• Estimate difficulty: 5/10.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 30 – 40 hours.
  • Minimum number of play-throughs needed: Roughly 50 – 100 matches across various game modes.
  • Trophy breakdown: 28 (10 , 12 , 5 , 1 ).
    • Offline: 26 (10 , 11 , 5 , 0 ).
    • Online: 2 (0 , 1 , 0 , 1 ). Warning! The servers have shut down.
  • Missable trophies: None.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies? No.
  • Special hardware required for platinum? No.


Road Map

Introduction: Welcome to PES 2011! This is Konami’s latest take on the classic sport. It features a slew of teams and players from across the world and offers a variety of game modes. If you’re a fan of the sport, you should be quite at home playing this game. Even if you’re not a fan, there’s still fun to be had.

Trophy-wise, this game is overall very, very easy albeit time consuming. If you’re looking to get the platinum for this game as quickly as possible, you won’t actually have to play all that many games, since many of the longer trophies can be obtained via simulating. The simulating process doesn’t take too long, but it will definitely feel like a grind due to the boring nature. Since the one online trophy can easily be boosted, there is only one truly challenging trophy in the game, “Dead-ball Expert”.

Important: Please note that all trophies unlock at the end of the match, even if you fulfill the requirements in the middle of the match (or earlier).

Now, let’s get to the road map proper…

Step 1: Online. For this step you want to unlock

Mr. Consistency (Online)

which is the only true online trophy. (The platinum is being counted, since you need to get "Mr. Consistency" to get it.) It is easily boosted. See the trophy for details.

Step 2: Master League. During this step, you are aiming to unlock a very large chunk of the trophies in this game. The vast majority of these will be completed in the first season and will take quite a bit of time. After the first season, you’ll have to grind out nine more seasons. This is best handled by simulating the games. In this game mode, you should unlock the following trophies:

First Glory
Come Back Win
Last Gasp
Perfect 10
The Gentleman
Possession Play
Hat-trick Hero
Predatory Striker
World Footballer of the Year
European Elite 16
Kings of Europe
League Winner
No. 1 Club
The Invincibles
10 Years of Service

Note that the “The Invincibles” trophy requires that you have an undefeated season. So, you will naturally be working on and unlocking all of the Master League specific trophies listed before it. As such, I have put a lot of detail in to that trophy’s specific guide. For matches that you actually play, keep track of the stadiums. This will save you some time for the “World Traveler” trophy.

Step 3: UEFA Champions League. During this step, you are looking to unlock the following:

Made the Knockout phase
European Champions

To ensure that you win the championship, you will want to win every game. Again, since you can play on “Beginner” difficulty, this should pose no problem. As above, keep track of the stadiums that you play in.

Step 4: Copa Santander Libertadores. This is just like the previous step except you’re playing in Latin America. Here you will unlock

Kings of Latin America

As above, keep track of the stadiums that you play in.

Step 5: Become a Legend. The trophies you will unlock in this mode are:

The Debutant
International Cup Debut
International Cup MVP
The Super Hero
The Journeyman

As above, keep track of the stadiums that you play in.

Step 6: Mop Up. Although it is possible that you unlocked some of the remaining trophies in one of the previous steps, it is fairly unlikely. These remaining trophies should be unlocked in Exhibition mode. The trophies are

World Traveler
Long Ranger
Dead-ball Expert
Ultimate Player

Unless you’re really lucky, the “Dead-ball Expert” trophy is probably the last trophy you’ll get. The other two are easy to get and should come along in the process of unlocking “Dead-ball Expert”.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Adeel_E13 for his original guide. This guide should be thought of as a collaboration between him and me in an effort to expand his guide. The reason it is being “expanded” is because I thought that his guide lacked some details that would be useful, especially for those of us (like me) who aren’t well versed in the soccer (football) universe.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Cauchy for this Road Map]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Trophy Guide

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28 trophies ( 12  10  )

  • Perfect Collection

    This will unlock once you've acquired all the other trophies in the game. Congrats!

    Unless you already have the online trophy for this game, this trophy is no longer attainable as the servers have shut down.

  • Awarded for your first win.

    Yeah, not much to illuminate here. This will be one of your first trophies. Note that online matches do not count towards this, but that hardly matters.
  • Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.

    See the "Predatory Striker" trophy.
  • Awarded for your first Come Back Win.

    See the "Last Gasp Winner" trophy.

  • Awarded for scoring the Winner in Stoppage Time.

    To get this and the "Come Back Win" trophy at the same time, do the following: Play on "Beginner". First, score a goal on yourself, by passing the ball to the goalie and having him "pass" the ball into your net which will result in you going down by one. Now, score against the opposing team to tie the match. Keep possession of the ball until the game goes into stoppage time and then score the winning goal. If you're playing on "Beginner" difficulty. You can just have your player hold on to the ball just outside the opposing team's penalty box until the game goes into stoppage time. This should give you plenty of time to score that final winning goal, even if you're playing 5 minute matches.
  • A Title awarded for playing at all featured Stadiums. (Excludes ones created in Edit Mode.)

    There are a total of 25 stadiums that you will have to play at. You do not actively want to work on this until you've played through all of the other game modes. When you play matches, I recommend that you cross off stadiums that you're playing at. This way you'll which stadiums are left when you start actually working on this trophy. When this time comes, you should play on Exhibition mode and, if necessary, work on the "Dead-ball Expert" trophy in conjunction. See it for more details.

    Here is a list of the stadiums in alphabetical order:
    • Amsterdam Arena
    • Bristol Mary Stadium
    • Camp Nou
    • El Monumental
    • Estádio da Luz
    • Estádio de Escorpião
    • Estadio de Palenque
    • Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo
    • Estádio do Amazonas
    • Estádio do Dragão
    • Estádio José Alvalade
    • Giuseppe Meazza
    • Konami Stadium
    • Mohamed Lewis Stadium
    • Old Trafford
    • Rose Park Stadium
    • Saitama Stadium 2002
    • San Siro
    • Santiago Bernabéu
    • Stade de Sagittaire
    • Stade Louis II
    • Stadio Olimpico
    • Stadio Orione
    • Ville Marie Stadium
    • Wembley Stadium
  • Awarded for committing less than 1 Foul per match on average in your last 10 Matches.

    See the "Predatory Striker" trophy.

  • Awarded for having a Possession Rate of 60% or higher in your last 10 Matches.

    See the "Predatory Striker" trophy.

  • Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.

    See the "Predatory Striker" trophy.
  • Awarded for playing over 20 Matches, averaging 2 plus goals per Match in your last 5.

    It is best to get this trophy in conjunction with all of the ones that reference it. Moreover, you should be doing this during your first season in the Master League. Remember to set up your matches/league to be on "Beginner" difficulty to make things easier on yourself. The easiest (yet somewhat boring) way to get these trophies is to play as follows:
    1. Right from the start, score three goals with the same player to get a hat-trick in the game.
    2. Regain possession of the ball and just have the player hold it until the end of the half or match.
    3. Be sure to not foul anyone during the above steps.
    After the first five games, you unlock the "Hat-trick Hero" trophy. After the tenth game, you will unlock the "Pefect 10", "The Gentleman" and the "Possession Play". After the twentieth game, you unlock "Predatory Striker" trophy.
  • Awarded for 5 Direct Free-Kicks.

    It is the general consensus that this trophy is the hardest one in the entire game. It's more frustrating than difficult. The frustration lies in the fact the AI rarely gives you free kicks. So, you'll spend a lot of time trying to draw these out. The difficulty lies in getting a direct goal once these free kicks are awarded. Now, to make things go a little more smoothly, you'll want to follow these directions:
    1. From the main menu, go to edit. Pick any team you like and edit their starting line so that all of the players stats are 99 except "body balance" which you want to set to 1. The easiest way to edit is to modify a single player to a the above specifications and then choose to overwrite the remaining starting line with this player by using the "base copy" option.
    2. Once you edit your "superstar" team, you want to create a staggered team of vertically challenged players. Pick any team you like (except the one you just modified) and make all of the their players as short as possible with all their stats to 1 except "body balance" which should be set to 99. Here you are modifying the entire team rather than just the starting line because when you play against them, the AI may make some substitutions. Again, you can (and should) use the "base copy" option to quickly edit the team.
    3. Play "P1 VS COM" match in Exhibition mode with your two modified teams. You want to be playing as the "superstars". You should set up the general settings so that the match is 5 minutes and set to the "Regular" difficulty. * I recommend swapping out stadiums after each match according to your need for "World Traveler".
    4. When you have possession of the ball, get to the area just outside the penalty box and start strafing by holding and moving around . This will entice the staggered team to foul you, and thereby, award you a free kick. Some people suggest that playing on a harder difficulty draws out more free kicks, but, based on my experience, this was not the case.
    5. Try your damnedest to score on the free kick. This can be a pain so just keep at it.
    6. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the trophy unlocks. Remember that the trophy won't unlock until after you complete the match. Good Luck!
    One more thing: You can not use two controllers to get this. I tried (in multiple different ways) to no avail. Sorry.
    Here is a youtube video tutorial by uros81video to help you nail those free kicks once you're awarded them

    Important Remark: You can not use two controllers, play with someone online or swap teams mid-game to get this trophy. I tried all of the above to no avail. You're going to have to do this the hard way, just like the rest of us. Sorry...
  • Awarded for scoring from 35m out or more.

    This trophy can be a pain. But it's really not that bad. I actually got it when going for the "Dead-ball Expert" trophy. You can try to go that route if you like. Alternatively, jvella7 offers the following method:
    1. From the main menu, go to edit.
    2. Pick a team that you want to play against and edit their team so that the goalie takes the corner kicks.
    3. Start a game against the modified team on "Beginner" difficulty.
    4. As soon as possible, give away a corner kick, by "passing" the ball out of play on either side of your goal. The opposing team's goalie will take the corner and be on your end of the field.
    5. Now, if you're quick enough, you can regain possession of the ball and take it down the field and make shot from 35+ meters out without a keeper guarding the net.
  • Awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League].

    See the "The Invincibles" trophy.
  • Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .

    See the "The Invincibles" trophy.

  • Awarded for winning the Master League UEFA Champions League.

    See the "The Invincibles" trophy.

  • Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.

    In going for this trophy, you will unlock all of the trophies that reference, with the possible (yet very unlikely) exception being the "World Footballer of the Year" trophy. However, if you follow the below steps, you will unlock that trophy along with a plethora of other ones.

    First, let's set up your Master League (ML). Start up a new Master League with the "Club Team Lineup" option. Choose FC Barcelona as your team under the Spanish League. Confirm the lineup of the clubs. Finally, set your general settings as follows:

    • Match Level = Beginner
    • Match Time = 5 min.
    • Negotiations = Leave to Scout
    • Classic Players = OFF
    • Player Development = OFF
    • Currency Unit = Anything you want here
    • Reset Prevention = OFF
    • Market Activity Level = Low
    Once the mode starts, advance through the various screens until you get to the ML main menu. Now, remember to save the game and make sure the auto-save option is off.

    OK, now that your ML is set up. I'll explain how to proceed through the season. On the far left of the ML menu is the "Next" option. This will advance you to the next part of the season. If you have a match, then you will have the following options "To Next Match" or "Leave To Coach". When these options arise, make sure you save before advancing.

    Now, by default you want to choose the "Leave To Coach" option. This will simulate the game. If you win the simulated game, great. If not, then exit ML without saving and reenter it, loading up your previous save state. In my experience, simulating again will yield the same results as the previous (unsuccessful) simulation. So, instead you should play the match. When playing a match, you should do the following:
    • Score at least three goals with Messi right away.
    • Gain possession of the ball and then just stand there until the half/game is over.
    • When doing the above, do not foul anyone.
    I realize this is a pretty boring way to play, but it will pretty much guarantee that you get the "Perfect 10", "The Gentleman", "Possession Play", "Hat-trick Hero", "Predatory Striker" and "World Footballer of the Year" trophies. Once all of these are unlocked, you are free to play however you like, as long as you win. You can also easily incorporate the "Come Back Win" and "Last Gasp Winner" trophies during these matches. Finally, remember to jot down or cross off which stadiums you've played at for the games that you actually play. This is important for the "World Traveler" trophy.

    Now, it's just a matter of simulating and/or playing games until the end of the season. You will unlock the remaining ML trophies along the way, except "10 Years of Service". Just remember to exit to the main menu without saving, whenever you lose or tie a game during a simulation and then reenter ML mode and actually play that game for the win. Don't forget to save your progress! Once your perfect season is over it's on to the major grind portion of the game... See the "10 Years of Service" trophy.


  • Awarded for topping the Team Ranking in Master League.

    See the "The Invincibles" trophy.

  • Awarded if a member of your team wins World Footballer of the Year in Master League.

    See the "The Invincibles" trophy.

  • An award to honour 10 years of service in Master League.

    First and foremost, you should be using the Master League (ML) setup from the "The Invincibles" trophy. Assuming that you've knocked out your first season by completing that trophy and the other ones associated to it, you will just be simulating the next nine seasons. Sadly, as you've probably already noted, you can only simulate one game at a time. As long as you set up your ML as specified in the "The Invincibles" trophy, the simulating will go fairly quickly. Just keep simulating by choosing the "Leave To Coach" option. In particular, you don't need to worry about the status of your team or players. Just keep simulating! Even if everybody on your team hates you and you have no fans, just keep simulating! Occasionally, you will want to save your progress, because god forbid something horrible happens (like a power outage) and you lose your progress, and subsequently, have to resimulate a bunch of matches. Once you simulate through your tenth season, the trophy will unlock. Thank god!
  • Awarded for your First Professional Appearance in Become a Legend.

    See the "The Journeyman" trophy.
  • Awarded for your First Appearance in the Become a Legend International Cup.

    See the "The Journeyman" trophy.

  • Awarded for being named International Cup Player of the Tournament in Become a Legend.

    See the "The Journeyman" trophy.

  • A title awarded for playing at 10 different clubs across 6 countries in Become a Legend.

    It is best to get all of the Become A Legend (BAL) trophies in one fell swoop, so to speak. That said, I suggest holding off the BAL trophies until after you've unlocked the trophies in the other game modes. This is because you will want to have some PES points to buy the BAL expansion kit that allows you to play as an existing player. Assuming you've stocked up some PES points, I recommend you unlock the aforementioned expansion kit and, if possible, you will also want to purchase the expansion kit that allows you to choose which teams you're interested in. (If you've been following this guide rigidly, you'll probably have enough points for the first expansion but not quite enough for the second.)

    Once you purchase the expansion kit(s), start up a new BAL with Messi as your player. He is located under the Spanish League and plays for FC Barcelona.

    When the season starts and the BAL main menu pops up, go to the far left and select the "To Next Match" option. The vast majority of the time, you will be choosing the "Skip to selected week." option. However, you do want to play at least one game during the regular season to unlock the "The Debutant" trophy. After you get that, continue to simulate all the way through to the end of the season. Your simulation will occasionally be interrupted by your agent. This happens whenever there is big news and this usually means you have an offer from another team.

    Keeping the "The Journeyman" trophy in mind, you want to accept trades from as diverse a pool as possible. More precisely, you need to accept contracts from 10 distinct clubs spanned over six different countries (leagues). This is cumulative over all of your BAL career. So, you can just keep simulating until you've reached the requirement.

    Now, going back to the other BAL trophies, there is a very good chance that Messi will be awarded the "World Footballer of the Year" during your first season, thereby, unlocking the "The Super Hero" trophy. Easy pickings! Continue simulating to the first week of the International Cup which occurs at the end of the fourth (2014) season. Once you get to this part, play all of the International Cup matches and make sure that your player (Messi) scores the most goals. Doing this will almost definitely make him player of the game and will also ultimately result in you unlocking the "International Cup Debut" and "International Cup MVP" trophies.

    Finally, resume simulating entire seasons, making sure you trade yourself to teams that count towards this specific trophy. For reference, I had 10 different clubs spanned over five countries by my tenth season. It took another eight seasons for me to get traded to my remaining league. So, just stick with it and you'll eventually unlock this last BAL trophy.
  • A title awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in BECOME A LEGEND.

    See the "The Journeyman" trophy.
  • Awarded for winning 75% of your last 20 Ranking Matches Online.

    Well, unlocking this trophy is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t plan on boosting this trophy, you’re in for a pretty tough ride. That said, it is very, very easy to boost this trophy. Just follow the steps below so you and your boosting partner unlock this trophy as quickly as possible.

    1. Find a boosting partner using this thread.
    2. Player 1 creates a ranked session and tells Player 2 the name of the server and room. When creating a room, make sure that the match is a ranked match.
    3. Player 2 finds Player 1's room.
    4. Start the match.
    5. Once the match starts (i.e. when the players actually take to the field), Player 2 signs out of the PSN. This will terminate the game and Player 1 will be awarded a win.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 fourteen more times so that Player 1 has a total of 15 wins.
    7. Repeat steps 2 through 5 four more times, with the players' roles reversed. That is, Player 2 should create the games and Player 1 should be the one finding the room and disconnecting after the match starts.
    8. You actually have to play the twentieth match. Let Player 2 win. After the match, Player 1 will unlock the trophy (despite losing the match) because he/she will have 15 wins out of their last 20 matches.
    9. Resume the "disconnect" boosting with Player 1 disconnecting and Player 2 getting wins. Do this nine more times so that Player 2 has built up fourteen wins.
    10. Play the thirtieth match. Let Player 2 win one more time so that he gets his fifteenth victory out of the last 20, and consequently, unlocks the trophy.

    This trophy is no longer attainable as the servers have shut down.

  • Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League.

    See the "European Champions" trophy.

  • Awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.

    Enter the UEFA Champions League game mode and win all of your matches and you will unlock this trophy and the "Made the Knockout phase" trophy. To makes things really easy, you can set the matches to 5 minutes and play on "Beginner" difficulty. If you don't really care to actively play, you can score a goal really quickly, regain possession of the ball and just let the time run out. On "Beginner" difficulty, the AI won't ever steal the ball, even if you're just standing still.

    Remember to jot down or cross off which stadiums you've played at for the games that you actually play. This is important for the "World Traveler" trophy.
  • A title awarded for winning the Copa Santander Libertadores.

    Enter the Copa Santander Libertadores game mode and win all of your matches and you will unlock this trophy. To makes things really easy, you can set the matches to 5 minutes and play on "Beginner" difficulty. If you don't really care to actively play. You can score a goal really quickly, regain possession of the ball and just let the time run out. On "Beginner" difficulty, the AI won't ever steal the ball, even if you're just standing still.

    Remember to jot down or cross off which stadiums you've played at for the games that you actually play. This is important for the "World Traveler" trophy.

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