-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (In my opinion. I will change once players start voting)
-Approximate amount of time to : 20-25 hr
-Offline: 20 (2, 10, 7, 1)
-Online: 0
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
-Number of missable trophies: 11 " The Art of Sand"," Maximum Capacity"," Undefeated"," Secret in the Sand"," Black Sand"," Time Weaver","Grappler"," Executioner" ," Throwing Master" ," Water Sword"and " Dual Wielder"
-Glitched trophies: None
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats, as far as I know.

This is the 2nd chapter of Prince of Persia where the Prince, after messing up with the sands of time, during the 1st chapter, heads to the isle of time with the intent of fixing his mistakes. As PoP: The Sand of Time and Two Throne, this game is really easy but still enjoyable, even if controls tend to be a little rusty at times (this is totally normal as this is an old game). Apart from some glitches here and there (not trophy related), this game is easily the best out of the 3 (this in my opinion). Having 11 missable Trophies may seem a bit annoying, but they are very hard to miss. This is a very easy platinum after all.

Step 1: Hard Playthrough – Normal Ending
-On this playthrough you want to get the missable trophy "Maximum Capacity" (as you'll need the life boosts anyway) and since you'll be wandering around a lot cause of it, you might as well get The Art of The Sand out of the way. Once you have all your life boosts, the water sword will appear in the middle of the Hourglass room. Do Not approach it.  If you take the water sword, you'll activate the secret final ending, which will force you to fight against the Dahaka. This boss on hard mode can literally kill you in 4 hits. Why make your life miserable for nothing when you can fight him on easy mode?  Also some (if not all) of the combat related trophies will unlock during this step.

Step 2: Easy Playthrough – Secret Ending
-On this step you want to aim for the secret ending. In order to activate the secret ending, you need to collect once again all life boosts (Artworks aren’t needed) and take the water sword once it appears in the hourglass room. During this Playthrough you want to get the remaining combat related trophies (if you have any left) and the missable trophy Undefeated.

Step 3: Normal Playthrough – Normal or Secret Ending (doesn’t matter)
-The normal playthrough trophy will probably be your last. If you missed any artwork or any combat related trophies you can collect them now. Artworks carry over with every playthrough.

Step 4: Easy - Clean Up
-This step is totally not needed but if for some reason you skipped a trophy, start a new game on easy and get it.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Cheattaro for this Road Map]

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

20 trophies ( 10  7  )

  • Obtain all other trophies

    As always, here's your final reward. Congratulations.

  • Complete the game on Easy difficulty

    Difficulty Related Trophy. Cannot be missed
    Simply as the description says. Finish the game on Easy
    Note: Difficulty Trophies DO NOT Stack

  • Complete the game on Normal difficulty

    Difficulty Related Trophy. Cannot be missed.
    Simply as the description says. Finish the game on Normal
    Note: Difficulty Trophies DO NOT Stack

  • Hero


    Complete the game on Hard difficulty

    Difficulty Related Trophy. Cannot be missed.
    Simply as the description says. Finish the game on Hard
    Note: Difficulty Trophies DO NOT Stack

  • Obtain all hidden artwork

    - Missable -

    The keyword here is "Hidden". Under the Extra menu on the main screen, there are various artwork sections. Your goal is to fill Environment and Characters sections as they are the only "hidden" ones. Artworks can be found inside chests, scattered around the whole game. Even if some are a bit out-of-the-way, their locations are obvious. See here for a text Guide (credit to LordMaceX): LINK

    Also use these video walkthroughs made by FluffyKSA:

    Please note that before the final part of the game (right after the mask part), you can still go around and gather some of the chests. Some others instead are missable, like the ones on the "crumbling" section of the game. Also note that Artworks carry over with every playthrough, so if you skip some simply check the position of the missing art in the artwork section and find its location on the guide I posted above.

    Chests are also saved into a system file the moment they get opened. If you accidentally die or forget to save, they'll still count as saved and count towards the trophy. Credit goes to jigsaw for confirming this last part

  • Use all Time Powers at least once

    - Missable - Even if the description says "All Time Powers", actually it requires you to use all sand powers buttons combinations at least once. This trophy can be achieved after you earn your 4th power.

    Sand Powers combinations are:
    Recall: Hold
    Eye of the Storm: Single tap
    Breath of Fate: Hold and then release
    Ravages of Time: Hold and single tap

  • Grab and throw 100 enemies

    - Missable - To grab an enemy, you need your off hand to be free (no secondary weapon equipped). Get close to an enemy and press once to grab it and once again to throw it. It can be farmed on a single enemy til it dies. This technique is very useful when you can't be bothered to fight, so simply grab them and throw them off a cliff. In this game enemies have infinite spawn, you just need to exit an area and re-enter it and the enemies will reappear.

  • Decapitate 150 enemies

    - Missable - Decapitations can occur in several ways. Using the combo with some secondary weapons, decapitates an enemy; throwing a weapon () to a weakened enemy (you can see when an enemy is weakened when they have sand flowing out of them) will also decapitate it. A certain way to decapitate an enemy is to grab them ( with no sub weapon equipped) and to repeatedly tap . In this game enemies have infinite spawn, you just need to exit an area and re-enter it and the enemies will reappear.

  • Get all life upgrades

    - Missable -

    There are 9 life upgrades hidden around the game. When you collect them all your life bar will be doubled and the Water Sword will appear. Below I've posted a video with the locations shown.


    - The 2nd life upgrade shown on the video can be collected before the 1st one and I advise you to do so. In this way you'll avoid some useless backtracking.

    - I recommend that you strictly follow the order in which those upgrades are collected (besides the 1st and 2nd upgrade switch), as very nasty glitches might occur if you miss one and backtrack to get it during another section of the game. Some of those glitches are simply annoying, some others are VERY annoying and in the end some of them can completely force you to exit the game and reload an old save (if you have one out of the glitched section that is, if not you'll have to start from scratch). Some annoying glitches might respawn some bosses forcing you to face them again or will repeat an event as it never happened thus make you repeat that section of the story. Once again to avoid these glitches you can simply follow the order shown on the video. You have been warned.

  • Kill 100 enemies using a dual wield weapon technique

    - Missable - Dual Techniques are shown under the "combo list" section found on the pause menu (press to bring up pause menu). If you somehow missed this trophy during your first playthrough, you can easily kill any enemy simply using combo. Obviously you need to have 2 weapons equipped. In this game enemies have infinite spawn, you just need to exit an area and re-enter it and the enemies will reappear.

  • Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

    - Missable - Simply as the description says, avoid dying during the game. More precisely, you can die and use the Recall power to get back to life. If for some reason you can't use your sand powers, simply exit from the continue screen and load an old save. The only way to lock this trophy is to continue from the continue screen. Save often and attempt this trophy during an easy playthrough.

  • Play the game for 10 hours

    Simply do as it says. Play the game for 10 hours (or leave it running).

  • Throw weapon at enemies 50 times

    - Missable - Weapons can be found on dead enemy corpses and on Weapon racks. To throw a weapon point your character towards the enemy and press . Your weapon has to hit the enemy for it to count towards the trophy. This technique is pretty useful against certain shadow enemies, as throwing a weapon at them will kill them instantly.


Secret trophies

  • Obtain the Secret Ending

    - Missable - This trophy will unlock at the same time of Black Sand.
    Read Black Sand for more information

  • Reach the Island of Time

    Story Related Trophy. Cannot be missed.
    This is your very first trophy. It will unlock as soon as the ship sequence is over.

  • Obtain the Water Sword

    - Missable - After collecting all the life upgrades, this sword will appear in the middle of the hourglass room. If you approach it, the prince will automatically pick it up forcing your playthrough on the Secret Ending path.
    Read Maximum Capacity for more information about Life Upgrades

  • Defeat the Giant Golem

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    During this game you'll fight a lot of common golems but, towards the middle of the story, you'll face a "High Quality" one. While the "normal" ones can be skipped, this one will be a boss fight. The tactic is the same, attack on its legs from behind till he falls on its knees, press to jump on its back and start slashing away with . The golem will try to grab you, use to dodge left or right. Repeat this till the prince finishes it. If you can't be bothered with all this, simply climb its back and activate slow motion power (Single tap) and hit it mercilessly. The trophy will unlock after the golem is defeated.

  • Defeat the Griffin

    Story Related Trophy. Cannot be missed.

    This is a very easy fight as during this part of the game your sand tanks will refill on their own. Wait for the Griffin to land and then activate the slow motion power (single tap). Attack it from on its sides and dodge away ( plus left or right) from its tail and frontal claw attacks. After a while the Griffin will take off and will charge you. Once again, dodge its attacks and wait for it to land again. Repeat till it dies. The trophy will pop soon after the Griffin is defeated

  • Defeat the Empress - Normal Ending

    Story Related.  Cannot be missed.  This fight isn't as easy as the others, but it is still totally doable. The Empress has only 2 combos and will keep spamming them till the end of the fight. I suggest that you avoid her hits instead of parrying them, since she will often end her combos with a low hit attack, which will completely ignore your defense stance and make you vulnerable to her next strike. Simply stay a little away from her as she attacks, wait for the end of the combo and then strike back with a short combo such as if you have an off hand weapon, or, if you don't. After her life bar goes down a bit, a little scene will be start. At the end of it she'll be immune to your attacks and will start attacking you with sand tornado. Simply keep dodging ( plus ) til the end of this short sequence where she'll start attacking you normally as before. Repeat this tactic til The Empress dies. The trophy will pop right after the boss fight.

  • Defeat the Dahaka - Secret Ending

    - Missable -

    After collecting all the life upgrades, the water sword will appear in the middle of the hourglass room. Approach it and the Prince will automatically pick it up. Once you have it, your playthrough will enter the Secret Ending Path. Instead of Fighting the Empress, you'll be facing the Dahaka. He uses various attacks: Single frontal punches, Charged frontal punches which will push you away, Horizontal Tentacle hit which is a very fast and powerful attack and when you are out of his range, he'll attack you using his dark tentacles from the ground. An easy way to deal with this fierce enemy is to activate revenges of time power (hold and single tap ) and start attacking him till a scene occurs. After this scene, the Dahaka will be hanging from the edge, activate revenges of time power again and kill him as fast possible. If done correctly the boss will die during the first phase of the combat. If you were too slow instead, it'll jump back on the arena, gain back half of its life and will change its attacks pattern starting to jump around trying to stomp you and attacking only with its horizontal tentacle move. The trophy will pop along with Secret in the Sand once the battle is over.

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