available event that you can do this in will be the Brands Hatch Road TD Showdown.
  • Won every race in a Career Championship

    This trophy is pretty self-explanatory and will likely be one of the first that you will earn. Just make sure that you win every race in the first championship that you enter. You are allowed to restart if you make a mistake, just make sure that you do not retire from any races or skip any races, then this trophy will be yours.
  • Won the same Career Championship two years consecutively

    Please see the trophy description for Defending Champ as their trophy requirements overlap.
  • Won a Team Championship two years consecutively

    Team Championships are not featured in every motorsports discipline. They typically start appearing in Tiers 3 and above. For example, Formula B and Formula A are guaranteed to feature a Team Championship. Once you are participating in a team Championship, it is just a matter of winning as many races as you can. While this will often result in you alone winning the Championship for your team without much input from your teammate, sometimes you may have to sabotage some rival racers in order to prevent another team from winning the championship. To be safe, make sure to check the Team and Driver standings in between each race. If a Team is ahead of you, focus on taking out one of its drivers.
  • Won your first Accolade

    Please see the trophy description for Taylor Would Be Proud.
  • Won 22 Accolades

    Accolades are unlocked upon winning each championship as well as for completing various mileage milestones. With a total of 108 different Accolades available to be won, you should easily earn over 50 Accolades through simply completing the Career, so this will just come naturally.
  • Received more than 500 messages from your fans

    On the right of your Career Dashboard is a "FanChat" section where generic comments are made about your race performance, as well as your standing within the championship. You will typically receive between 2–4 comments per race or qualifying session so this will take a significant amount of races to achieve 500. Unfortunately there is no way to check how many total messages you have received, as the older messages eventually disappear to make space for the newer ones. For reference, this trophy unlocked for me during my 13th Season.
  • Won more than 50 events with your Signature Car

    Your signature car is determined according to the distance that you have driven in it, so that your car with the highest mileage becomes your signature car. You can check which car is your current signature car in your "Driver Network Profile".

    While you will probably put a decent dent into winning 50 events with your signature car just through progressing through the career, you will most likely still have a few left by the time that you finish. If you do so, you can easily finish the remaining few in the Quick Race Weekend menu. Here you can select your Signature Car (as well as Favorite Location for Home Field Advantage) and set up a race so that it is just you versus one other opponent. Once the race begins, simply press the button and choose to Simulate Remainder of Session. Once here, you can Skip to End of Session and then Restart the event. Each time that you do this, it will add 1 race to your total. Just keep in mind that in order for the trophy to unlock, you will need to have physically raced the 51st event yourself, no simulating.
  • Have an Affinity greater than 50% in all car classes

    Your Affinity is basically your Win/Loss ratio for each car class. In order to earn this trophy, you will need to have won at least half of all the events that you have entered for each class. You can check your class Affinity in your Driver Network Profile. The 7 Classes required to earn this trophy are:
    • Kart
    • GT
    • Road
    • Touring
    • Prototype
    • Open Wheel
    • American Stock Car

    The first 6 of these disciplines can be encountered throughout the Career, however the American Stock Car will have to be done in Quick Race Weekend. Simply load up an easy track like Oschersleben C Circuit, followed by selecting the Caper Monterey Stock car and winning the race.
  • Won more than 20 events at your Favorite Location

    Your Favorite Location is determined by how many laps you have done around each track, with the track with the highest amount selected as your favorite. While you will make some progress towards this during the career, you will most likely have a few more wins left by the time that you finish. For a quick way to achieve these wins, please see the trophy description for Petrolicious Love.
  • Took a photo of your Signature Car at your Favorite Location

    Your Signature Car and Favorite Location can be found within your Driver Network Profile. Once you have found what each is, it is just a matter of loading up a Quick Race Weekend with your Car and Location and starting the race. Once the race begins, press the button and select Photo. Simply take a photo of your car and the trophy will unlock. For a visual reference of how to do this trophy, please see this video:

    Video Uploaded by Harry94_

    An easier method on how to unlock this trophy quickly, is to wait until your second race in the career and take the photo then. At this point you will have only driven one vehicle and at one location, so the trophy can be yours without even properly establishing a favorite car and location combination.
  • Drove faster than 333 km/h for over 6.66 consecutive secs

    For a racing game, this trophy can actually be a bit of a hassle as few cars are capable of reaching 333km/h (207mp/h) and few tracks present them with an opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, an ideal combination would be the Mclaren P1 on the track ‘Nordschleife’. Start a Free Practice session from the Main Menu with this combination and then proceed to drive around the track backwards. You will quickly find a long straight path where you will attempt to reach 333km/h. Accelerate all the way down the straight path and you should get this trophy. Just remember that you do not have to brake at the end of the straight so keep your speed up right until you crash into the wall. For a visual reference of this method, please see this video:

    Video Uploaded by Harry94_
  • Created and saved a Pit Strategy

    Prior to a race, select the Edit Pit Strategy option. Press to create a new strategy and then press to save it.
  • Had a reaction time of less than 0.2 secs off the starting grid

    At the start of each race is an animation of 3 red lights followed by a green starting light. In order to earn this trophy, you must press the accelerator within 0.2 seconds of the green start light. Keep in mind that it can only be 0.2 seconds on either side of the green light so you will technically have a 0.4 second window of opportunity to try this. There is no real strategy or method to achieving this, sp just keep at it, focus on the lights and eventually you will get lucky.
  • Entered and exited the pit lane without losing a position (cannot be in last place)

    This trophy can easily be achieved on any of the races with more than 4 laps. It is just a matter of managing the gap between yourself and the cars behind you. If you can create a gap of roughly 50–60 seconds over second place, you should have enough time to pit and exit the pit lane before second place comes around. You will almost certainly unlock this unintentionally while completing A Day In The Life as well.
  • Crashed on or before the first corner then went on to win the race

    Pretty straightforward, simply crash straight into the first wall you see and then win the race. Having the A.I. set to their easiest setting should make this a piece of cake.
  • Performed three consecutive laps within 0.1 sec of each other

    This trophy can be very frustrating. Luckily, an easy method has been found which means you do not even need to do the racing yourself. Simply load up a Quick Race Weekend using the 250cc Superkart on Glencairn West, and set it for 10 laps against 1 opponent. Once the race begins, press and choose to Simulate Remainder of Session. From here you can sit back and watch the robotic consistency of the A.I. do all the heavy lifting for you. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.
  • Overtook a car using Formula A KERS

    The Formula A cars feature a KERS system that can be activated by holding the button, which will give your car a speed boost. At the beginning of a race you can use KERS to overtake some opponents off the start which will unlock this trophy.
  • Got pole position in qualifying, fastest lap in the race and won whilst leading every lap

    This trophy cannot be unlocked in Career so you will have to attempt it in Quick Race Weekend.

    Pick a car and track a combination that you are comfortable with and setup the event so that it features a Qualifying Session (note that some tracks cannot have Qualifying Sessions). You will also want to make sure Rolling Start is set to No as the A.I. can often jump the start which will prevent you from earning this trophy. Select 1 A.I. opponent and put their skill at Beginner level. Now it is just a matter of beating the A.I. in every session. When it comes to the race, make sure that you accelerate as close to the green light as possible. If the A.I. overtakes you off the start line, even for a fraction of a second, you will have to restart the race. Also, be sure to stay on the track, as invalidated laps will not count towards your fastest lap.
  • Completed a 24 hour race using only realtime progression (and why not stream it?!)

    Your first opportunity to complete a 24 hour race will be the LeMans 24H Endurance invitational event, which you will receive an invitation for after having finished on the podium 50 times in your career. The race itself appears on the 15th of December in your Career Calendar once it is available, so it is one of the very last events to complete before a season ends. Should you skip it, the event will always be available on the same date in future seasons for you to retry.

    In terms of earning this trophy, before the race begins you will need to make sure that the Session Length slider is scrolled all the way to 100%. This means that the race will actually last 24 hours. You can skip the Practice and Qualifying Sessions if you like, as they are not required for the trophy. When it comes to vehicle selection, you will want to choose the RWD P30LMP1.

    You can go about earning this trophy a few ways. The first of which is to drive the entire 24 hours yourself. You can implement the Playstation 4’s Rest Mode feature to effectively pause the race whenever you need a break so that you can do the race in incremental blocks if you like. Just make sure that in your Playstation’s Power Saving Settings, you have Suspend Applications turned On.

    The second method is to drive around the track and park your car just before the finish line. Once 24 hours have passed, just drive over the line. The reason being that you do not have to actually win the race, but just need to complete it. Coming dead last will still get you the trophy, however you will not receive a Gold Accolade for doing this. Note: this method can actually be attempted in any race, not just the 24 hour races. As long as the clock reads over 24 hours (1440:00:00) when the race finishes, the trophy will still unlock. So feel free to park your car up before the finish line on a one lap race and wait 24 hours to cross the line if your wish to earn the trophy this way. Credit to VitaRG for discovering this.

    Finally, you can take advantage of the A.I. After creating at least a 2 minute lead over second place, you can enter the pits and choose to Swap Driver. Doing this will result in an A.I. driver taking control of your car which will complete the race for you. They generally maintain the gap that you give them pretty well, so you will more than likely win the race and earn yourself a Gold Accolade in the process for doing barely any work.

    Just be aware that you can encounter some bugs and errors while completing this race. There have been several reports of cars getting stuck in the pit lane with no way of getting out. If this happens to you, you will unfortunately have to restart the race as there is no known way to fix it. Also, seeing as your Playstation 4 will be on for at least 24 hours, make sure it is well ventilated to avoid any overheating issues.

    Despite what the trophy description might lead you to believe, you do not need to stream any of the race.
  • Braked to a standstill from 100-0 km/h within 2 secs

    In order to earn this trophy, you will want to be use the 250cc Superkart. Simply find a straight, wait until you reach 100 km/h (65 mp/h) and then hit the brakes. If all goes well you should get this trophy with very little effort.
  • Got all four wheels in the air for more than 0.88 secs

    This trophy will more than likely be earned unintentionally while completing the career. Not only because there are several opportunities to jump your car, but because crashing particular cars often sends them flying into the air which will inadvertently earn you this trophy. In the event you actually need to find a jump to do this, the Glencairn Karting track features a few steep hills on the side of its track that you can launch your Kart off of.
  • Made your brakes reach a temperature of 1000° C

    This trophy is best attempted with the Formula A cars. Simply driving around a track will earn you this trophy as your mechanic will give you several warnings to cool the brakes. Repeated braking from high speeds will speed the process up as well.
  • Lapped an opponent in a race

    This trophy can be earned fairly early into your career as the first few Karting races present a few opportunities to lap opponents. If you do not lap someone in the Kart races, do not worry, as you will certainly lap some opponents when you attempt any endurance race.
  • Completed a Quick Race Weekend lap of Azure Circuit in reverse from cockpit view without collisions

    In Quick Race Weekend, select the Azure Circuit, the 250cc Superkart, and set the event to 2 Laps and 1 Opponent. Drive around the circuit normally for the first lap until you get to the finish line. At this point, you want to turn the car around so that you are reversing, change your camera view to the Cockpit Cam (the view that shows you the steering wheel display) with , and reverse the entire second lap of the track. You can hold to look behind you as you are driving so that you can see where you are going.

    Your goal here is not speed or to do anything fancy, just to simply make it around the entire track without crashing or spinning. If you crash or spin the right way around, you will have to restart the event. Please see the following video for a visual reference of how to unlock this trophy:

    Video Uploaded by Harry94_
  • Won a Quick Race Weekend with Full Damage, Mechanical Failures, and Tire Wear (must be 5+ laps)

    In Quick Race Weekend, set up an event on Glencairn West using the 250cc Superkart set to 5 Laps, against 1 Opponent who is set to Beginner Difficulty. Before you create the event, you will want to go into your menu, go to Options and Help followed by Gameplay and set the following settings:
    • Damage: Full Damage
    • Mechanical Failures: Yes
    • Tire Wear: Real
    Once you have done this, it is just a matter of starting the event and winning it. Your opponent should not be too difficult to beat. What you will want to avoid though is any collisions, as they will significantly impair your Kart’s performance.

    Alternatively, you can press during the race and choose to Simulate Remainder of Session to let an A.I. driver win the race for you.
  • Driven the speed limit (50 km/h) in an Italian car and appreciated the Azure coastal scenery

    There are two methods available to earn this trophy. The first requires you to start a Quick Race Weekend, select an Italian Car, like the Pagani Zonda R, and drive the entire length of the Azure Coast while remaining under 50 km/h (31 mp/h). The best way to do this is to change your gearing to Manual and start the race in 7th gear. This way you will be able to more precisely manage your acceleration so that you do not go above 50 km/h. Completing the trophy this way will also take you roughly 20 minutes. Please see the following video for an example of this method:
    Video Uploaded by Harry94_

    The second and much quicker method, requires you to go into your Options and Help menu, followed by the Gameplay menu and turn Flags and Penalties to on. Select 0 A.I. opponent and make sure that your gearing is set to Manual. Before the lights turn green, shift into 7th gear and accelerate. You will be disqualified from the race for a false start, but you will still unlock this trophy and save yourself some time.
  • Ran the California Highway in under 9 mins in a US car

    In Quick Race Weekend, you will want to select the track California Highway Full and the Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm for your Car. You will also want the event set up for 1 A.I. driver. In order to earn this trophy, you will need to reach the end of the track in under 9 minutes. Depending upon your personal skill level, this may pose a bit of a challenge. The things to watch out for are invalidated sector times for going off the track, as there are conflicting reports that invalidated sectors will not unlock the trophy for you. Apart from that, it is just a matter of practicing on the track and learning the corners to get better at it. Please see this video for an example of how to complete the track in under 9 minutes:
    Video Uploaded by Harry94_

    Alternatively, if you are struggling or would like an easier way to do this, you can rely upon the A.I. to do this for you. You will want to use the same settings as above, except that when you are selecting your A.I. opponents, you will want the difficulty set to Ace. The reason for this being, is that the A.I. difficulty extends to your A.I. driver as well, to the extent that an Ace difficulty driver will complete this track over 2 minutes faster than a Beginner difficulty driver. Once the race begins, just press and choose to Simulate Remainder of Session. Now just sit back and watch the A.I. blitz the track in as little as over 7 minutes.
  • Crashed into the AI counterpart of an SMS employee

    In order to earn this trophy, you are looking for an A.I. driver’s name which corresponds with an SMS employee’s which you then will want to crash your car into. You should not worry too much about actively searching for SMS employee names, as you will more than likely randomly crash into one without even trying during your Career.
  • Entered and completed more than 25 Online races

    Please see the trophy description for Pentapodia.
  • Finished on the podium more than 50 times in an Online Public race

    Pretty self-explanatory, for this trophy you will need to finish in the top 3 50 times in Online Public Races. Private races will not count towards this. You can either create your own races tailored to your preferences or you can browse the races being hosted by other players. Just keep in mind that for the purposes of this trophy, it is better if races feature 3 or less people, this way you are guaranteed a podium finish.

    Alternatively, you can boost the podium finishes with a friend. Simply create a session on Oschersleben C Circuit with the Formula A as your car and have it set to 2 players maximum. The session must be kept public, however if you can invite your boosting partner before anyone else joins, you effectively have a locked public session where you and your partner can trade wins back and forth without interruptions.

    For boosting partners, please use this thread: Trophy Boosting Thread.
  • Won an Online Public race using Pro handling, manual gears, and no driving aids, from cockpit view

    Note: Update 2.0 has fixed this trophy so that is no longer missable. You are no longer required to have your handling set to Pro to unlock this trophy. Thanks to ChrisW9144 for confirming this fix.

    To unlock this trophy, prior to beginning an online race you want to enter the Gameplay menu and turn all the driving assists to 'off'. Your options should look like this:

    Steering Assistance: No
    Braking Assistance: No
    Driving Assists Allowed: None
    Anti-Lock Brakes: (Locked)
    Stability Control: (Locked)
    Traction Control: (Locked)
    Damage: Full Damage
    Mechanical Failures: Yes
    Tire Wear: Real
    Fuel Usage: Real
    Auto Start Engine: Yes
    Flags and Penalties: On

    You also want to make sure that under Controls, you have Gearing set to Manual. You should also ensure prior to beginning the race that your camera view is already set to cockpit view, as changing it to cockpit view, even at the very beginning of the race will not count. It needs to be on for the entire race.

    Now that you have selected the right driving aids, you will need to win an Online Public race. You can either join an existing race and handicap yourself by using more difficult settings, or you can create your own lobby which forces Manual Gears, No Driving Aids and Cockpit View so that you are racing opponents on a level playing field. Try to limit the lobby to 2 players maximum, that way you can increase your chances of winning the race.

    Alternatively, you can boost this trophy using the method outlined in Pentapodia if it proves too difficult.

    For a visual guide on how to unlock this trophy, please see this video:
    Video Uploaded by Harry94_
  • Won three Online Public races in a row without being involved in a major collision

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to win 3 Public Races in a row without crashing. You can be involved in small collisions like brushing up against opponents or walls, but anything significant will void the trophy. To be safe, just avoid crashing wherever possible. The more difficult aspect of this trophy is winning 3 consecutive races. To do this, try to focus on races with fewer players, as fewer players generally means a greater chance of you winning. You can also create the race yourself and limit it to 2 players, which will also increase your chances. Selecting Car and Track combinations you are comfortable with is likely to increase your chances even further.

    If you are struggling with this trophy, you can use the boosting method outlined in Pentapodia to make things easier.
  • Completed more than 3 Online races with 50% of them avoiding a major collision

    Please see Clean As A Whistle for more information as the trophy requirements overlap.
  • Set a Pole Position time in an Online Public qualifying session

    In order to earn this trophy, you will have to join or create a Public Race Session which also features a Qualifying Session. You will then need to set the fastest time for that Qualifying Session. If you create your own session, select a track and car combination that you are comfortable with, and limit the Qualifying duration to 5 minutes; you will find that this is not too difficult because your opponents will not be familiar with the combination. A lot of the time, merely setting a lap time which has not been invalidated will be enough to earn pole position as the other drivers will have pushed too hard on each lap and gone off the track, in the process failing to set a time. Assuming you set the fastest time, the trophy should unlock after completing the Qualifying Session. Your performance in the Race is also irrelevant.

    If this trophy proves to be too difficult, you can use the boosting method outlined in Pentapodia to earn it.
  • Beat a Ghost from the Time Trial Leaderboards

    This trophy can be a bit of a pain to set up but with a bit of persistence, the following method should work and turn a potential 10/10 difficulty trophy into a 1/10.
    1. Start by entering the Time Trial section of the Main Menu.
    2. Select a short track like Oschersleben C Circuit and have the discipline set to Open Wheel
    3. Where it says Ghost Type, you will want it set to Use Best In Session.
    4. Go to select your car and choose the Formula A.
    5. Now that you are on track, you will want to complete about 5 slow laps of the track (Make sure they are not invalidated laps). The reason that you are setting slow laps is so that when it comes time to attempt this trophy, you can easily beat them.
    6. Once you have completed a few slow laps of the track, exit the session.
    7. You should be be back at the Time Trial car selection screen now. Press and you will return to the Time Trial menu. You will want to keep the exact same settings as you had before, except that this time, where it says Ghost Type, you will want that set to My Personal Best.
    8. Select your car and return to the track. You should now be going up against your Personal Best Ghost Time, which should be very easy for you to beat around the track. Once you beat the Ghost Time, the trophy should unlock.

    The above method can be quite temperamental. If it does not work the first time around, try restarting your PlayStation and repeating the steps. If it still does not work, restart your PlayStation and try again on a different track.

    If after several repeated attempts the above method still does not work, you may have to attempt this the way it was intended. In other words, find a car and track combination, download the 30th fastest Ghost Time from the leaderboards and then try to beat it. This can be considerably difficult though, and will only get more difficult as time goes on as the top 30 fastest times for each Track/Discipline combination become faster and faster.

    The best thing to do is look for obscure combinations that do not have many competitive times set. As of writing, the Stockcar leaderboard times for many tracks are not very demanding, so most people could probably beat them with a little practice. Similarly, the leaderboards for the Azure Coast track are not very competitive either. Just make sure that you are racing a ghost car when you attempt this. You might beat one of the top 30 leaderboard times, but if you have not downloaded and beaten a specific ghost time, you will not unlock this trophy.
  • Set a time at 50 locations (variations and reverse layouts not necessary)

    This trophy requires you to set a lap time on 50 different tracks. Contrary to what the trophy description states, it appears that variations and reverse layouts do count towards this trophy. You will most likely earn this trophy on your journey through the career so do not worry too much about going out of your way to race on different tracks.
  • Participated in 20 Driver Network Community Events

    Please be wary of this trophy before you start the game. As of writing this (15/5/2018), there are enough Driver Network Community events available to still earn this trophy. However, the developer can be slow in adding new events or may decide not to add any new events at all the in the future considering the game's age.

    In the Main Menu is a section called Driver Network: Community Events. Here you will find Time Trial events that ranks participants on a leaderboard. These events are only available for a limited time, typically a week, before they expire and new events are cycled in. Given that between 1–3 events are available at any one time, this trophy will require you to routinely go back and complete new events until you have participated in 20 of them, something which is likely to take a minimum of 3 months.

    While looking at the schedule of events it would appear that the amount of events available is limited, the developers have stated they plan on supporting the game for some time, and have been adding new events to the schedule with updates and DLC releases, so that 20 events will be available to complete for the foreseeable future.

    What exactly constitutes ‘participating’ in one of these Community Events is not known for sure. It could simply mean driving a lap around the track, or it could mean having your time registered on the leaderboard. If the latter is true, this trophy could be troublesome because only the top 3000 times for each event are recorded. On top of that, the times often fail to register properly.

    This trophy also appears to be glitched or bugged, as there are several reports of people having participated in more than 20 community events without the trophy unlocking.

    The developers have suggested a workaround method to unlock this trophy:
    Hi all,

    we are aware that some players hadn't unlocked the Community Ambassador Trophy / Achievement even though they met the requirement "Participated in 20 Driver Network Community Events".

    With the latest patch we included a workaround, to unlock it try the following:

    Go to the Community Events section
    Go to every event page you have taken part in
    Check if you are on the leaderboard clicking the "Go to my time" icon

    This will update the data in your profile and should unlock the Trophy / Achievement.

    We apologize for this inconvenience. We know a lot of you care very much about collecting all Trophies / Achievements and are happy to finally be able to provide you with the unlock you deserved.

    For discussion on this trophy and other possible methods to fix the glitch, please see the following thread: Community Ambassador Trophy

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