+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3.5/10
+ Offline: 26 10 , 4 , 1
+ Online: None
+ Approximate Time To Platinum: 7-10 Hours
+ Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: One Story Playthrough & A Few Playthroughs Of The Challenge Arenas
+ Missable Trophies: Power Boost, Got Walkthrough?, Stay Dry, Untouchable, Invincible
+ Glitched Trophies: None


Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is an action adventure game all rolled into one. This latest one in the series goes back 7 years and actually takes place between the Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time game & Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within. Because this one has gone back it has so to speak ‘returned to its roots’, but this game offers a lot more than that. Along with the exciting wall runs, daring jumps and of course the ability to rewind time, the prince gains new powers to play around with throughout the course of the game.

The story is pretty simple and once again revolves around a sand army and a couple of bad ass bosses. The prince travels to his brother Malik’s kingdom to find that it is being overrun by an army. In an attempt to stop this army his brother releases the sands of time. (That is all of the story you are getting from me )

The trophies related to this game are very simple. There is a nice variety of trophies to attempt though, such things as killing enemies, performing moves on enemies, performing stunts, collecting items, upgrading the princes abilities & of course trophies for completing the story. The platinum should take you no longer than 10 hours, but that is no reason to ignore the game if you are looking for something more worthy of your money. It is very enjoyable, entertaining & if you are a fan of the series then this is a must buy.

Step 1: Starting The Game

Let’s get the most stupid trophy out of the way here why don’t we. There is one trophy related to the difficulty you choose. This trophy requires you to start the game on the hardest setting which is ‘normal’ & lower the difficulty down to ‘easy’. So just start the game and access the difficulty menu by pressing , change the difficulty and this trophy will pop.

I now recommend you restart the game to play on the normal difficulty. This is because the easy difficulty presents no challenge and therefore you wouldn’t enjoy the game as much.

Please see the ‘Our Little Secret’ trophy below for more information.

Step 2: Completing The Game & Missable Trophies

Fairly obvious step here, complete the game. Remember difficulty doesn’t matter, so play on whichever one you prefer. If you are on normal and it is too hard for you then don’t hesitate to lower the difficulty to easy.

I recommend you go for the platinum in one playthrough because it is very easy to do. Therefore please recognise that there are 5 trophies that can be missed throughout the course of the game, they are:

Power Boost – Collectible Based
Got Walkthrough? – Collectible Based
Stay Dry – Stunt Based
Untouchable – Boss Battle Based
Invincible – Boss Battle Based

Just check my trophy guide below to find each of the trophies, the descriptions should explain everything you need to know - where the trophies can be obtained through the story, how to get them & also a guide for the collectible based ones.

Step 3: Collectibles

These trophies deserve a step to themselves, just because these can be very annoying to find all by yourself. There are 21 sarcophagi that can be found in the game, please check the guide for more information on the two trophies ‘Power Boost’ & ‘Got Walkthrough?’.

Please note that if you miss just one then you will have to restart the story again to go back and collect that one you missed. Any previous ones collected won’t need to be found again.

Step 4: Enemy Tides Challenge / Time Limit Challenge / Gaining XP For Upgrades

Once you have completed the main game you will unlock the ‘Enemy Tides Challenge’ which can be accessed from the main menu. This contains 8 waves of enemies which you are required to try and beat as quickly as you can.

Alternatively you can go to extras in the main menu & log into a thing called ‘Uplay’. This allows you to buy content using points you have earned through this game and other games, Assassins Creed 2 for example.

From the Uplay menu, go left to ‘Win’ & down to ‘Rewards’. From there you can unlock another challenge arena, this one is a time trial one. I recommend you use this one for grinding that last little bit of XP needed to upgrade your abilities. There are much more enemies to be killed in this arena than the normal one. Because there are more enemies there will be more xp available & this will cut down on the amount of grinding you have to do.

See the ‘Completist’ trophy in my guide below for a lot more information on upgrades.

Please note that any stunt trophies/kill trophies can be obtained whilst playing through these challenge modes.

Step 5: Replaying (May Not Be Needed)

This step refers to playing through the game again if needed, hopefully you would of went for the platinum on your first playthrough so just ignore this step if you did. This will only need to be followed if you missed any of the 5 missable trophies. See ‘Step 2’ above for information on the missable trophies and see them individually below in my guide.

[PST Would Like to Thank Rockets88 for this Road Map]

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Trophy Guide

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41 trophies ( 10  26  5  )

  • Unlock all other trophies.

    Simply collect all of the other trophies in the game to earn this platinum trophy.

  • Reach the thick of the battle.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    To be honest when you get this trophy you’re not exactly in the thick of the battle. Anyway, after you complete your first big lot of wall running, beam walking & banner descending you will fall to the bottom of a room. You will notice this room because it has a big circular wooden platform on the floor, you will hear the prince say ‘This reminds me of Azad’, you should then get the trophy.

    Just a slight warning, a small door will open in this room and 5 enemies will come through, kill them however you wish.

  • Catch up to Malik.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Progress some more through the story, every now and then you will get a small cut-scene that shows the Prince’s brother ‘Malik’. Eventually you will come into a section that is high up on some wooden beams, Malik & 3 of his guards will be below. Another cut-scene will play where you get to see Malik’s face for the first time & this is when you will get the trophy.

  • Release Solomon's Army.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    After you have obtained the previous trophy (A Warm Welcome) you will be told to open the big gates for Malik. As necessary cross the beams and press the 3 switches, once this is done watch another cut-scene. After that has finished you need to make your way down to your brother, cross the beams and make the necessary jumps to get there. You will land in a big room full of treasure where Malik will greet you, watch the cut-scene where you see the sand army being released, after this is when you will get the trophy.

  • Close the fortress gates.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Once more continue through the story mode pass all of the big contraptions with wheels, platforms, beams etc. Eventually you will come to a room with 3 levers and a puzzle up on the wall in front, you need to solve this puzzle to close the fortress gates. Your objective here is to move the small wheel to the left hand side and match it up next to the other cog. Do this by turning each of the 3 levers separately, below is a bit of information on the levers.


    Far Left Lever – This only moves the small wheel on the puzzle
    The Middle Lever – This moves the left & middle bar on the puzzle
    The Far Right Lever – This only moves the middle bar and far right bar on the puzzle.

    The wheel can only move along the straight edges of the bars. If the wheel happens to get caught in the corner of a bar then the bars will be stuck until you remove it.

    Once you have solved the puzzle a cut-scene will play where you will talk to Malik, this is when you will earn your trophy.

  • Defeat Ratash.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    About halfway through the game and part of the way through the ‘Throne Room’ level you will enter an open area. A cut-scene will play & during this cut-scene you will see Malik fighting Ratash. Just complete the fight & you will earn the trophy.

  • Reach the final fight.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This is basically the last part in the game. You will come to a short level section called ‘The Tower’, your objective is to keep climbing up & up to reach the top of this tower. So basically do what you have been doing all along, traverse the gaps, jumps and other traps that stand in your way.

    Once you reach the top a cut-scene will begin & you will get the trophy. This will be the last boss in the game so make sure you read the ‘Invincible’ trophy before starting the fight!

  • Complete the Enemy Tides Challenge.

    The enemy tides challenge can be found in the main menu & it is unlocked after you complete the main game. The enemy tides challenge is basically a survival challenge where there will be 8 waves of enemies all of different strengths. All you have to do for this trophy is survive the 8 waves by defeating all of the enemies. For more information read below to see what enemies each wave brings:

    Wave 1 – Here will be mostly sand enemies along with a few that are shielded. There will be a second lot that spawns after you defeat the first load of, these will be the same enemies again.

    Wave 2 – You will start this wave with a lot of flying bugs attacking you, defeat these and some sand enemies will spawn.

    Wave 3 – This wave purely contains flying bugs.

    Wave 4 – This is an easy wave but the toughest one so far. You will have 2 sets of enemies to defeat, the first set will have some sand enemies and a big brute (not sure what these enemies are called). The second set of enemies will have another brute & the sand enemies will change to the shielded ones.

    Wave 5 – This wave contains two sets of enemies again. The first that spawns will contain normal sand enemies along with an armoured brute. The second lot to spawn contains another armoured brute and some new enemies you haven’t had so far. They are slightly harder than the normal sand ones but carry no shield so they are still easy to kill.

    Wave 6 – Some normal sand enemies will stand in your way here along with the upgraded but unshielded ones.

    Wave 7 – You will face the tougher unshielded enemies here along with some flying bugs.

    Wave 8 – The final wave!! This will contain the tougher unshielded enemies once more along with a Titan.

    Please see below for a few tips on what’s best when fighting what enemies and any other useful info.

    Enemy Tips:

    Sand Enemies – One or two power attack moves on these enemies will cause them to die very quickly.

    Tougher Unshielded Enemies – A couple of normal attacks along with the power attack will take these out easily.

    Shielded Enemies – Use once to kick these away and open them up to a normal sword attack. Press twice to kick them to the floor & from then on kill them with the finishing lunge by pressing .

    Flying Bugs – Any sword move works easily here, I would preferably use the power attack to kill atleast 6 or more in one swing.

    Brutes – Simply hit these with any sword attack. Try luring them into a wall to make them dazed for a little while which will allow you to get a few easy attacks off.

    Armoured Brutes – The only way to damage these is with the power attack. You can once again lure these into a wall to daze them for a short amount of time.

    Titan – Simply use any sword attack. Get the titan's health down until it falls onto one knee & then do an aerial slash attack to finish it off.

    Other Info:

    – It’s not increasingly difficult like it says it will be, so just take your time & try to save health where possible.

    – You CAN'T reverse time when in this mode. So again try to save health where possible, don’t rush and don’t be afraid to use your block. Also try to roll a lot, if an enemy is about to attack you but you roll into it then this will stop the attack and you won’t lose any health.

    – Power Sword makes this mode very easy (more than it is already). Just charge your attack and let rip, rinse & repeat. This attack makes light work of normal sand enemies and the flying bugs.

    – When fighting with the brutes or the titan try to let them do the work for you. When they attack you they don’t care for any other enemies, therefore they will kill whatever gets in their way. Use this to your advantage and always try to put some enemies between you and them.

    – Press to use the armour power. By using this your attacks seem to do more damage whilst you take none. This basically means you are invincible for a short amount of time, so try using this on the bigger enemies.

    – Search the surrounding area for a lot of vases to smash. They contain health spheres which will replenish a small amount of health & is very useful when you’re running low.

  • Find and break a sarcophagus.


    Please see the ‘Anger Management’ trophy & the ‘Got Walkthrough’ trophy below for alot more information.

  • Find and break every sarcophagus.


    There are 21 sarcophagi scattered throughout the game and are hidden well so will take a while to find but see this video if you get stuck (credit to PhDF1 for this):

    Remember: Look for a blue shine and blue particles in the air which will signal that a sarcophagus is nearby. To break a sarcophagus simply keep hold of & let go.

    NOTE: If you do happen to miss at least one sarcophagus then you will have to start the game again from the beginning. But you won't need to collect every sarcophagus again, just the one(s) you missed.

  • Purchase every item in the upgrade menu.

    This is more of a follow on from the ‘Elemental Control’ trophy, but this time you will need to upgrade all of your powers and any other abilities in the upgrade menu. You won’t get this through playing the main story so you will need to do something extra. After the main story is complete go to the main menu and go down to ‘Enemy Tides Challenge’, this is a challenge where you need to battle 8 waves of enemies, please see the ‘Prince Of Tides’ trophy above for a lot more information.

    I have listed below all of the abilities that can be purchased. I have listed them from left to right as they are shown in the upgrade Menu:

    Aerial Boost – Increases Damage On Slash Attacks
    Battle Fury – This Maximises Your Sword Damage - This helps alot as you get more into the game. The enemies will be tougher and have a bit more health. This helps on all of the boss battles, especially the ones with the two missable trophies.
    Battle Rage – This Increases Damage From Basic Sword Attacks - See 'Battle Fury'
    Trail Of Flame – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades
    Stone Armour – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades - Helps greatly throughout the game and with the two missable boss trophies
    Health Increases – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades - As the game goes on the enemies will get tougher and deal more damage. Upgrade this to give you a chance at surviving much longer
    Double Energy – Enemies And Vases Give Double Energy Spheres
    Double Health – You Will Get Health Spheres Twice As Often
    Flow Upgrade – This Increases The Time You Can Freeze Water - If you want to have more chance of getting the 'Stay Dry' trophy then upgrade this.
    Time Power – This Increase The Amount Of Time You Can Rewind
    Energy Slots – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades - This is mostly needed to help use powers more often. Upgrade this to defeat enemies by using your powers, especially useful when going for the two missable boss trophies.
    Whirlwind – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades
    Ice Blast – This Has 4 Levels Of Upgrades
    Flight Boost – When You Use The Flight Boost, A Blast Of Energy Will Damage Nearby Enemies
    Heavy Kick – When You Kick An Enemy Down, They Will Stay Down For Longer
    Power Attack Upgrade – This Increases Damage To Your Power Atacks


    If you go to extras in the main menu you can log into a thing called ‘Uplay’. This allows you to buy content using points you have earned through this game and other games, Assassins Creed 2 for example.

    Fro the Uplay menu, go left to ‘Win’ & down to ‘Rewards’. From there I recommend you buy two things that will help towards this trophy, they are:

    Experience Points Boost – If you buy this then you will get a big boost in xp. You can then use this xp to unlock more upgrades. I managed to buy two more upgrades from doing this, so it cut down on the amount of times I played in the challenge arena.

    New Challenge Arena – This is another challenge arena and in my opinion it is much better for gaining xp than the other one. This one is a Time Trial, you have 6 minutes 30 seconds to kill 250 enemies. Because there are more enemies there is more xp to be had!

  • Break 100 vases and sarcophagi.

    Vases are scattered throughout the whole game, there are way more than 100 so you can miss a ton and still get the trophy. To break a vase simply hit it with your sword by pressing .

    Sarcophagi are a lot rarer than vases, there are only 21 in the whole game & are mostly hidden. To break a sarcophagus you need to do a power attack on it, simply HOLD until the sword shines yellow and then let go. To know if you are near a sarcophagus just look for a blue shine as well as blue particles in the air. See the ‘Got Walkthrough?’ trophy below for more information.

    NOTE: You can break 100 vases and no sarcophagi and still get the trophy, or you can hit 90 vases and 10 sarcophagi etc. I would also recommend you keep smashing both even after you have gotten the trophy, this is because they both contain health & energy spheres. However, the sarcophagi also contain alot of yellow spheres which help towards xp.

  • Kill 50 enemies in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time.

    This trophy isn’t as hard as it may sound. The best way to go about it is to find a big room with a decent amount of enemies, then just take your time and swing away. I recommend a place called ‘The Baths’ which can be found later on in the story.

    Just try and use the power attack ALL the time. Just hold and when a set of enemies approach you let go, then move back a bit more and repeat. If it looks like you are about to be hit then just roll towards the enemy attacking you, this will put it off and stop the attack meaning you won’t lose health. Just remember you CAN’T use the following things:

    Stone Armour – ()
    Flame Trail – ()
    Whirlwind On – ()
    Ice Blast – ()
    Power Of Time – ()

  • Kill 500 enemies with the sword.

    Basically just do exactly what it says & kill people with your sword. All types of sword attacks count towards this trophy, so things like:

    – Aerial Slash Attacks
    – Finishing Lunges
    – Power Attacks
    – Normal Sword Hits
    – I also think the kills count if you are using a power, such as the Flame Trail for example.

    This will most certainly come from playing through the game as there are a lot of enemies. If you want to farm this, then there is one great spot. During the game you will come to a place called ‘The Baths’, there are tons of enemies here along with some ‘fire enemies’. These fire enemies will keep spawning more enemies as long as they don’t die, so try to ignore them and keep killing the rest that are in the room.

  • Jump on enemies 30 times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time.

    Right near the beginning of the game (after about 5-10 minutes of play) you will come to land on a walkway, a cut-scene will play where it shows a tower being moved towards the walkway. As the tower hits it will break open revealing alot of enemies. Now here is where I went for this trophy, it is best to try this with a lot of enemies nearby because when you jump in a direction there is almost always an enemy to land on. If there is only a short amount of enemies then you will be more likely to jump onto the floor which will break the chain.

    To start jumping simply run up to an enemy and press to jump on its shoulders, now push the left analogue stick in the direction of another enemy and tap again. You should hop to that enemy and land on its shoulders, keep doing this until you see the trophy pop up. Remember you can’t press to reverse time if you do happen to fall!

    Another great place to get this trophy is in ‘The Baths’. Watch the video below for more help:

  • Knock down 5 enemies with one kick.

    To kick an enemy you need to press . For this trophy you need to kick an enemy into a bunch to hopefully knock down 5 at once. I recommend you press it when running towards an enemy because if you are too close it will shove that enemy instead. This is a very simple trophy to get so long as you have a good place with a lot of enemies bunched up together. A great place to try for it is in ‘The Baths’ later on in the game.

  • Wall run for a total of 1/2 mile (805 meters).

    To perform a wall run you need to press when running next to a wall. This is used to cross short gaps in the floor or to reach poles/beams etc. This will definitely come through playing the game normally, I would go as far as saying it’s pretty much unmissable.

    NOTE: I think running upwards to catch ledges and other things also count towards this, although I’m not sure on that.

  • Move on solidified water for 1 minute without using the Power of Time.


    To attempt this trophy you will need to have the Power of Flow ability & in fact it can also be gotten straight after. When you are back in the castle head left and you will see water flowing out of the walls.

    Freeze this water by pressing & holding , now run and jump to the newly formed pole to start swinging. You need to jump to the next pole by pressing , but whilst you are in mid-air you need to quickly release to re-fill the flow metre by a small amount. Then as you approach the other flowing water quickly press to freeze it again and catch the pole. Simply keep swinging and turn around to face the other pole, then repeat the process above until the trophy pops up.

    It is quite hard to explain this trophy in words so just follow the video below to see an example of how its done.

  • Defeat Ratash in the Throne Room without taking any damage.


    When you enter the throne room later on in the game a cutscene will begin. This is where you will have your first fight against Ratash, please follow below to see how to complete the fight whilst taking no damage.

    After the cutscene turn around and climb up the protruding blocks onto the ledge above. Move left and a gap will appear, use the water freeze power and swing on the new water pole onto the next ledge. Run straight ahead and climb up some more blocks, wall run to the right to climb up onto your final ledge. Run forward and jump onto the pole, swing forward to land on the slope and slide down to where Ratash is.

    This is important!! Ratash will jump away to a balcony, there will be an auto save here so if you have taken any damage it will be saved and you will have to restart the game from the beginning.

    You need to manoeuvre up the columns in the middle of the room by using the water freeze power. When you get to the top slide down the small ramp & jump towards Ratash, he will jump back to the floor and you will start the last part of this battle.

    You will be back on the floor now, but this time a lot more sand enemies will be fighting against you. Keep rolling around attacking Ratash’s legs whilst trying to avoid hits from the other enemies. When all his life is down he will be defeated and you will get your trophy.

    Remember you can’t take any damage in this fight, see below for tips on how to make sure you don’t.


    • Try to keep rolling between Ratash’s legs as he swings his sword at you. This will cause him to miss you and you will then be behind him which will allow you a few more seconds to attack him.

    • Try not to use you power attack too much. Even though it can do a little more damage than a normal attack it slows you down whilst you hold , this leaves you vulnerable to being hit a lot more.

    • Use the ‘Stone Armour’ power. This power encases you in stone and stops enemies damaging your health. It also seems to make your attacks more powerful & cause more damage. I recommend you try to upgrade this power to level 4 as soon as possible, the power will last for a little bit longer & will be more a bit powerful.

    Please watch the video below for more help:

  • Finish off 10 enemies in a row using only the Aerial Slash.

    This trophy requires you to kill 10 enemies of any type in a row by using just the aerial slash move. Please refer to the ‘Air Time’ trophy below for a lot more information.

  • Finish the final battle against Ratash without taking any damage.


    Before attempting this trophy make sure you have upgraded the ‘Stone Armour’ ability to level 4 aswell as upgrading the energy slots to level 4.

    Your objective is to hit the yellow medallion on his chest to get his life down. The fight is pretty easy & with the stone power ability activated it means you won’t lose health if you get hit, therefore I recommend you it straight away as soon as the fight starts. Follow some tips below to see how to evade being hit further:

    – When he swings his arm from left to right move to the back of the platform or roll on the floor. I believe there is a gap under his arm so rolling evades this.

    He will punch the ground at a number of points through the fight. Whichever arm he raises he will slam down leaving the medallion open on the opposite side. So if he slams his right arm head to the left side to attack the medallion and vice versa.

    At certain points he will strike lightning down at where you're standing, simply roll away or just keep running to avoid being hit.

    There will also be enemies that spawn throughout, simply attack them as normal making sure you have the stone power ability activated.

    Once his life gets near to the end another section will begin. Simply complete this part to end the battle and earn this trophy.

  • Use the finishing lunge 20 times.

    The finishing lunge is a powerful stab that finishes an enemy off when it is on its last health. There are a few ways to make sure you initiate the finishing lunge, these are:

    – Keep attacking an enemy until its back is against a wall, the prince will then stab it to finish it off.
    – Keep attacking an enemy pushing it back towards a ledge. The prince will then stab the enemy and kick it off of the ledge.
    – Kick an enemy to the floor by pressing and then press to make the prince jump towards the downed enemy and stab it. (This is probably the easiest way)

    TIPS: There are a few enemies that this works wonders on because they can be a little tricky to kill otherwise. Firstly it’s the shielded enemies as these cannot be harmed by your normal sword; press to kick them away & again to kick them to the floor, then finish them off with the lunge. Secondly it’s the fire enemies; whenever you get close to these they can attack you very easily. I found it easier to roll towards them and kick them as soon as you get up, then just attack as normal to finish them off with a stab to the chest.

  • Perform 20 Aerial Slash attacks.

    This trophy can be confusing because there are two aerial slash attack moves yet only one seems to work for the trophy.

    The one you need to do involves you jumping onto an enemy's shoulders by pressing , then you can press to perform the attack. Normal sand enemies are the best targets for this attack because they have less health. If you are going to try this on the bigger enemies then you will need to hit them a few times first before this move will kill them.

    Simply do nothing but this attack until the trophy pops up, this reduces this risk of you killing an enemy by doing something different and therefore breaking the chain.

    NOTE: You cannot do this move on the enemies that carry shields. This does work on the big Titans however, see the ‘David And Goliath’ trophy for more information.

  • Finish 5 titans with the Aerial Slash.

    These are first encountered in the ‘Ruins Of Rekem’ section. The titans come out of the ground and wield a club/sword like weapon in one hand. To be able to perform an aerial slash on the titan you firstly need to get its life down to less than halfway, just do this by attacking it in any way you choose. When you see the titan kneel down on one knee you know it is time to do the aerial slash.

    To initiate the move simply press when next to the titan to jump up onto it, then press . The prince will then jump up ready to strike, when you see his sword flash with a bright shine press again & this will finish the titan off.

    I believe I counted 7 titans through the normal game play so you can miss 2 and still get the trophy. However, if you missed more than 2, don’t worry because you can get another chance at killing them in the challenge mode that is located in the main menu.

  • Kick 20 enemies off of ledges.

    By now you should know how to perform a kick on an enemy. If not, then all you need to do is press . Now find a ledge - the enemies fall very easily so only one kick should be needed. I recommend you try to kick one enemy into a bunch so they all fall off of the ledge together.

    The aerial kick move also works well when going for this trophy.

  • Knock down 15 enemies using the aerial kick.

    The aerial kick move works the same way as the aerial slash. To perform this move you need to jump on an enemy's shoulders by pressing , then press & the prince will kick off from the enemy which will knock him over.

    This doesn't mean knock down 15 enemies at once, you can simply jump on an enemy, do the move and then find another enemy etc.

  • Defeat 30 enemies using the Power of Flight.

    About halfway through the game you will come to a section where you meet up with Razia once more. After you have come out of this section you will have gained a new power, the ‘Power Of Flight’. This new ability allows you to cross huge gaps, as long as there is an enemy to attack on the other side. The prince will jump into the air, fly forward at an amazing pace, and charge right through the enemy on the other side, thus allowing you to cross the gap. When you have the ability to use it all you have to do is press once in the air, when you connect with an enemy it kills him/her straight away.

    There are a couple of ways you can go about getting this trophy:

    1. Just Play Through The Game Normally. You should have to use this power to cross over 30 gaps through story mode which means you will have to kill at least 30 enemies.

    2. Farm The Kills. Just in case you are paranoid and think you won’t kill enough by the end of the game there is a perfect spot to farm this trophy. As soon as you get this power you will have to turn left and right - there is a gap with about 5 enemies on the opposite side. Simply do this jump along with the power to take out one enemy. Now turn around and head back towards the other side of the gap, when you get here the enemies will respawn which will allow you to do the jump again and again.

    NOTE: Normally this move can only be done over a gap, but I have managed to do it whilst on a flat area & it still worked for the trophy.

  • Defeat an enemy by doing a power attack in the fifth hit in a combo.

    By now you should know how to perform a power attack, if not then all you to is press and hold then let go.

    You need to do four normal sword attacks & then the power attack. Do this by pressing , , , , HOLD .

    You can do four hits on one enemy and then the last on another & still get the trophy. Just as long as the power attack kills the enemy you hit it doesn’t matter. This is easily obtained in ‘The Baths’ section of the game.

  • Upgrade one power to level 4.

    To upgrade a power you first need experience points (xp), you gain xp by defeating enemies & by breaking sarcophagi see the ‘Got Walkthrough’ trophy below for more information on sarcophagi.

    There are four powers in total, they are:

    – Stone Power
    – Flame Trail
    Ice Blast

    To enter the upgrade menu simply press . In there you can see that each of the four powers has 4 slots, so you will need to upgrade one of them 4 times until it reaches its maximum. Each upgrade will cost you 300 xp so in total you will need 1200 xp.

    I personally recommend you start upgrading the Stone Power ability as soon as possible, it will help a lot in achieving the ‘Untouchable’ and ‘invincible’ trophies later in the game.

  • Purchase your first upgrade.

    By killing enemies you will gain yellow spheres - these spheres will add on to your overall xp when collected. You need to gain 300xp before you can buy an upgrade. When you have the 300xp needed press to open the upgrade menu & from there buy any upgrade you choose.

    Please see the ‘Elemental Control’ trophy for more information.

  • Save the Prince's life by using the Power of Time.

    Please see the ‘Not How It Happened’ trophy below for more information.

  • Use the Power of Time 20 times.

    This power is the first you will get from Razia. This power allows you to reverse time if you ever make a mistake on a jump, fall down a pit or lose a lot of health in a short amount of time etc. To use this power you need to press , you also need to make sure that you have at least one energy sphere in order to reverse time. This will easily come from playing through the game, if not and you are an awesome gamer that makes no mistakes, then just press a few times until you get the trophy.

    NOTE: You can gain more energy spheres by defeating enemies, smashing vases & smashing sarcophagi.

  • Defeat 50 enemies using the Flame Trail.

    To activate the flame trail power you need to press . This power leaves a trail of flames behind you as you run which damages any enemy that comes into contact with it. Remember you need at least one energy sphere to be able to use this power.

  • Defeat 50 enemies using the Stone Armor.

    To activate the Stone Armour power you need to press . This power encase you in stone which is impenetrable to any attack which means you won’t lose health whilst using it. Remember you need at least one energy sphere to be able to use this power.

  • Defeat 50 enemies using the Ice Blast.

    To activate the Ice Blast power you need to press . This power allows you to throw out icy spikes towards enemies when you attack with your sword. Remember you need at least one energy sphere to be able to use this power.

  • Defeat 50 enemies using the Whirlwind.

    To activate the Whirlwind power you need to press . When you use this attack you punch the ground, it knocks enemies back causing them to be stunned and sometimes blinded. Remember you need at least one energy sphere to be able to use this power.


Secret trophies

  • Suffered defeat at Malik's hands.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Later on in the game you will come to an open section where another boss awaits you. Unfortunately this is the newly transformed Malik. He is very easy to defeat, just use power attacks & the stone armour ability.

    Just like all bosses, use the stone power ability & keep rolling away when he is about to attack. Also when he rises in the air it mean he is going to blast some energy towards you. Just hide behind one of the stone pillars and you will be fine.

  • Arrived in Razia's city.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Shortly after discovering the memory recall power you will have to cross a few small gaps. You will then jump into a small open area where some sand enemies will spawn, defeat these and a cut-scene will play. After the cut-scene with Razia you learn that you are now in the ruins of Rekem, this is where you will get the trophy.

  • Razia becomes part of sword.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Shortly after recovering a new sword (this may be Solomon’s sword) after Solomon’s’ vault you will come to another portal where Razia is. During the cut-scene that follows she will show you how the sword will become more powerful to help you defeat Ratash. You should get the trophy after the cut-scene.

  • Complete the game.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    This one speaks for itself. Simply defeat the last boss and watch the credits roll.

    Upon doing this you will unlock the Enemy Tides Challenge, see the ‘Prince Of Tides’ trophy for more information.

  • Don't worry. We won't tell if you don't.

    This requires you to change the difficulty from normal to easy, stupid huh? So start the game on normal difficulty & as soon as you begin press , from there go to difficulty and select easy.

    NOTE: There is no need to change the difficulty back if you don’t want to. There are no other trophies relating to difficulty.

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