• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 49 (38, 6, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 46 (only the 2 story related trophies are unmissable, the rest are technically missable)
  • Glitched trophies: 1 ( Awkward Ride Home)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, all trophies can be earned on Easy mode


Welcome to Prey, the long awaited reboot to the original Prey released more than a decade ago. This is a first-person shooter, but unlike conventional shooters, Prey focuses a lot more on survival and exploration. Just like previous Arkane Studio games (Dishonored 1 & 2), the game features a lot of freedom in allowing you to choose the way you want to play, resulting in many paths to take and explore, creative & unique ways to deal with enemies, and multiples weapons and items to experiment with. The game also provides a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere, as you feel very vulnerable in the game, making every action count for something. Ammo and resources are scarce, and even on Easy mode the enemies can do tons of damage. This provides a truly unique experience unlike other survival/exploration games in recent years. Also do not trust any object in the game, as mimics are everywhere, making you doubt pretty much everything you come in contact with!

The game features a ridiculous amount of collectibles to acquire for many different trophies, and will keep you running around from area to area all the time. This is a bit tedious as the loading times between area are quite long and plentiful. Thankfully, you do not have to collect all collectibles for a specific type, as collecting 80-90% of a special collectible type will unlock the trophy. It's different for every player, but you do not need to collect 100% of the collectibles in the game, which is much appreciated.

Almost all of the trophies are missable. The game does feature manual saves anytime during the game. This is extremely useful to tackle multiple trophies at once without risking other trophies being void in the same playthrough. It is recommended to make a manual save every time you get to a new location, as if things go unexpectedly, you can reload the save. Making manual saves constantly isn’t a bad idea either.

Overall, the game is an enjoyable experience and a must play for people craving a true survival/exploration experience. Enjoy your tense ride towards the Typhon-contaminated Platinum Trophy!


Step 1: Complete the Game Using Only Human Abilities, Having 4+ Empathy Points, Not Killing any Humans, Gathering Collectibles, and Finishing Side Missions

During the first playthrough, there will be a multitude of things to keep track of and complete in order to make the second playthrough much less painful. Due to the extremely long loading times (of which there are a ton), the second playthrough experience should be tailored to be less taxing.

During the first playthrough the tasks to complete are:

1. Do not kill any humans in the game in order to earn Do Not Harm. Meaning you cannot be the one to land the killing blow on any human that includes allies, quest givers, enemies, and mind-controlled human. It's perfectly fine if any of these humans die by other means such as environmental damage, Typhons killing them, or dying by any other means which is not related to you causing that action. For example, if mind-controlled enemies notice your presence, run towards you, and explode their heads, the trophy is still achievable. If you are extremely paranoid about this trophy, you can always check under the Stats menus to see if you have killed any humans. If there is a combat scenario involving humans to be fought, consider using stealth to get through the section, or using the Disruptor gun to stun the enemies, rendering them unconscious. Lastly, there will be a couple missions in the game that requires you to kill enemies. It is suggested to avoid these missions until the next playthrough or to save scum to get a specific trophy, if there is a trophy tied to the mission.

2. You will need to finish the game with a high level of empathy to unlock I and Thou. You will have to help people in need within the game, save humans from certain death, and complete the majority of the side missions to increase your empathy level. Letting people die, killing them, and not choosing to help people in need will give negative empathy points, thus lowering the total amount of empathy points earned. 4+ empathy points are needed at the end of the game when the story is completed to earn this trophy. Please refer to I and Thou for more information.

3. Only buy and use human abilities with Neuromods during this playthrough to work towards Split Affinity, as you can use Typhon abilities in the next playthrough. The reason Human abilities are more useful in this run is due to the fact there are many collectibles and quests locked behind doors that require passwords (requiring the Hacking ability), required locations that are blocked by equipment and debris that will require the Lift Ability, and generally being able to upgrade health, stamina, weapons, etc. Also, buying Typhon powers sometimes spawns Nightmares, making it harder at times.

4. This game is riddled with a ton of collectibles. These come in the form of Emails from computers ( Press Sneak), locating Dead Crew Members ( Missing Persons), consuming all types of food and drinks ( TranStar Gourmand), Starbender Books ( Prism Master), messages Morgan leaves for his/herself ( Dear Future Self), Smuggler's Dead Drops ( Black Market), and TranScribe audio logs ( Psychometry). Thankfully you don't have to collect everything. You will unlock trophies pertaining to those collectibles when you have found roughly 80-90% of them. It's different for each player. These specific trophies should pop when you have found 150-180 Emails, 65+ TranScribes, 265+ Crew Members, and around 22-26 different types of food and drinks. It is suggested to play through the entire game until the Main Story Mission "Before I Give You The Key" and then stop. Past this mission, many sections become blocked off, so it's in your best interest to go and gather all the collectibles at this point before continuing with the story.

5. Make sure to complete majority of the side missions in the game, as many will unlock trophies, give useful items, and TranScribes (needed for Psychometry). Many side quests will pop up automatically during main missions of the story, a couple will begin by reading emails from computers and listening to audio logs, and some will start by listening the TranScribes (personal audio logs) from the corpses of Crew Members on the Talos I Space Station. As mentioned before, completing the majority of the side missions help accrue empathy points to work towards I and Thou.

Now as a general tip, you should be scouring every inch of the game whenever you come to a new location, as the game does an excellent job of linking things you find in the environment. For example, reading an email will give you a passcode for a room which might hold a TranScribe, leading to the start of a new side mission, which will ultimately lead you to a crew member. The collectibles in this game work in tandem with each other, and one will lead to another, creating a flow. This way you don't have to focus on one specific type of collectible all the time.

Make sure to make a back up save when the main story mission "Before I Give You The Key" starts, as you will need it for the next step, in which many miscellaneous trophies will be earned. Please have at least 20-30 Neuromods in stock for the next step, which will help towards earning the miscellaneous trophies.

In this Step, you should unlock:

Open Says She
Mimic Massacre
Know Thy Self
TranStar Gourmand
Cold Dead Hands
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Intrinsic Value
No Show
Dear Future Self
A Friend in Need
Prism Master
The Gates of Hell
Black Market
Coffee Break
Do Not Harm
Missing Persons
Press Sneak
Brain Trust
Gift to the World
I and Thou

Step 2: Earning Miscellaneous Trophies by Reloading Saves

During this stage, reload the save made in Step 1 right when the main story mission "Before I Give You The Key" starts. Using your Neuromods, buy all the abilities you will need to earn combat related trophies, and work towards earning other miscellaneous trophies. If you run out of Neuromods, just reload the save and spend the Neuromods towards the trophies you are working towards. At this point, your inventory should have a ton of Neuromods, as long as you did not use all of them to obtain all Human abilities (which is really not necessary).

During this step, you should unlock:

Abandon Ship
You Rang?
Dead Calm
Know Thine Enemy
Tee One Up
Escape Velocity
It's Alive
Thoughts Can Kill
Ball Lightning
Makeup Exam
A Different Side of Yu

Step 3: Start New Game, play through without using Neuromods, Kill all Humans, Ride home with Dahl, and complete game with Typhon Powers & No abilities

During the second playthrough, play the whole game without installing any Neuromods. By now, the game should feel familiar, with prior knowledge to enemy placements, weapon locations, quest items, etc. This should be an optimal run without having to worry about miscellaneous trophies or collectibles (which should have already been taken care of in the previous steps).

The objectives of this playthrough are:

1. Play through the entire game without installing Neuromods for No Needles. At the end of the game, where you will have to choose to either use the Nullwave or Blow up the Space Station, make a manual save. Blow up the station (explained below), and finish the game earning No Needles.

2. Now reload the manual save, buy a Typhon Ability using a Neuromod, and then finish the game. Doing this should unlock Split Affinity.

3. Kill every human that Morgan comes into contact with during this playthrough for I and It. For I and It, you need to be the one to land the killing blow, as environmental damage or enemy damage killing the humans will void the trophy. Make sure to make manual saves before attempting to kill humans as things might go unexpectedly. This will result in a lot of backtracking. Refer to I and It for more information and a detailed step by step guide.

4. Incapacitate Dahl when given the "Incapacitate Dahl" side mission by Igwe before the final mission. Carry on with this quest till Dahl loses his memory. Make a manual save. Kill both Igwe and Dahl to unlock I and It, if at that point all the other 40 humans have been killed by you. Now, reload the manual save, kill Igwe, leave Dahl alive, and proceed with the story. At the end of the game, choose to blow up the Space Station. Dahl will message at this point, and you will have 5 minutes before you need to reach his shuttle at the Shuttle Bay. Enter the shuttle, and if the blue display panel on the ship says that there are only 2 people on the ship (Morgan and Dahl), then Awkward Ride Home will unlock. Refer to Awkward Ride Home for more information on how to unlock this trophy (and a workaround in case it glitched on you), and I and It during the same playthrough via save scumming.

All of the above mentioned objectives are possible with proper planning and making manual saves at appropriate times. If all of this is too much in one playthrough, leave I and It or Awkward Ride Home for another playthrough. To be more efficient with time, it's best to do all of the objectives in one playthrough.

Either way, by the end of this step, the glorious Typhon contaminated Platinum Trophy will unlock.

During this step, you should unlock:

Suicide By Proxy
Best Served Cold
Push the Fat Guy
This Never Happened
Awkward Ride Home
I and It
No Needles
Split Affinity
TranStar Employee of the Year

Useful links and videos that might help you on your journey to the Platinum Trophy:

1. Prey Trophy Guide Video Playlist
2. Powerpyx's Prey Weapon Upgrade Kit Fabrication Plan and Weapon Upgrade Kit Locations written guide
3. PowerPyx's All Email Locations (Press Sneak Trophy) written guide
4. PowerPyx's All TranScribe Locations (Audio Logs) written guide

[PST Would Like To Thank rmchiva925 for this Roadmap]


Mooncrash DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 16-20 Hours (personal estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 7 (see the missable trophies note below)
  • Glitched trophies: Psychostatic Efficiency & Three-Body Problem are both finicky.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to Mooncrash, a new DLC addition to Prey in 2018. This DLC puts you in a simulation where you must use your wits to escape with each of the five characters. You earn sim points for each successful or failed run and can use those to stockpile and buy anything you’ve found schematics for. Each time you reset a simulation, the location of non-key items as well as hazards and broken doors will be randomly-generated, which keeps the experience fresh. As you complete missions (called KASMA orders), the simulation gets harder by adding outliers and making your corruption timer increase at a faster rate. If you escape or die with all characters, the simulation resets. The simulation will also reset if you reach corruption level five, which takes quite a long time. You can reset the simulation as many times as you like and can play as much as you want until completing all 27 KASMA orders. Upon completion of every order, the game ends and your progress is reset. As noted below, I am unsure if completing the 27th KASMA order, or completing the five character-related quests is the trigger for ending the game. Avoid doing any story missions (besides the Security Officer) until you have earned all other missable trophies!

Mooncrash is separate from the main story of Prey and can be played without touching the main game. I do recommend you play the actual game first to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of Prey, which will make Mooncrash easier.

Missable Trophies

Your goal of this DLC is to complete 27 KASMA orders, which require things like escaping a certain way, completing a character's story mission or exploring the area. When you complete all 27 KASMA orders, the story is concluded and the simulation ends. This means that most of the trophies are missable. Don’t be intimidated; as long as you don't complete every single order, you can continue playing as much as you like until you have all the trophies. Warning!: I am not sure if completing the five story missions is what ends the game or if it ends when you do all 27 orders but it is a good idea to save the story missions related to each character (minus the Security Officer) until last!

The potential missable trophies are:

Galaxy Brain
Psychostatic Efficiency
I'm Your Biggest Fan
Apex Predator
Three-Body Problem
No One Left Behind


Step 1: Get familiar with the map and unlock all five playable characters.

At the start, you will only have access to the Volunteer. After escaping with him, the opportunity to unlock the rest of the squad will present itself. There is no penalty for dying and you can reset the simulation whenever you want. Take the time to get comfortable with the map and the location of loot spots. Working on the quests or KASMA orders needed to unlock the five characters is a great way to learn the map and its various hazards. Don't forget that a simulation reset will randomly generate loot and hazards so your next run might be a little different than you last. See Squad Goals for more information on how to unlock these characters. Because of the random nature of the simulation, make sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to unlock Three-Body Problem and Psychostatic Efficiency.

During this step, you will earn:

Squad Goals

Step 2: Farm Neuromods

Now that you have every character, you should consider farming Neuromods. You will need enough Neuromods to fully upgrade every character, which will take a while. Farming them now is a great idea because they make your characters stronger for the No One Left Behind trophy. To make this easier on yourself, find the Neuromod schematic so you can create or purchase them at the beginning of a run for 4,000 sim points. I have created a detailed guide below on the location of the blueprint, as well as a sample run that can net 35-45 mods in 30 minutes. This will take a very long time compared to the rest of the DLC so buckle up with some great music or your favourite show in the background.

Two things to note: 1. You will also need to scan typhoons in order to install mods (see Galaxy Brain). 2. After completing 10-12 KASMA orders, the simulation difficulty will increase. This particular update to your simulation gives you a companion bot, which can be used to transfer mods between characters. You could theoretically farm all 300+ Neuromods needed by using only one character, then transferring them via the companion bot.

During this step, you will potentially earn:

Galaxy Brain

Step 3: Escape with all five characters on a single run.

This step is easier than in sounds thanks to sim points and the companion bot. Purchase as many things as you want before starting using sim points. Keep in mind that you need to finish the game with 50,000+ sim points on hand so don’t overspend. One thing to note: You need to repair and hack an item to escape with the Volunteer so make to save him for after the Custodian and Engineer. Being able to purchase and craft nearly everything is what makes this pretty simple. See No One Left Behind, for more info.

During this step, you will earn:

No One Left Behind

Step 4: Finish KASMA orders and miscellaneous trophies.

You’re on the home stretch now! Finish up any trophies you did not complete while doing the above. Make sure that you have 50,000+ sim points when completing your final task, otherwise grind a few runs to get your balance up. Completing the final KASMA order or story mission will take you out of the game where a scene will occur. Finish the scene to receive the final trophies.

During this step, you will earn:

Apex Predator
Three-Body Problem
Psychostatic Efficiency
I'm Your Biggest Fan
Quantum Leap
Contract Fulfilled

[PST Would Like To Thank 1001puppys for this Roadmap]

Prey (2017) Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

59 trophies ( 45  23  )

  • You acquired all the trophies.

    Once all other trophies are unlocked, this Typhon contaminated Platinum is yours! Don’t trust it...Don’t trust anything from this game!

  • You completed the game without killing any Humans.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will have to go through the entire game without killing Humans at all. The key here is that humans cannot die by your hands, meaning if an enemy kills the human, they die by environmental damage, or if mind-controlled humans suicide by exploding their heads, then the trophy is still viable. At all times, if humans die in front of you, go to the Stats menu to check if it says that you killed anyone. If not, then carry on with the game. If there is at any point a number other than 0 for Humans Killed, then reload the save you know has 0 humans killed in it.

    If you are following the Walkthrough outlined in the guide, then this trophy should be attempted in the first playthrough along with I and Thou, in which case, you will be doing your best to save everyone you come in contact with.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • Save constantly. You never know when you might accidentally kill a human. Rather than reloading a save which results in minutes of replay, with constant saves, you're probably going to be replaying a minute or two.

    • Use the Disruptor gun to shock and stun mind-controlled enemies. This way they don't become suicidal and blow their heads off. Them blowing their heads off doesn't void the trophy, but if you want to take a mind-controlled enemy out of a scenario, then use the Disruptor gun, instead of killing the enemy.

    • DO NOT USE RECYCLER CHARGES! You can use them when you are away from humans, and when facing enemies. But refrain from using them when humans are close by, as sometimes they get sucked up randomly. Rather than risking it, just keep them away from humans in general.

    • You do not have to save anyone when going for this trophy, as their deaths aren't caused by you. So technically you can speed run the game without helping anyone, or doing any sidequests, and you will earn this trophy. Just don't kill anyone of your own volition.

    • The ending you choose does not matter, so feel free to choose whichever ending you find more akin to your taste.

    The trophy will unlock during the ending cinematic cutscene.

  • You killed every Human on or around Talos I.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to find and kill every human on Talos 1 Space Station by yourself. There’s a total of 42 humans you’ll have to kill. Since killing the final few humans are tied to Dahl's quest line in the end, the guide listed below will be covering the best way to get this trophy, as well as Awkward Ride Home in one playthrough. If you are following the Walkthrough outlined in the guide, this should be your second playthrough.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    • You have to be the one to land the killing blow on these humans
    • Enemies can’t kill them, and they can’t die to environmental damage either.
    • Make sure to create a back up save in case anything goes wrong
    • Check your stats to see if the kill counted
    • For mind controlled humans, use the disruptor gun to incapacitate them, and then kill them with your choice of gun or wrench them to death.
    • Dr. Igwe must be saved from his container, and kept alive if you want to go for Awkward Ride Home as well. You can kill him in the end
    • Danielle Sho is a character that cannot be killed.
    • As long as you follow the guide, you should unlock both trophies.

    The guide below lists step by step instructions on acquiring I and It & Awkward Ride Home (during No Needles Playthrough), and provides time stamps pertaining to the video that accompanies the guide:

    1. Trevor J. Young – He is found in the Trauma Center of Talos I Lobby. Once you reach your office, grab the keycard to the Trauma Center in the office close by or at the Talos I Lobby reception desk and head in there. Grab the passcode off of the Computer here, and head to the Quarantine Zone to kill this mind-controlled person. Sneak up behind him to kill him with a gun. That should be a kill counted in the stats - 2:16

    2. Emmanuelle De Silva & Frank Jones – Found in an Escape Pod in the Shuttle Bay. Once you come back to your office for a 2nd time due to the story and watch a video, January introduces itself. It will give you a keycard. Use it to access the Shuttle Bay. Head down to the Escape Pods and launch the pod to blow them to death. Make sure to check your counter so it says that you have killed 3 people - 4:50

    3. Aaron Ingram – Found in the Psychotronics Lab. You come here during the story. Either release the mimics that will kill him on the console, or open the door to get the password for the nearby door beside with some weapons and items, and then kill him. The tally should be at 4 now - 7:30

    4. 3 Mind-Controlled Humans at the Arboretum Greenhouse – you come to the Arboretum during the story, but you don’t have access to this place. Use the Gloo gun to make a path you can climb to the roof, and shoot the humans to death using the silenced pistol. There’s a Telepath here so it makes it difficult. The moment you jump down there, the Telepath will kill the humans, so just take it safe and kill them from a distance. Tally at 7 now. - 9:05

    5. 19 humans in the Crew Quarters – You have to come to this place as part of the story. There are 3 in the main hall (12:03). Use the Disruptor to stun them, and kill them with your choice of death dealing weapon. 1 is located at the staircase in the Recreation room (13:13). 4 in the dining hall along with a Telepath (13:46). It's advised using stealth to kill the enemies before killing the Telepath. 1 Quest giver, Will Mitchell (Luka) in the Kitchen (16:59). You can do his side mission to get access to the kitchen, or kill him immediately by shooting through the Kitchen shutters. 2 beside reception desk in the main hall (17:47). After killing them, use the computer at the reception desk to get pass code for the Fitness Center. 4 inside Fitness Center (18:56). 4 inside the swimming pool accompanied by a Telepath (20:42). It would be best to go to the top floor, break the window, and jump on the rafters. From here a couple recycler charges should kill all humans. The tally should be at 26 now.

    6. Save Igwe from his container 2312 which will unlock Adrift. He is needed alive for Awkward Ride Home. You can do this while heading to the Cargo Bay as part of the story - 21:49

    7. Talk to Igwe in the Cargo Bay next - 23:33

    8. Keep everyone in Cargo Bay alive when defending the gate - 24:12

    9. Mikhaila - found at the Power Plant area. You come here as part of the story. Shoot her or wrench her to death. Tally should be at 27 now - 24:53

    10. Wait until Igwe calls you and says that he is at your office. At this point a glitch can occur: there might be two Igwe in the game now. One in your Office, and one in the Cargo Bay - 25:54

    11. Kill all the humans at the Cargo Bay, except Igwe. This is important if the glitch has occurred for your game. If you kill Igwe, you can't earn Awkward Ride Home. You can kill him later. The tally should be at 35 now - 26:57

    12. Go back to your office and talk to Igwe -28:46

    13. Continue the story until Dahl arrives at the end of "Before I Give you the Key" Main Mission. You will get the "Incapacitate Dahl" side mission, and "Show Initiative" side mission, as long as you have killed the 35 humans previously mentioned before. If Dahl doesn’t give you the "Showing Initiative" side mission, you missed a human. The side mission will show locations for 4 more humans to kill - 29:16

    14. 4 humans at the Escape pod area in the Life Support Area – this part is extremely annoying as there will be a Weaver and a Telepath you will have to deal with. Use Recycler Charges! The tally should be at 39 now - 30:49

    15. Go talk to Igwe after completing "Showing Initiative" Side Mission. He will call you and ask to talk to you - 32:59

    16. Incapacitate Dahl using the Disruptor in the Shuttle Bay. He will call you to say that he will take you home, but double crosses you. Use the Gloo gun to climb to top of the control room. Drop down the other side and use the Disruptor to stun him. Igwe will call and mention to meet him later when he calls - 34:22

    17. Now continue with the story until you meet Alex Yu in the Arboretum. Kill him. Tally at 40 now - 37:21

    18. Soon after, Igwe will call you about the procedure for Dahl - 38:07

    19. Head to the Neuromod Division, do the procedure for Dahl. Make a save. And kill both Igwe and Dahl. I and It Unlocked - 38:23

    20. Now reload the save, and kill Igwe. Leave Dahl alone and continue the story - 42:47

    21. Make sure to do the Main Mission "Perdition". At the end of the mission, blow up the Station at the Talos Bridge - 43:16

    22. Head back to Dahl's Shuttle in the Shuttle Bay, and get on the ship. Should have 2 in the cabin on Blue Screen. Awkward Ride Home Unlocks - 44:06

  • You killed (5) mimics in 5 seconds.

    In order to unlock this trophy/achievement, you will need to kill 5 mimics in 5 seconds. It seems like a tough trophy but can be easily done in a couple sections in the game. To stress this fact, there are only a couple sections in the game where this can be done. So if you see 5 or more in one spot, make a save and try your best to attempt and get the trophy done.

    One of the best spots for this trophy is at the Power Plant Area (Coolant Chamber), in the Part Storage room. You come to the Power Plant as part of the story. Hack your way into the room and there will be a couple mimics and greater mimics disguised as boxes and other things in the middle and the corner of the room. Use the Typhon Lure (attracts enemies for a few seconds) to draw them close to each other and then use a couple Recycler Charges (instant Black hole type grenade. It sucks things and enemies in and turns them into constituent matter) to kill them quickly. It might take a couple tries but you can make a back up save in case it does go terribly wrong, in which case, just reload the save and try again.

    Mimic Massacre Video Guide

  • You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to unlock, equip and use the Combat Focus Human ability to slow down time (or increase your speed of actions; depending on how you put things into perspective), then kill an enemy before the ability runs out. This is an extremely easy trophy, as even at Level 1, the Combat Focus ability offers enough time for you to kill an enemy and play around with its corpse.

    The human ability "Combat Focus I" from the Security Skill Tree costs 2 Neuromods. Hold and use to navigate to the ability. Press to activate the ability and kill an enemy to unlock the trophy. If for some reason you cannot get the kill within the allotted time, use a recycler to instantly kill the enemy for an even easier method to get this trophy.

  • You mimicked a Mimic.

    In order to get this trophy, you will need to mimic a mimic enemy that is already transformed into an object in the environment.

    You will need to purchase the "Mimic Matter I" ability, which is only unlocked when you scan mimic enemies using the Psychoscope. The Psychoscope is an item earned through natural story progression in the Main Mission "Detour". From then on press and scan a couple mimics till the Mimic Matter ability unlocks in the upgrade section for you to buy.

    Once you buy the "Mimic Matter I" ability, use the Pyschoscope to look in the environment and see if you can spot a mimic. Mimic enemies are the most common enemy types so you will have plenty of chances. From a distance of 15-20 metres, activate the Mimic matter skill by pressing while aimed at the mimic. You will transform into the object the mimic is already disguised as and the trophy will unlock. Make sure the mimic hasn't noticed you and it is actually disguised as an object. Otherwise you can't mimic it.

    Mimesis Video Guide

  • You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.

    To earn this trophy, you will have to use the "Mimic Matter" Typhon ability to mimic 20 different objects. Any object that moves when you use the Kinetic Blast Typhon ability, is an object that you can transform into. Examples include ammo cases, food boxes, chairs, weapons, etc.

    There is a ridiculous amount of unique objects in the game world so mimicking 20 different ones shouldn't be too hard. If for some reason you are struggling to find unique objects in the world, try checking your inventory. You will definitely have more than 20 different things that you will have collected throughout your journey. Drop one unique item from your inventory at a time and mimic it.

    Mimic Matter is available after scanning mimic enemies with the Psychoscope. Buy it using Neuromods, equip the power using the weapon wheel (hold and navigate to the power using ) and use it by pressing when targeting an object. Using this ability uses up your Psi bar so recharge using an Scientific Operator or use the Psi Hypos items.

    Once 20 unique objects have been mimicked, the trophy will unlock.

  • You acquired a Typhon power.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to purchase any Typhon ability using Neuromods. To be able to purchase Typhon abilities, you need to scan Typhon enemies multiple times using the Psychoscope. The Psychoscope is a mandatory story unlock during the Main Mission "Detour", where you will be forced to go to the Psychotronics Lab.

    Once you get the Psychoscope, scan different enemies multiple times by pressing . This will zoom your vision and you will be able to scan enemies, both human and typhon.

    After scanning and unlocking Typhon powers, buy a Typhon power by pressing the and going to the Neuromod section. Now buy any purple colored ability (Typhon powers) in either the Energy, Morph or Telepathy skill trees and the trophy should unlock.

  • You acquired a Human ability.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to purchase a Human ability from either the Scientist, Engineer or Security Skill Trees. This can be done when you get your first Neuromod. As you progress through the "Neuromod Division" area (part of the story), an objective to pick up a Neuromod at the end of the area is triggered. This is part of the mission "Everything You Know is About to Change". Pick up the Neuromod and use it to buy an ability, which will unlock the trophy.

    Don't worry too much about this trophy, as by the time you complete the game you will be in possession of a ton of Neuromods. You will also get the Fabrication Plan for Neuromods later in the game, thus you can craft as many Neuromods as you want.

  • You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

    To earn this trophy, you have to complete the story from the beginning to end without ever installing any Neuromods.

    Couple things to keep in mind:

    • Using Alex's escape pod in the Arboretum (refer to Abandon Ship for more information) to escape the Talos I Space Station does not count for this trophy. You will need to complete the entire game including the final mission, where you will have to choose between blowing the station up or saving it while eradicating the Typhon using the Nullwave.

    • Do not for whatever reason use a Neuromod and buy a human ability or Typhon power. If for some reason you feel like earning specific trophies that require abilities, make a separate save. This way you can earn your trophies by buying whichever ability you need then after everything is done, you can load your save which has no abilities purchased.

    • Attempt this trophy on the second playthrough as outlined in the Walkthrough and play the game on Easy mode for an easier time with the game. The game is unlike conventional first person shooters. This game is more geared as a survival/exploration game and plays more like Bioshock than a modern first person shooter. Meaning you are not a one man killing machine,and you are very much vulnerable in this game. Learn the paths and enemy weaknesses. If the opportunity presents itself, always choose to run, rather than engage the enemy straight up in a fight. Always stay stocked with Med Packs, as you take damage from everything in the game.

    • Get accustomed to using the GLOO Cannon, as it's the most unique aspect of the game. By using the GLOO Cannon, you can bypass many tough sections by creating climbing points, freeze enemies in place for a few seconds, stop electric sparks and fire from hurting you and can make them disappear altogether. Always have ammo for this gun as it will make many sections trivial.

    • Know your additional weapons: Recycler charges, Nullwave charges and EMPs. Always have a couple in your inventory as they are extremely useful in extenuating circumstances. Recycler Charges are great for taking care of multiple enemies, Nullwave devices stop Typhons from using their abilities for a short period of time and EMPs stun electrically inclined enemies, making them useless for a few seconds. These tools are not meant to be used for an outright battle but to give you space to run away and re-evaluate your situation. Except for story related fights that can't be avoided. An example would be the fight at the gates in the Cargo Bay, where you have to protect Sarah Elazar and her men. Technically you can throw a Nullwave, run for the exit and essentially bypass the entire fight.

    The trophy should unlock at the end of the game during the final cinematic cutscene.

  • You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.

    To earn this trophy you will need two full playthroughs; one using only Human abilities, and the other using only Typhon Powers. You will essentially have to complete the game twice and see the ending screen. This would also directly conflict with No Needles, resulting a 3rd playthrough, but it can be circumvented by save scumming.

    The Save Scumming Method:

    1. As mentioned in the Walkthrough, the first playthrough should focus on the use of Human abilities, where all side missions are completed, and collectibles & miscellaneous things are taken care of. You also should attempt Do No harm, and I and Thou. At the end of the playthrough, half the requirement for Split Affinity is completed.

    2. The second playthrough should focus on playing the game with no abilities bought using Neuromods. Here you should focus on I and It, and Awkward Ride Home as well. Right before the game ends and you have to make a choice to either use the Nullwave device or blow up the Talos I Space Station, make a manual save. Now complete the game and earn No Needles.

    3. Reload the manual save, and use a Neuromod to buy one Typhon power, and then complete the game. Doing this will unlock Split Affinity.

    If you are against the save scumming method, by all means do a playthrough for each: one with human abilities, one with Typhon powers, and the final one with no skills at all. Considering the long loading times for transitions from one area to another, it'd be more time efficient to use method listed above.

  • You repaired at least (20) objects on and around Talos I.

    The trophy is unlocked by repairing 20 objects within the game, by using the Repair Human ability from the Engineer Skill tree using Neuromods.

    The repairing system works on the basis of what level of repairing ability you have, and also needing spare parts (items found in the game) in order to fix the object. The higher the repairing ability you buy with Neuromods, the more objects you can repair needing higher level of repairing skill. Any electronic object you come across can be repaired as long as you have the spare parts to fix it.

    You can destroy objects and repair them yourself saving time. Repairing the same object 20 times won't earn the trophy, and will have to be 20 different ones. Make sure to repair objects that require lower level repairing abilities, as the amount of spare parts needed for a level 3 repair is quite large. So focus on level 1 and 2 objects that need to repaired.

    Spare parts are pretty common in the game, but in case you run out and need some quickly, you can buy the "Dismantler" human ability that will allow you to dismantle weapons and items to get spare parts and other constituent matter. You should attempt this in the first playthrough as outlined in the Walkthrough, while using human abilities and going for all the collectibles and side missions. You will have to fix more than 20 objects to get access to consoles and lifts in order to find collectibles and quest related objectives.

  • You hacked at least (20) objects on and around Talos I.

    This trophy is unlocked by hacking 20 electronic objects in the game (such as computers, keypads, terminals, turrets, etc.), by purchasing and using the human ability "Hacking" within the Scientist Skill Tree.

    You will easily earn this trophy while going for collectibles in the first playthrough, as many collectibles and side missions will have locked door with keypads you need to hack, or computers and terminal that don't have pass codes. Try to get the "Hacking IV" ability as soon as possible, as there are many doors early in the game that require level 4 hacking. You don't want to constantly backtrack for collectibles.

    This ability is the most useful when playing the whole game with just human abilities, as you can hack many different things in the game, allowing you to bypass a lot of sections with ease. As mentioned before, you will get access to many collectibles, weapons, weapon upgrades, side mission objectives, and useful items very early in the game, making the game much easier in the process.

  • You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.

    In order to get this trophy, you will need to use the Typhon power Mindjack on a Human.

    The first chance you’ll get to do this is in the Crew Quarters area where there are a ton of mind-controlled humans walking around. You get to the Crew Quarters through natural Story progression during the Main Mission "Gathering Echoes".

    You have to buy the "Psychoshock I" ability in order to be able to buy "Mindjack I". Both these abilities are unlocked after you scan the mind-controlled human enemies in this area. After unlocking these powers, buy them with Neuromods. Hold and choose Mindjack. Now approach a mind-controlled human and press to activate Mindjack which will incapacitate the enemy, while also unlocking the trophy.

    Deprogramming Video Guide

  • You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.

    Essentially, you will have to kill an enemy while they are suspended in the air. You’re not actually going to lift them with your hands.

    You will need to purchase the "Lift Field I" skill, which is only unlocked when you scan Poltergeist enemies using the Psychoscope. The Psychoscope is an item earned through natural story progression in the Main Mission "Detour". Poltergeist enemies start appearing in the Crew Quarters area while you are doing the Main Mission "Gathering Echoes". Press and scan 3 Poltergeist enemies until the Lift Field ability unlocks in the upgrade section for you to buy. You will also need to buy the Kinetic field ability in order to be able to purchase the Life Field ability. You will need to scan two phantom enemies to get the Kinetic Field ability to unlock.

    Once you buy the "Lift Field I" power, use it on an enemy by holding to position the field under the enemy. When the enemy is suspended helplessly in the air, shoot and kill it. The trophy will unlock once the enemy dies in the air.

    Tee One Up Video Guide

  • You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters in normal gravity.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to mimic an object and then use the Kinetic Blast Typhon power to launch yourself in the air and cover a distance or more than 20 metres in normal gravity.

    You will need to buy the Typhon powers "Mimic Matter I" and "Kinetic Blast I". Phantoms have to be scanned to unlock Kinetic Blast, and Mimics have to be scanned to unlock Mimic Matter. Now buy these abilities using Neuromods, and then head to the roof of Alex’s Office in the middle of the Arboretum. You come to the Arboretum as part of the story. There are other places to try this, but this place is huge and easy to get the trophy in. To get to Alex's Office, use the Gloo Gun to create points to climb to the top.

    Once on the roof, drop any item from your inventory on the ground. Now select Mimic Matter and mimic the item. Quickly change to Kinetic Blast, face the opposite way towards which you want to travel, and use the Kinetic Blast power by charging it up. Hold to charge the power. You should get launched into the air and should cover more than 20 metres easily. The trophy will unlock shortly.

    Escape Velocity Video Guide

  • You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to create a Phantom that fights for you using the Phantom Genesis Typhon power.

    You will have to scan Weavers to unlock the Phantom Genesis power using the Psychoscope. The Psychoscope is an item earned through natural story progression in the Main Mission "Detour". Weavers are really tough opponents to fight, so it's recommended to scan them from a safe distance, or throw a Nullwave charge to render their Typhon powers inactive for a few seconds. At this point they are vulnerable and easy to scan and kill as well.

    Once unlocked, buy the "Phantom Genesis I" Typhon power using Neuromods. Find any human corpse in the game and use the Phantom Genesis power to create your very own Phantom that will fight for you. This will unlock the trophy as well.

    It's Alive Video Guide

  • You used Psychoshock on a Human.

    In order to get this trophy, you will need to use the Typhon power Psychoshock on a Human.

    The first chance you’ll get to do this is in the Crew Quarters area where there are a ton of mind-controlled humans walking around. You get to the Crew Quarters through natural story progression during the Main Mission "Gathering Echoes".

    You’ll have to buy the "Psychoshock I" Typhon power for this trophy. To get this power unlocked, you will have to scan the mind-controlled humans till you have enough data. Once unlocked, buy the power using Neuromods. Hold and choose Psychoshock. Activate Psychoshock by pressing while facing an enemy human and their head will explode, while also unlocking the trophy.

    Thoughts Can Kill Video Guide

  • You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to hit two Operator enemies with the Electrostatic Burst Typhon Power at the same time.

    Later in the story of the game there will be many Operators, and many times they come in packs of 2-4. They are the flying drones that can attack with lasers and can also use streams of fire against you.

    You will need to unlock the Electrostatic Burst Typhon power by scanning a couple of Telepath enemies. It's recommended to get the Level 3 version of it for more effectiveness. Now wait until you engage in a combat scenario with 2 or more Operators. Use the Electrostatic Burst to take them down.

    The trophy/achievement should unlock once both are destroyed at the same time.

    Note: I was never able to get the trophy by just stunning them. So I suggest lowering their health and using Electrostatic Burst to destroy them both at the same time. Many others have also mentioned that killing the Operators unlocked the trophy.

    Ball Lightning Video Guide

  • You consumed one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.

    In order to earn this trophy, each unique food and drink in the game has to be consumed. Food and Drinks are items (there are plenty) that restore health and remove status effects when consumed. There are 30 different types of food/drinks (20 types of food, 9 different drinks, and 1 Super Fruit obtained by finishing the Gardening Tips Side Mission), and many of them don't have a specific location in which they are found. They can be generally found on shelves, desks, refrigerators, on top of tables, etc. They can also be looted from Human and at times Typhon corpses.

    When food/drinks are found, they can be taken into your inventory by pressing or immediately consumed by pressing . It's recommended to keep track of which food and drinks are consumed, and also to scour and search every inch of the game when doing the first playthrough. This playthrough as outlined in the Walkthrough is for earning all miscellaneous trophies, and this trophy is no exception.

    Note: All the food and drinks don't even have to be consumed to earn this trophy. This trophy can be earned after consuming around 80% of the food and drinks combined. Depending on the game, you can unlock this trophy after consuming 22-26 different food/drinks.

    Here is a list of all the types of food and drinks that can be found in the game:

    Xiphophurus has suggested that eating the Super Fruit grown in the Gardening Tips side mission can also count for the trophy. This is for people who have eaten all types of food and still can't unlock the trophy. Complete the side mission, and eat the fruit. This could help in unlocking the trophy. Thanks Xiphophurus!

  • You fully upgraded a weapon.

    Weapon Upgrade Kits are needed to upgrade weapon parameters, and the Human abilities "Repair I", "Gunsmith I", and "Gunsmith II" are needed to fully upgrade any weapon in the game.

    There are more than enough weapon upgrades that can be found to max out at least 3 weapons, and you can even find the fabrication plans for weapon upgrade kits in the game. With this fabrication plan, you can create and use as many weapon upgrade kits as you want to upgrade all your weapons if need be.

    Refer to PowerPyx's Prey Weapon Upgrade Kits Fabrication Plan Location for the location of the fabrication plan, and weapon upgrade kit locations in the game. Thanks to PowerPyx for allowing the inclusion of his text guide in this Trophy Guide!

    Different weapons need different amounts of weapons upgrade kits to max them out, but the Gloo Gun, Shotgun, and Silenced Pistol require the least amount of weapon upgrade kits to max out. Only 15 weapon upgrade kits are needed for each of those weapons.

    To upgrade a weapon, make sure to have an upgrade kit in your inventory, choose the weapon to upgrade, press and choose a parameter to upgrade. All parameters for the weapon have to be at max to unlock this trophy.

  • You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to recycle 20 objects at once with a single use of a Recycler Charge, which is a bomb that starts a mini black hole, converting everything in its vicinity into constituent materials.

    Find a location with a lot of chairs, plates, cups, etc. Just throw it into any place with a lot of clutter. One of the best places to get this trophy is in the Volunteer Quarters after turning on the power. There are a lot of desks and clutter here. Any location with a lot of clutter and tiny objects everywhere is a great place to get this trophy done.

    Reload the save if the trophy does not pop, and keep trying. To make it easier, you can lift and stockpile 20+ items into a corner of a room, and then use the Recycler Charge to easily get this trophy.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Intrinsic Value Video Guide

  • You located all employees on Talos I.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to located all of Morgan's Crew Members in and out of the Talos I Space Station. There are a total of 268 employees to find, but you don't actually need to find all 268. Depending on the game, you may unlock it anywhere from 263-265 employees found.

    While playing through the story, you will naturally find and loot the corpses of Morgan's employees. But, it has to be stated, many of them are in obscure places and can only be found by discovering specific emails with pass codes, or by listening to a TranScribe.

    The best and most boring/tedious way to find everyone is to use the Computer Terminal in Security Stations to track every single employee, one at a time. You cannot choose to track several employees at a time, just one. This makes the trophy more of a grind, as you will have to constantly come back and forth to the Security Station. Within the Neuromod Division area, there is a special computer terminal in the Volunteers Quarters that shows and track Volunteers. You can only track them here, so make sure to power this area up in the back, and find all the volunteers using the computer terminal.

    Every time you find and locate an employee, a check mark will be added beside the employee's name in the computer terminal, which shows your overall progress towards this trophy. You can also check in the Stats section to see how many employees you have located by pressing the , scrolling to the Data menu, and choosing Stats. This trophy should be attempted in the first playthrough, as if you follow the Walkthrough outlined in this guide, you will have access to all the human abilities you need to access any and all areas in the game.

    Note: Make sure to not use Recycler Charges when beside employees and employee corpses, as the charge will make them disappear. This is a huge problem, as the computer terminal will not show any location for that specific employee sucked into the Recycler Charge.

  • You read all the emails on Talos I.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to find and read all the emails in Talos I Space Station by accessing computer terminals in the game. There are a total of 190 emails to find and read, but you don't actually need to discover 190 to get this trophy. Depending on the game, the trophy can pop by finding 150-180 emails.

    While going through the game, access and read every email that you come across. You will also need to buy all the Hacking human abilities up to "Hacking IV", as many computer terminals need to be hacked to gain access to many emails. Once you read the emails, the "!" symbol will disappear form beside the email. You can also check in the Stats section to see how many emails you have read, by pressing the , scrolling to the Data menu, and choosing Stats.

    As outlined in the Walkthrough, it is recommended to do this trophy on the first playthrough when playing only with Human abilities, as you will have access to all rooms, can repair power circuits to turn computer terminals on (so you can read emails), etc.

    Also please refer to PowerPyx's Prey All Email Locations (Press Sneak Trophy) written guide, for a list of all the locations computer terminals in which emails can be found. Thanks to PowerPyx for allowing the inclusion of his text guide in this Trophy Guide!

  • You found and listened to all TranScribe recordings.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to listen to all the TranScribes, which are basically personal audio logs. There are a total of 88 TranScribes, but not all of them have to be heard to earn the trophy. Depending on the game, the trophy may pop after listening to 65-75 TranScribes.

    TranScribes are scattered all around the Talos I Space Station, and are most commonly found on the corpses of Morgan's Crew Members, in locked safes, on computer terminals, and as rewards for completing side missions. It is recommended to attempt this trophy during the first playthrough using only human abilities, as outlined in the walkthrough, because you will have access to all the human abilities needed to open all locked rooms and areas in the game.

    Note: Not all TranScribes are automatically listened to when acquiring them. Some will need to be manually played to get them to register as being listened to. Press to open the menu, scroll towards the Data section, and choose the Audio Files section. Now play and listen to all the TranScribes that have not been listened to for it to register. You don't have to listen to the whole audio log, as just starting them is enough to get it to register as being listened to. You can also check in the Stats section to see how many TranScribes you have listened to, by pressing the , scrolling to the Data menu, and choosing Stats.

    Also please refer to PowerPyx's Prey All TranScribe Locations (Audio Logs) written guide, for a list of all TranScribe Locations. Thanks to PowerPyx for allowing the inclusion of his text guide in this Trophy Guide!

  • You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to create a clone of yourself using the Phantom Shift Typhon power, and then scan it using the Psychoscope.

    You unlock the Psychoscope as part of the story, and you will need to scan a couple of Etheric Phantoms (which are the Phantoms that look crystallized), to unlock this Typhon power. To scan enemies, press .

    Buy the Typhon Power Phantom Shift when it is available. The higher the level of this ability, the longer the clone will last. Use Phantom Shift by pressing and then quickly use the Psychoscope to scan the clone. This will unlock the trophy.

    A Different Side of Yu Video Guide


Secret trophies

  • You completed the game in the most empathetic manner possible.

    In order to earn this trophy, you have to finish the game with 4+ empathy points, which is considered empathetic enough to obtain the trophy. The game's Karma system is based on the amount of points you accumulate based on your actions performed throughout the game, which will determine the level of empathy Morgan (you) has for his/her Crew Members.

    For obvious reasons, this trophy is only possible when going for when going for Do No Harm in the same run, as killing humans in the game will associate with a negative outlook on Morgan. Thus, you will receive negative points towards your overall empathy level.

    If you are following the Walkthrough outlined in this guide, then this trophy should be attempted in the first playthrough. Completing side quests, saving humans, doing NPC related quests, and not killing humans in the game will reward you with empathy points.

    The Table below shows actions that result in positive and negative points towards your Empathy levels in the game:

    The trophy should unlock along with the ending cinematic cutscene, if your empathy level is at 4+

    The trophy will also unlock regardless of your choice with the ending, as only your actions throughout the game affect the trophy outcome. You can choose to blow up the Talos 1 Space Station, and the trophy will still unlock.

    Note: Many people have reported that they are not unlocking the trophy even if they have 4+ empathy level, but performed a negative action or two. Until further confirmation is obtained, it's best to try and do all the actions that give positive points towards the empathy level, and avoid all the actions that negatively affect it.

    Thanks to Quink666 for pointing this problem out. This prompted me to check up on this issue all around.

  • You recycled yourself.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to die to a Recycler Charge, which is a bomb that starts a mini black hole, converting everything in its vicinity into constituent materials.

    Throw one on the floor by pressing (while the Recycler Charge is equipped) and walk towards it. The Charge will kill you, unlocking the trophy. Depending on how much health you have, it might take two Recycler Charges. Also, make sure to hold to throw it as it will delay the explosion.

    Intrinsic Value & Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Video Guide

  • You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

    To earn this trophy, you will have to die from the helicopter blades in the beginning of the game.

    You will be tasked to go to the roof of the building using the elevator and to board the chopper. Instead, jump on top of the helicopter by pressing in front of it, and jump up to get slashed by its blades.

    This will result in your death and will unlock the trophy.

    No Show Video Guide

  • You escaped Talos I aboard Dahl's shuttle with only Dahl.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to kill every human in the game except Dahl, and perform an apto-regressive neurotomy procedure on him. Refer to This Never Happened for more information. In the end of the game, choose to blow up the Talos I Space Station, and Dahl will contact you if you left him alive after the neurotomy procedure. He will give you 5 minutes to get to his Space Shuttle in the Shuttle Bay, at which point if there is no one except you and him in the shuttle the trophy will unlock. Check the Blue display panel beside the entrance. It should say 2 in Shuttle, and it doesn't matter how many are left alive in the Space Station.

    As outlined in the Walkthrough, its best to combine this trophy with I and It during the second playthrough. As such, please refer to I and It, for a detailed step by step guide to unlocking both I and It and this trophy in a single playthrough.

    Glitch Note: This trophy can glitch, resulting in Dr. Igwe duplicating himself. When heading for the Power Plant, Dr. Igwe will call and inform you that he is heading to your office in the Talos I lobby. At this point, the game has the tendency to glitch. You can have one Dr. Igwe in your office and at the same time he can be in the Cargo Bay beside Sarah Elazar. The trophy is still achievable by keeping both alive till the end, where you can kill them both after the neurotomy procedure performed on Dahl. The step by step guide listed in the I and It section compensates for this specific glitch.

  • You killed Alex.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to kill Morgan's brother Alex Yu, and this is only possible at the end of the Main Mission "Keys to the Kingdom". Alex will finally show himself to you by coming out of his bunker. The moment you get control of Morgan, either shoot Alex or wrench him to death. Wait too long and the Arboretum will lose gravity and you will start to float, at which point it will be harder to keep track of Alex's whereabouts.

    Note: Make sure to Incapacitate (by doing the side mission "Incapacitate Dahl") or kill Dahl at this point, or Dahl will have his forces kill Alex, resulting in you being unable to get this trophy.

  • You fled Talos I aboard Alex's escape pod before completing your mission.

    In order to get this trophy, you will need to use Alex’s secret escape pod in the Arboretum to escape Talos I Space Station. This will activate an alternate ending where you end up in a game over screen, but will end up unlocking the trophy.

    To get to this trophy, you will have to complete the Side Mission “Who is December?” which takes you to the escape pod. You get this mission automatically when heading towards the Psychotronics Lab during the Main Mission "Detour", but you cannot complete it until you get to the Crew Quarters area in the Main Mission "Gathering Echoes".

    The following are the steps to get the trophy:

    1. The first thing to do is to follow the instructions set by December, who asks you to head back to the Neuromod Division area and pick up Alex’s keycard. When you get there, the keycard won’t be there and you will have to head back towards the Talos I Lobby.

    2. While heading back, you will witness January destroying December. Make sure to pick up the items from December’s body. There will be a note with the code for a safe in Alex’s office.

    3. Now continue with the story of the game until you reach the Arboretum. You will have to climb up a hill to get to Alex’s office. You can either use the Gloo Gun to build places to climb on, or just carry items and stack them together and climb to the top.

    4. In Alex’s office, you can either carry (needs the Lift Human ability) the black object or use a Recycler Charge to destroy it. Either way, open the shaft and go inside. You will find a safe. Either use the code that December provided, or hack it using the Hacking skill. Inside the safe there will be a keycard to Alex’s suite in the Crew Quarters.

    5. Now continue the story until you reach the Crew Quarters. Here, you can go up the gravity shaft by either looking at the note for the code in the storage room with the Recycler machine up the stairs to the left of the entrance, or hack it. Either way, go up the gravity shaft and go to Alex Yu’s room. Here you can find the Keycard EP101 under the Globe beside the bed on top of the black shelf.

    6. Now make your way back to Alex’s office and hack his computer, which will require the skill "Hacking IV", or wait until the end of the Main Mission "Before I Give You The Key" to get the password for the computer automatically. Now activate the bridge controls to extend it. Go up to the roof and get to the pod. Alternatively, you can use the Gloo Gun to jump onto the metal railing on the side from the roof. Either way, go inside the pod, close the door, and activate the console. Once the game over screen pops up, the trophy will unlock.

    7. You can reload your save and go do the actual ending now, as doing this will not count towards actual completion of the game.

    Abandon Ship Video Guide

  • You found out what happened to Mikhaila's father and let her know.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to complete Mikhaila's quest line. There are 3 side missions that must be completed. They are "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin", "Whistleblower", and "Mikhaila's Father". Finishing one will start the next, and so on. At the end of "Mikhaila’s Father" side mission, you have to transfer the Audio File about her father to your office computer terminal, or you cannot unlock this trophy.

    "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin" Side Mission:

    This is the first mission you get from her after meeting her before the elevators leading to the Reactor Room, when going through the Power Plant area during the Main Mission "Reboot". She will be in a locked office that is being attacked by a Phantom. Deal with the Phantom, and head into the office to talk to her. Talk to her to get the side mission, and complete it by following the objective markers.

    Note: There's a 2 hour time limit for this side mission, and if you cannot get her meds to her within this time limit, then she will die. This will void the Brain Trust trophy.

    "Whistleblower" Side Mission:

    After completing the previous side mission, talk to Mikhaila when she is in your office in Talos I Lobby. She will give you this quest. Follow the objective markers to a cargo container (3232) in the Cargo Bay. Open the container by using the Hacking Human ability, or using the computer terminal nearby. Loot the corpse in here to finish the mission.

    "Mikhaila’s Father" Side Mission:

    Immediately after finishing the previous side mission, and giving the quest item looted from the corpse to Mikhaila, she will give you this side mission. Follow the objective markers to a computer terminal in the Deep Storage area. You will need the "Hacking IV" Human ability to access the computer. There is an audio file that needs to be transferred to your computer terminal in your office in Talos I Lobby. If you do not transfer this file to your computer, the trophy will be unobtainable for this playthrough. Make sure to transfer it. Head back to your office and play the audio file in front of Mikhaila. After the audio log finishes, and the side mission is completed, this trophy will unlock.

  • You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to assist Dr. Igwe, January, and Mikhaila during the story. Eventually they will end up in your office room in Talos I Lobby, as long as they are alive, at which point the trophy will unlock. Killing or letting any one of these characters die will void the trophy.

    January is the first NPC you will meet in the game, and it is not in any real danger except from you. Avoid killing January at all costs, and it should stay in your room till the end of the game. If you are attempting Suicide by Proxy it's recommended to make a back up save, or to wait until you earn Brain Trust before destroying January.

    Dr. Igwe is the next character you will come in contact with through natural story progression. Refer to Adrift for more information on saving him.

    Mikhaila is the last character you will meet pertaining to this trophy, and she is found in the Power Plant area during the Main Mission "Reboot". She will be sitting on the floor in an office room before the Grav Shaft that will take you to the Reactor Room. Make sure to talk to her and finish the side mission "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin" that she gives you. Finishing the side mission will keep her alive.

    After completing all the above mentioned actions, you will earn the trophy during the Main Mission "The Keys to the Kingdom", after all 3 of them assemble in your office room. You will get a call from them and all three will speak to you. If the trophy does not unlock, head back to your office and speak to each one. In some cases this will help unlock the trophy.

  • You found and listened to all the messages you left for yourself.

    In order to earn this trophy, you have to listen/watch all the messages that Morgan has left for him/herself in the Talos I Space Station.

    There are a total of 11 of them:

    1. Three of them are automatic story related videos which you will have to watch to proceed the story. 1 is watched during the Main Mission "An Office with a View", 1 during the Main Mission "Through a Glass Darkly", and 1 in the Main Mission "Before I Give You The Key".

    2. The next one is a TranScribe (personal audio log). This is found in Alex Yu’s office in the Arboretum. You will eventually get the pass code to access the Gravity shaft to his office later in the game, but for those who are adventurous, you can use the Gloo Gun to climb your way to the top. Once inside his office, either use a Recycler Charge or lift the black box away. Go into the shaft and open the safe. You can get the code to the safe by doing the side mission “Who is December?” (given to you automatically when going through the Psychotronics Lab during the Main Mission "Detour"). Or you can hack the safe lock. Either way, open the safe and take the TranScribe. Make sure to listen to it.

    3. The next 6 are located inside your suite in the Crew Quarters. You will come to the Crew Quarters as part of the story. Make sure to grab the pass code to the Grav Shaft that is located in the main hall. The code is located in a storage room with a Recycler machine up the stairs to the left as soon as you enter the Crew Quarters. Use the code or hack the Grav Shaft controls, and then go upstairs. Go inside your room. You will need your keycard, which is located in your office at the Talos I Lobby. It is available the first time you come to your office as part of the story. It’s on your table beside the computer. Once inside, go to your computer and listen to all 6 audio logs from your fellow Crew Members. Make sure to click on each one and listen to all of them.

    4. The final one is located inside Alex Yu’s bunker, which you get access to at the end of the Main Mission “The Keys to the Kingdom”. Once Alex comes out, walk inside and grab the TranScribe on his table. Once you finish listening to the whole audio log, the trophy should unlock.

    Dear Future Self Video Guide

  • You killed Luka and avenged Abby.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to kill Luka, who is posing as the kitchen cook Will Mitchell, in the Crew Quarters.

    Luka can be found in the kitchen that is located in the Crew Quarters area. You come to the Crew Quarters as part of the story. He will give you a side mission to grab something from Will Mitchell’s room. You can choose to do the side mission so he gives access to the kitchen, or you can shoot him through the blinds using your silenced pistol to get the trophy.

    If you are on your pacifist playthrough and don’t want blood on your hands, then wait until you meet Danielle Sho in the story. She will give you a side mission to go kill Luka. This happens in the Crew Quarters as well. You will have to go to the Volunteer Quarters in the Neuromod Division area and use his Volunteer ID code to find out where he is located. He’s located in the Talos Bridge area.

    You can access this place through a Grav Shaft in the Arboretum. Once there, head straight to the escape pods area to find Luka in the third pod on the left side. He will try to kill himself and you along with him with a Recycler Charge trap. You can set the trap off to let him get killed by it and earn the trophy. This will not void the Pacifist run, as Luka did not die by your hands.

    Best Served Cold Video Guide

  • You killed January.

    In order to get this trophy, you will need to kill January, a Drone you will meet during the story.

    It's recommended to save and reload to get this trophy, as killing January will void Brain Trust, and make things complicated for other trophies and missions in the game.

    You will meet January the second time you come back to your office in the Talos I Lobby, after going through the Hardware Labs area. The Main Mission is called "Speak with January". After watching another video in your office, January will show up and give you some items. Now is the time to make a save, and destroy January. The trophy unlocks right after it's destroyed.

    Make sure to reload the save!

    Suicide By Proxy Video Guide

  • You used Danielle's voice samples to access Deep Storage.

    This is an automatic story unlock for completing the Main Mission "Restore From Backup".

    During this mission, you will have to locate different samples of Danielle's voice samples. This can be extremely frustrating when doing the playthrough for No Needles, as you will be limited with no use of Human or Typhon powers to reach these voice samples.

    Refer to the video below on how to find all voice samples without using any human abilities or Typhon powers.

    Gathering Echoes (Voice Sample Locations) Video Guide

    Thanks to PowerPyx for allowing the inclusion of his video guide on this Trophy Guide!

  • You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to complete the side mission "Incapacitate Dahl", which is given to you by Dr. Igwe. To save him, refer to Adrift, as you will need him to perform the neurotomy procedure. If Dr. Igwe is not saved, this trophy is unobtainable.

    While going through the story, Dr. Igwe will call you to meet him in your office in Talos I Lobby. This will occur during the "Repo Man" Main Mission. This will also give you a new side mission called "Incapacitate Dahl". Dr. Igwe will suggest to incapacitate Dahl as he could be useful in getting out of the Space Station alive. To do this, you will need access to the Disruptor gun.

    Follow the objective markers until the game no longer gives you any for Dahl's location. At this point, Dahl will either locate himself in the Life Support Area, inside the Air Quality control room (if you did not kill humans), or in the Command Center of the Shuttle Bay (if you killed all humans for I and It). There are a ton of Military Operators accompanying him, so make sure to bring a lot of EMPs. Use the Disruptor gun to stun and incapacitate Dahl. Make sure not to kill him, or the trophy will be void.

    Dr. Igwe will call you after you incapacitate Dahl, and mention that he will call you when he is ready. Leave Dahl's unconscious body, and continue with the story of the game.

    Soon Dr. Igwe will call you and say that's he's ready. Follow the objective markers to the top floor room in the Neuromod Division. Follow the prompts and interact with the computer terminal to perform the neurotomy procedure as instructed by Igwe. Once the procedure is complete, the trophy will unlock.

  • You met January for the first time.

    This is an automatic story unlock during the Main Mission "Speak with January".

  • You recovered Mikhaila's booster shots and healed her.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to complete the side mission "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin", given to you by Mikhaila when you first meet her in the Power Plant area.

    This is the first side mission you get from her after meeting her before the elevators leading to the Reactor Room, when going through the Power Plant area during the Main Mission "Reboot". She will be in a locked office that is being attacked by a Phantom. Deal with the Phantom, and head into the office to talk to her. Talk to her to get the side mission, and complete it by following the objective markers. Once you complete the side mission, the trophy will unlock.

    Note: There is a 2 hour time limit for this side mission, and if you cannot get her meds to her within this time limit, she will die. If she dies, it will void Brain Trust.

  • You read the entire Starbender series and don't regret it.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to find and read 6 books pertaining to the Starbender series.

    There are 3 different locations in which you can find the first 5 books, but the final book can only be found in Alex Yu's Suite in the Crew Quarters area. You will have to interact with these 6 different books at least once each for it to count towards the trophy.

    You can always check in the Stats section to see how many different Starbender books you have finished reading, by pressing , scrolling to the Data menu, and choosing Stats.

    Prism Master Video Guide

    Thanks to PowerPyx for allowing the inclusion of his video guide in this Trophy Guide!

  • You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no human lives were lost.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to complete the "Shipping and Receiving" Main Mission without losing any humans in the battle at the gate in the end.

    This mission occurs when you reach the Cargo Bay area. There are a ton of enemies you will have to fight. The 3 turrets you place will deal most of the damage, but to make things easier, play on easy difficulty, and use more than 3 turrets to deal more damage. Also using Recycler Charges will speed the process, but be careful and throw it behind the enemies, as your human allies can be sucked into them.

    Make a save during this fight, as some enemies have projectiles that can hurt the humans from a distance. In case anyone dies, reload the save and try again. Remember, no one can die for this trophy. Once you kill all the enemies and complete the mission, the trophy will unlock.

    The Gates of Hell Video Guide

  • You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to save Dr. Igwe from the container he is trapped in while you are heading towards the Cargo Bay.

    This can be done during the Main Mission "This Side Up", after you get out of the Deep Storage area. While you are outside at the Talos Exterior, you will have to head towards the Cargo Bay door. Dr. Igwe will call you and ask for help when you get close. He will give you the side mission "Rescue Dr. Igwe". There will be a container floating nearby. Its number is 2312. Head to the computer terminal and enter that number, and have it dock with the station. The trophy will pop after the container docks with the station, and also saving Dr. Igwe in the process (he is needed for other trophies).

    Note: There is a time limit to save him, so be quick when attempting this.

    Adrift Video Guide

  • You found all the smuggler's dead drops.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will have to complete the side mission "Talos Smuggling Ring", which involves raiding and plundering contents from 6 hidden safes in the Talos I Space Station.

    This side mission is started by listening to the TranScribe of Lily Morris, who is found beside the entrance to the elevator in the Arboretum. Listening to the TranScribe will start the side mission, and the first safe is above he corpse. The safe is on the wall, with a red button on it, and a small red light above it. Smack the button with your wrench, and the safe will unlock. Loot the contents of the safe for it to count.

    The rest of the safes are hidden well, and it's difficult to explain their hidden locations. I suggest you watch the video.

    The general locations are:

    1. Arboretum - right above Lily Morris's corpse, after starting the quest by listening to her TranScribe
    2. Crew Quarters - In the Fitness Center area. Will need to read the 4th email at the computer terminal at the reception desk
    3. Talos I Lobby - Beside the washroom area in the first floor
    4. Talos I Lobby - Inside the exhibition room to the right on the first floor
    5. Hardware Labs - go up the Grav Shaft, take two rights. Stop at the statue, and look to the right.
    6. Cargo Bay - When you enter the Cargo Bay area, and get into the locked down section where Sarah Elazar is located, you can find it on the wall in the room you enter from.

    Black Market Video Guide

  • You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon the Typhon Nightmare.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to complete majority of the "Mixed Signals" side mission.

    First, you will have to buy a couple Typhon powers using Neuromods. Doing so will randomly spawn a Nightmare. Nightmares are one of the toughest Typhon enemies in the game. A Nightmare isn’t guaranteed to spawn, so it is recommended to save the game, and trying to spawn it by buying a couple Typhon powers. If it doesn’t spawn, then reload the save and continue the story for a bit and try again.

    Once the Nightmare has spawned, kill it. It might be a tough battle, but you’ll have to kill it if you want the trophy. Once the Nightmare dies, January will randomly call you, and will give you the "Mixed Signals" side mission. If January doesn’t call you, kill a couple more Nightmares and you will eventually get the call from January.

    The first task in the side mission is to head to the Hardware Labs area and repair a computer terminal. Follow the objective markers to find the computer terminal. You will need the "Repair III" Human ability to fix the computer terminal. It will cost 13 Neuromods. You will also need 8 spare parts to fix the console itself. Once repaired, interact with the console and raise the object. Remove the component from the object and move on with the mission.

    You’ll have to head out to the Talos Exterior and install the component on a satellite. The satellite is constantly moving, so it can become annoying to keep up with it. Once you install the component, head back inside.

    Now open up your inventory and check your TranScribes. You should have 2 new TranScribes. One for Attracting Nightmares and one for Repelling the Nightmares. Activate the Attract Nightmares TranScribe to earn the trophy.

    You Rang? Video Guide

  • You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests in Rooms A, B, and C.

    To earn this trophy, you have to complete the mini tests that you are given in the start of the game, which you did horribly on because you didn’t have any Typhon powers.

    The testing area is located at the Neuromod Division area. It’s right after the fake chopper room. You will need Typhon powers to complete the tests, which are automatically unlocked during the Main Mission "Detour" when going through the Psychotronics lab. Once you get your Psychoscope, you can start buying Typhon powers by scanning enemies with the Psychoscope. To scan, you have to press on the controller.

    To start the test go to the security booth and reset the testing area.

    You will need to unlock "Kinetic Blast 1", "Mimic Matter 1", and "Remote Manipulation 1". As mentioned before, you will have to scan different enemies multiple times to unlock these powers:

    • For Kinetic Blast you will have to scan a couple of Phantoms.
    • For Mimic Matter, you have to scan a couple of Mimics.
    • For Remote Manipulation, you will have to scan Corrupted Operators.

    Once you unlock these powers, buy them with Neuromods:

    • Go into Room A and equip Kinetic Blast by holding and choosing it. To activate Typhon powers press to use it, or hold to charge and position your power trajectory. Now press the button on the console, and without moving away from the button console, hold to activate Kinetic Blast and aim it at the middle of the boxes. This should push the boxes away and complete the test.
    • For the Room B, use Mimic Matter and mimic the chair to pass the test.
    • For the final room, Room C, use Remote Manipulation on the button across the room to complete the test.

    The trophy will unlock once you complete all 3 tests and pass them. You will also get some Neuromods as rewards.

    Makeup Exam Video Guide

  • You found Dr. Calvino's secret stash.

    Dr. Calvino’s secret stash is located in the Hardware Labs area. It’s in the Dr. Calvino’s Workshop room. Getting to this room is part of the story during the Main Mission "Through a Glass Darkly". You will have to come here to activate a console.

    The trophy can be earned as soon as you enter the room. Once you get the computer turned on and the server connection fixed, you can watch the second video which shows Dr. Calvino moving the Coffee Tumbler to the secret spot.

    All you have to do now is to pick up the Coffee Tumbler located on top of a shelf under the stairway, and place it on the secret spot across the room on the other side. This will open the secret stash filled with useful items, and unlocking the trophy.

    Coffee Break Video Guide

  • You found Gustaf Leitner's Connectome for Dr. Igwe.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will have to complete the side mission "Gustav Leitner", which is given to you by Dr. Igwe during the Main Mission "Before I Give You The Key".

    Once you come back from the Power Plant, after rebooting the reactor, Dr. Igwe will call you (only if you saved him earlier in the game. For more information, refer to Adrift). Head back to the office to talk to him, and he will give you the side mission and the TranScribe "Leitner Music Sample".

    You are tasked to head to Igwe's room in the Crew Quarters and acquire his Connectome. Follow the quest markers to lead you in front of a painting on the wall in his room. Play the TranScribe he gave you in front of the wall painting to move it to the side. To play the TranScribe, press , scroll over to Data section, and then choose Audio Logs. Choose the Leitner Music Sample TranScribe and play it.

    Once the wall painting moves to the side, access the safe and grab the Connectome. Head back to Igwe and give him the Connectome to finish the side mission, unlocking the trophy in the process.

DLC: Mooncrash

10 trophies

  • In Mooncrash, install every neuromod power for every character.


    This is easily the most time-consuming part of the DLC. Galaxy Brain requires you to fully upgrade every character, which will require somewhere around 300+ neuromods. Some abilities also require targets to be scanned with the Psychoscope. The director (Riley Yu) always starts with one and you can find the schematic upstairs in her office on the floor when you go to unlock her (the Director). For scanning, you can either play as her or purchase one for 1,000 sim points before you start a run with the other characters. Luckily you only have to scan each enemy once, but some enemies can be tough to find because of the randomly generated simulations. The harder enemies like Telepaths and Technopaths start showing up frequently on higher corruption waves. If you're missing a phantom of any type, try using the director’s ability to create a phantom from a human's corpse. I played for nearly 12 hours without seeing a Voltaic Phantom but I was able to spawn one using that ability and scan straight away! Here's a list of each enemy required for scanning, as well as the ability they unlock:

    • Technopath – Machine Mind 2 & 3. These are found on higher corruption levels so try waiting until corruption level 3 or 4 to find them.
    • Mind-Controlled Human – Mind 2 & 3. Mind-Controlled humans can be found in very few set places, and always have an accompanying Telepath. The most common place is in the Typhoon Containment (Pytheas Labs). This area will always spawn either a Weaver or Telepath + Humans.
    • Nightmare – Fear Resistance 1, Kinetic Blast 3, Regeneration 2. Nightmares do not spawn until you are on the hardest simulation setting (once you've completed 20+ simulation orders). Luckily for you, there is always one locked up in Typhoon Containment. This area is found in the Pytheas Labs and the Nightmare is dead center in the lab. Scanning it is finicky so keep playing with your angles to acquire it.
    • Greater Mimic (Thermal, Voltaic, Etheral) – Mimic Matter 3. Scanning one of the three types of Greater Mimic seems to satisfy the conditions, but if it doesn’t, try to scan a different type. These three are fairly common throughout each area and corruption level.
    • Poltergeist – Manipulation 3, Lift Field 2. These are commonly found in bathrooms and other random areas. Listen out for creepy sounds and whispers, then use the scope to locate them (they are invisible).
    • Corrupted Operator (Science, Engineer, Medic) – Machine Mind 2. Very common.
    • Mimic - Mimic Matter 2. Very common.
    • Moon Shark – Burrow 1 & 2. You will always run into the Moon Shark on each run, make sure to scan him from a safe distance!
    • Telepath – Psychoshock 3, Mindjack 3, Backlash 3. Telepaths show up more frequent on higher corruption levels. Typhoon Containment in Pytheas Labs is guaranteed to spawn with either a Weaver or Telepath so check there.
    • Phantom – Kinetic Blast 3. Very Common
    • Thermal Phantom – Superthermal 3. Fairly common, but there is also one trapped in Typhoon Containment (Pytheas Labs).
    • Etheric Phantom – Phantom Shift 2. Fairly common. They look like Phantoms, only a darker shade of black.
    • Weaver – Phantom Genesis 2. Weavers are commonly found on higher corruption levels but also share a guaranteed spawn with the Telepath + Humans in Typhoon Containment (Pytheas Labs).
    • Voltaic Phantom – Electrostatic Burst 3. This is the one I had the toughest time finding. If one doesn’t show up on your playthroughs, try using the Director's ability to create a Phantom from a human corpse. I also found one in the Director's office near the end of her quest, which could be guaranteed or completely random. Those are literally the only two I saw the entire time I played this game!

    Now comes the collecting neuromods part. The first thing you want to do is grab the neuromod schematic. It’s always in the same place, on Angela Wagner’s body. Use any security station to locate her. She is also necessary to unlock the "Pilot" ability on each character, which doesn’t show up until you find her body. Once you found the schematic, you can make mods at any crafting station, or purchase them for 4,000 sim points at the beginning of a run. Even with all this, you are still going to need a farming route! With the help of h2h81, I spent a lot of time perfecting a run. You will want to use the Custodian for her hacking ability so upgrade that ability to at least level 2. She is also very fast and nimble. You can outrun the annoying Moon Shark and get to each area with haste. Below is a guideline to how I did my farming runs. Feel free to change yours up or explore a bit more to get more materials for crafting.

    I used the following loadout:

    • 1x Psychostatic Cutter (Default. Use on Mimics, Phantoms, and lesser threats).
    • 1x Standard Pistol
    • 90x Pistol Bullets
    • 1x Standard Stun Gun (needed to pass Typhoon gates quickly).
    • 200x Disrupter Bullets
    • 2x Medkits (optional but helps to have safety net).
    • Microminer+ Chipset (also optional but nets an additional 3-4k sim points per run).

    For the actual run, Loot everything! Everything can be recycled and turned into mods. Get a nice, healthy balance of organics from food and exotics from Typhoons. It is recommended to wait until you have the companion bot so he can be sworn to carry your burdens. After you finish a run and recycle everything, take note of what you ran out of first and try to grab more items with that material next run. I was running out of organic (food) and exotic (Typhoon organs) most often so I tried to carry more food and kill more enemies.

    • I start my run by heading to the Power Room in the center of the crater. This step is necessary because if you're on a higher KASMA order count, some areas can start without power. I check to make sure there is power to Crew Quarters and Pytheas Labs but you don't need Moonworks.
    • Loot everything. Head up the lift to Command Center. Loot this room and climb on top of the Command Center for a possible 1-2 mod spawn. Climb back down and recycle everything.
    • Head to Pytheas Labs. After the Typhoon gate, there's a gold chest on the right before the door so climb the duct and over the fence.
    • Enter the Labs and loot the Deployment area. Exit the room and find the lift going up.
    • Turn left and clear out the security room. Exit right and look for a trauma center. If it isn't blocked, loot that and head upstairs. You may need to use the air duct on the wall to climb up if the stairs are broken.
    • Clear the conference room and Riley's office. There's a guaranteed 2-3 mods on her desk. Hack her computer and transfer volunteer permissions to open cell 3 downstairs.
    • Exit her office and head back down the lift near Deployment. Find the computer and open cells 3 and 5. Cells 3 and 5 have guaranteed mods under the benches.
    • Head toward the Crater exit. There is a gold chest in the back of Typhoon Containment behind the Nightmare. Carefully clear out the Weavers/Telepath or sprint to the back to loot it.
    • Exit to the Crater and sprint to Crew Annex.
    • Go up the lift and enter Utility Room. If it's blocked, there’s a maintenance hatch in the showers so just follow the path around the right (in the big room) and down the hallway to the end.
    • Recycle everything to clear your inventory. Exit back to the main room, loot it then head up the lift.
    • Turn the corner to the right and loot the storage closet.
    • Head upstairs. If the stairs are on fire, you can climb the weird looking display near the window.
    • Take a left and loot Ken Mizuki/Alex Yu's office. There’s a maintenance hatch in Alex’s office if Ken’s door is broken. Don't forget the safe in Alex’s office; you can hack it!
    • Leave this area and head towards the lift to the Control Tower. Loot this area, including the secret area on top of the fridge.
    • Head back down and zap the shield to get to the shuttle. Loot all the bodies, the security station and the crates/briefcases in the shuttle. There's a gold chest in the back of the shuttle.
    • The run is finished at this point, head back downstairs and down the lift to the recycler in the Utility Room.
    • Recycle absolutely everything, including your weapons. This will give you enough materials to make at least 10+ more mods. Don't accidentally recycle your acquired mods, else you will wreck the run!
    • You can now use your mods to upgrade your character. If you current character is already done, store your mods on the companion bot and get yourself killed (you can do this in the menu, look for the status tab). Select the character you need to upgrade (do not reset the simulation!) You can now call up the companion bot and retrieve your hard-earned mods.

    Lastly, don't be afraid to purchase mods for 4,000 sim points each as a last resort. You always want to keep your balance above 50k for the Cryptomancer trophy. Keep in mind that saving a lot of sim points, will make No One Left Behind very trivial so use at your own risk.

  • In Mooncrash, unlock all 5 playable characters.

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    This trophy pops when you gain access to all five characters.


    • The Volunteer – Default
    • The Director – To unlock the Director, you need to locate her body. She is always located upstairs in the Pytheas Labs, in her (Riley Yu's) office. Head up the set of stairs inside her office to locate her body and the Psychoscope fabrication plan. You should be able to track her body from any security station if you're having trouble.
    • The Security Officer – Use a security station to track his body, as its location is randomly generated each simulation. His name is "Vijay Bhatia" so look under each tab until you find him. Upon tracking down his body, you unlock him.
    • The Custodian – This one requires you to complete the Security Officer’s story quest. First you need to unlock the Security Officer himself. Next you have to actually unlock his quest by escaping with him via "Mass Driver". Track this escape route via the quest menu, which involves loading five food, five non-alcoholic drinks, and one anti-rad into the driver and ejecting yourself. After that, reset the simulation and chose the Security Officer again. This time you can track and complete his personal story quest, just follow the quest markers and complete the quest to finally unlock the Custodian.
    • The Engineer – You unlock her after your first successful escape as the Volunteer.
  • In Mooncrash, finish the game with a surplus of 50,000 sim points or more.


    This trophy is straightforward. Manage your sim point spending while going for other trophies and just make sure to have 50,000 before starting your final KASMA order. Points are plentiful and I had nearly 80,000 at the end after spending nearly 100,000 on my No One Left Behind run to make it insanely easy. The trophy will pop when you've completed the epilogue scene after exiting the simulation for the final time.

  • In Mooncrash, damage 3 enemies with a single Psychostatic Cutter projectile.


    The Psychostatic Cutter is a new weapon introduced in Mooncrash. It's a lightsaber like energy weapon that can be used for melee or held down to launch a projectile at the cost of 20 Psi. You can find these scattered around as loot or use the Custodian as she starts with one.

    You only need to damage three enemies, not necessarily kill them. The best thing to do is to bring a Typhoon Lure with you and look for one of two things. First, a Cystoid Nest can spawn little cystoids that count for the trophy. Be wary that the ones spawned for Weavers don't count. Hold down and try to hit as many Cystoids as possible. If that doesn't work, keep an eye out for a Telepath controlling some humans. Throw a lure to attract the 4-5 humans and launch a projectile at them. This trophy took me several tries so just keep trying if it doesn’t work.

  • In Mooncrash, complete all Story Objectives.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This is for completing each of the five character-related story missions under KASMA orders. You first need to escape a certain way with each character to unlock them. When playing as a character, check to see what escape route is needed to unlock that character's route in your transcribe. Keep in mind that to escape with the Volunteer, you first need to both repair the Mimic machine with the Engineer and hack the computer in that room with the Custodian. You can do these at any time and they will likely be the last thing you do on route to finishing the game. I recommend leaving these for last just in case completing story missions actually ends the simulation.

  • In Mooncrash, you read all of the second Starbender series and still no regrets.


    There are only six books that you need to read for this trophy. They are huge books so you might find most of them in your travels. I will include a vague text location of each book, as well as a video.

    • Volume 1 – Outside Simulation: Outside of the simulation in your little moon cabin, on the floor. You can get this immediately before entering the simulation, or any time you're pulled out for story related dialog. You can still get this all the way into the epilogue so make sure to grab it when you are pulled out of the simulation for dialog!
    • Volume 2 – Crew Annex: This one is on a table outside of Alex Yu’s office.
    • Volume 3 – Crater: There’s a tunnel underneath the crater that leads from the Command Center to the Pytheas Labs. Head to the Command Center and drop down. Follow the tunnel until you find a bathroom, and the book is in one of the toilets. Depending on how many KASMA orders you’ve completed, the tunnel might be blocked. Fear not, you can enter from the Labs side (reference your map or the video below).
    • Volume 4 – Moonworks: Located in Joan Winslow's office. It’s hard to explain so reference the video if you cannot find it.
    • Volume 5 – Crew Annex: In the large area up the first lift, there are habitation rooms in the back hallways. The book is located in room 41-48. You will either need the engineer (if it's broken), or the Custodian to hack it. You can also located the keycard, but it’s on a completely random body in this area and could take a long time to locate.
    • Volume 6 – Pytheas Labs: This is located under the bed in volunteer cell 5. Use the computer in deployment labs (nearby) to unlock the cell. There are two books under the cell so make sure to read the correct one!

    Here's a video showing the exact locations (credit to VoltFieber82):

  • In Mooncrash, defeat a Moon Shark.


    After completing the first escape, you will be introduced to the Moon Shark. It becomes quite a nuisance, as it patrols the Crater and chases after you. If it hits you, it does massive damage and can inflict bleeding trauma. If you want this trophy immediately, you can use the Engineer and Typhoon Lures to kill it early. Set up the turret at a safe distance and lure the Moon Shark away from it. You could also wait until after you are fully upgraded, as each character can use powers or high damage weapons to make quick work of it.

  • In Mooncrash, GLOO 3 enemies with a single GLOO charge.


    GLOO Charges are the new grenades in Mooncrash that can be thrown at enemies to immobilize them. Unlike the Pyschostatic Cutter, GLOO Charges can only be found randomly so don't waste them. If there's a schematic for them out there, I never found it. You can go for the trophy in the same manner as Psychostatic Efficiency. Try to toss the charge at a bunch of Cystoids or lure the Mind-Controlled Humans with a Typhoon Lure before tossing the GLOO grenade. It has a fairly large radius so your aim doesn't need to be perfect.

    Alternatively, you can always close your application if you mess up and try again. The game will place you at the most recent checkpoint, which is entering a new major area (e.g. Labs to Crater). If you find a bunch of GLOO Charges, save and quit from the menu and resume. If you mess up the trophy, you can then XMB quit (close the application) and you can reload your save with charges intact.

  • In Mooncrash, complete all KASMA Orders.

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    There are 27 KASMA Orders and they can be viewed at any time by looking at your objectives in your transcribe. They are all straight-forward and can be done in any order. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the simulation gets harder each time you complete 3-4 orders so make sure to plan accordingly, based on what you still need to do before completing them.

  • In Mooncrash, escape the simulation with all five playable characters in a single run.

    Possibly MISSABLE, see the missable note in the Roadmap

    This trophy is for escaping with all five characters in a single run. Thanks to the ability to purchase anything with sim points if you’ve found the schematic, you have nothing to fear. Don't forget that you can close the application if you die and it will put you back at the last major door you entered (e.g. Labs to Crater). You can also exchange your items between characters thanks to the companion bot (unlocked around the 10-12 KASMA orders completed mark). Right before you escape, unload everything into your companion bot so as to have your goods available immediately once you start your next character's run. I personally spent nearly 100k sim points on this run and was never in any danger so feel free to use as many sim points as needed. I spent the majority of my points on the item called "Delay_Loop.Time", which allowed me to freely escape with everyone without even reaching corruption level 2. My characters were also fully upgraded with mods, making it even easier. I did, however, get smashed into a ceiling by a Poltergeist but quickly closing the application put me back in the game without having to reset my good run. Do note that being yanked out of the simulation for story dialog does not affect this trophy.

    The biggest takeaway is you must play the Custodian and Engineer before you play the Volunteer. This is because you need to repair and hack an item before being able to escape with him. In short, you should plan your escapes as following:

    • The Director – Escape via uploading your consciousness
    • The Security Officer – Escape via Mass Driver
    • The Custodian – Hack the computer in Pytheas Labs near the Mimic portal and then escape via escape pod
    • The Engineer – Repair the Mimic portal in Pytheas Labs then escape via shuttle
    • The Volunteer – Escape via the Mimic portal

    Doing it in this order allows you to unlock all locked story missions for each character. If you need a more in-depth guide, check out nekov4ego's awesome walkthrough here: LINK. See here for the video:

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