-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (In my opinion. I will change once players will start voting)
-Approximate amount of time to : 15-20 hr
-Offline: 18 (1, 8, 8, 1)
-Online: 0
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
-Number of missable trophies: 9 " Healthy"," Sand Snake"," Time Adept"," Sand Might"," Sealed Portals"," Dark Warrior","Dual Wielder"," Silent Prince" and " Berserker"
-Glitched trophies: None - Sand Snake can be tricky, though.
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? Read below


Back from the isle of time, our prince has to fight once more against sand creatures, rescue his "love" from a bad guy and save the world again. This is an easy but great game (who doesn't like PoP). Trophies are pretty much straight forward and missable ones are really hard to miss. Downsides are difficulties trophies don't stack and very little farming is involved.

Cheats: Cheats will be unlocked once you finish your 1st playthrough and the game itself will reveal them. There are 2 kind of cheats: Weapons and Sand Tanks refill. Weapons cheats shouldn't block trophies. I suggest that you avoid using sand tank filling cheat as it might block trophies.


Step 1: Hard Playthrough
-On this playthrough you want to get the missable trophy "Healthy" out of the way (you'll need the life boosts anyway). Don't bother trying to get "Sand Snake", you'll have to play on normal and easy anyway so there is no need to make your life miserable for nothing. Get "Silent Prince" too; killing enemies with stealth kills will make things easier. Make sure to save at the end of the game and keep the save file for the 3rd step. Thanks to Clintan for reminding me about the save file

Step 2: Normal and Easy playthroughs
-On this step you want to try and get "Sand Snake": be aware it might be a little glitchy: You can rewind time to save yourself from dying but if you do it once the prince has already died, it will still count. If you don't have any more sand left, simply pause and quit the game before you die. In this playthrough you want to get all Sand Gate related trophies. You can also get "Dual Wielder", use any combination of to kill enemies - please note that towards last part of the game you'll be given a sword that can kill any enemy with a single swing and that sword is a secondary weapon.

Step 3: Sand Credits Farm
-This step is required for the "Sand Collector" trophy and it should be done on the hard save file. Without spoiling anything, once you finish the game you'll be asked if you want to save, do so and once back on the main menu reload and play the last part of the game. This will add 700 credits per run; keep doing it till you hit 10,000 credits.

Step 4: Clean Up
-There is really no need for this step, but if you missed any of the missable trophies.. go back and get them :P

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Cheattaro for this Roadmap]

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Trophy Guide

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18 trophies ( 4  )

  • Obtain all other trophies

    As always, here's your final reward. Congratulations >^.^<

  • Complete the game on Easy

    Simply do as it says, complete the game on Easy difficulty. The trophy will unlock right after the last section of the game.

    Note: Difficulty trophies don't stack.

    See Shadow Warrior for a speed run guide.

  • Complete the game on Normal

    Simply do as it says, complete the game on Normal difficulty. The trophy will unlock right after the last section of the game.

    Note: Difficulty trophies don't stack.

    See Shadow Warrior for a speed run guide.

  • Complete the game on Hard

    Simply do as it says, complete the game on Hard difficulty. The trophy will unlock right after the last section of the game.

    Note: Difficulty trophies don't stack.

    Speed run guide: LINK (credit to PureRuby for this guide)

  • Kill 50 enemies with a Speed Kill

    - Missable - Speed Kills occur when you get close to a clueless enemy from behind. Your screen will flash and pressing will start a small Quick Time Button sequence. When it ends the enemy will be dead. In this game there are more Speed Kills opportunities than normal fights, so be patient and wait for an enemy to turn its back to you and dig its own grave.

  • Complete the horse cart sequences

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    There are 2 cart sequences, they are both very easy. During them you'll be attacked by enemies on carts and on foot. Push enemy carts against walls to make them crash. Enemies on foot will jump on your cart. Simply stab them with to get rid of them. The trophy will unlock soon after the second cart sequence.

  • Obtain all 6 Sand Tanks

    - Missable - See "Sealed Portals" for more details.

  • Seal all the Sand Portals

    - Missable - As you proceed through the story you'll see these portals surrounded by enemies. You can seal it in 2 ways: the stealth way and the brute force way. Every portal has guardians around it so you won't be able to close it till all guardians are dead. As stated above, you can deal with them with stealth kills or brute force: guardians positions are specially placed for you to be able to kill them all without starting a single fight. This will let you close the gate faster and with little effort. You can always soothe your blood thirst by fighting till the very last guardian but you'll have to fight more than what you see, because the main gate guardian will call for reinforcements, which will spawn one after another from the gate itself. Note: These portals can be skipped but it's really hard to do as you would need to totally ignore all the guards chasing you or even clean the portal and ignore it afterwards.

    This trophy is related to Sand Might and Time Adept. As you close the gates you'll earn both Sand Tanks and Sand Powers. This trophy will unlock right after you sealed the last gate along with Sand Might.

    See this video for a full location guide:

    Credit to PureRuby for this video.

  • Get all life upgrades

    - Missable - As in every PoP game, there are life upgrades. Strangely enough in this game there are only 6 in total. These fountains are hidden at the end of hidden paths. Drinking from those fountains will start a very easy challenge that requires you to avoid some traps and reach the end. Once out, you'll get rewarded with a little additional life segment. The trophy will pop once you get the last segment.

    Here's a video that will help:

    Credit to PureRuby for this video.

  • Obtain all Sand Powers

    - Missable - See "Sealed Portals" for more details.

  • Kill 100 enemies using a secondary weapon

    - Missable - Secondary weapons can be found on enemy corpses or on weapon racks.

    Kill the enemy with your secondary weapon using combos. For some reason, X3 on this game deals very little damage. A very effective way that will kill enemies in 1-3 hits is to climb a nearby wall using and pressing , doing so the prince will leap down striking with his secondary weapon. Also notice that towards the end of the game you'll get a sword that kills every enemy with a single swing and you'll still get to fight plenty of enemies before the game actually ends.

  • Kill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince

    - Missable - Simply do as it says, kill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince. Once again don't use X3 or X3. A very good area attack is .

  • Collect 10 000 Sand Credits

    This is the very last trophy you'll get (along with the platinum). You should start farming credits once you finish your last playthrough as they accumulate during all your playtime. Sand credits are found inside objects, inside little golden chests scattered around and once you kill enemies and bosses.

    Here's a more effective way:

    After beating the Vizier, there will be a section called "Mind Realm" where you have to complete one last climbing part. Once this ends the game will ask if you want to save. Do so and once back on the main menu, reload your save and complete this last section again. Every time you do, you'll be awarded with 700 credits on hard. Repeat as many times as needed.

  • Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

    - Missable - This trophy can be a little tricky, as your character "must" not die. More precisely, you can rewind the time to get back some health during a fight but if your health bar empties then it will count as a death. Falling from high places and rewinding time once your bar is starting to go down counts as a death. Randomly hearing your character screaming in pain as if he was dying, even if your life bar is full... also counts as a death (yes that might happen too, at least it did twice for me).

    Some people have been having problems with this trophy, so let me be more clear: You can't die, you have to avoid making the game know that you died. Press and exit before dying and if you see the continue screen, your playthrough is compromised and you have to start all over. You "simply" can't die in any way or form. Save often and reload when you are not sure. Attempt this trophy during normal or easy playthroughs.


Secret trophies

  • Kill the Giant

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Once you reach The Arena, you'll have to fight this Giant creature. At the beginning of the fight you won't be able to hit it directly, you'll need to blind it first. To do so you'll have to complete 2 small climbing sections around the arena. Once on top, your screen will flash, press to start a small Quick Time Button sequence. Once both sequences are completed, it will be blind and you'll finally be able to hit its legs. When its life bar is almost empty, it'll stand on a single leg. Quickly slash the other leg to prompt the final Quick Time Button sequence. The trophy will unlock soon after the boss is defeated.

  • Kill the two Bosses

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Right after the second cart sequence (read above), you'll have to fight 2 bosses at once. As soon as the fight starts, focus on the one wielding a great sword. He'll parry your hits but this will make the second boss start a slow motion attack sequence. Simply dodge left or right to avoid his attack. His weapon will get stuck on the ground allowing you to hit him while in that state. As you do, watch out for the other boss as he'll still be free to attack you. Once his life bar hits the middle, your screen will flash, allowing you to start a Quick Time Button sequence that will halve the other boss's life bar, making them equal. Now repeat this tactic once more till another Quick Time Button sequence is prompted which will end the fight. The trophy will unlock soon after the boss fight.

  • Kill the Vizier

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Kill the Vizier... again... This is your final boss battle. Strangely, this fight is pretty easy compared to others. Start by hitting the Vizier with both your main and off-hand weapon using small combos like . After 2-3 combos he'll take off and throw debris at you, simply dodge them, wait for him to land and repeat this tactic till the 2nd part of the fight occurs. In this part you'll have debris on the ground moving in concentric circles at different speeds. The Vizier will stand close to a column waiting for you. Reach the column avoiding the debris, use to climb it and your screen will flash. Start the Quick time sequence and you'll further lower his life bar. You'll have to repeat this process 2 more times. This time the Vizier will be quicker and will switch columns after a small amount of time. Use the slow motion power to make things easier (single tap ). Once this part of the fight is over you'll start the 3rd and last part which is merely a climbing section. The Vizier will throw a projectile at you from time to time but it barely scratches your life bar. Once on top, start and complete your last Quick Time Button sequence to end the battle. The trophy will unlock right after the fight.

  • Destroy 200 objects

    - Missable - Destroy objects by hitting them with your dagger or your off-hand weapon. This will also earn you some sand credits and replenish your health as the Dark Prince.

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