Trophy Overview

Estimated Trophy Difficulty : 3/10
Offline Trophies : 13
Online Trophies : 0
Trophy Breakdown : 9, 3, 1
Approx Time to /100% : 20 hrs approx
Minimum Playthroughs : 5 seasons
Missable Trophies : 0
Glitched Trophies : 0
Do cheats disable trophies ? No cheats
Does difficulty affect trophies ? No


Premier Manager is a football management sim available from PSN EU stores. There is no platinum for this title and no online multiplayer available so all trophies are strictly down to single player offline gaming. Most trophies can be obtained during your first season in charge if you take charge of a team already in the Champion's league, the rest come with natural progression. The game incorporates European Cup football but does not include International level management.

Road Map

Step 1 : First Season

Assuming trophies are first and foremost your priority, choose a team with the highest star rating in the league you choose to manage. Doing so will ensure you also choose a qualified team for the European Cup and so gives you the chance to unlock the "European Competition Success" trophy in your first season. By far the most useful tip in Premier Manager is the save and reload method to avoid losing important matches. To do this, go to the Hub menu by pressing from any menu before a match and going to Options --> Save Game. Play the match as planned. Should you lose, exit the game WITHOUT saving and simply reload your previous save. Alter a fine detail such as a slightly different formation or tactic and play again. Rinse and repeat til you win the desired match. Using this method, you should be able to manipulate a European Cup victory without too much trouble. Trophies you should be looking to unlock in this season also include "Winning Streak", "Domestic Competition Success", "Manager of the Month" and "Sharp Shooter" amongst others. See the trophy guide for more details on specific trophies.

Step 2 : Seasons 2 - 5 plus sweep up of remaining trophies

There shouldn't be too many trophies left to obtain after season 1 so there should be more than enough time to complete the remaining trophies en route to the "Loyalty" trophy. "Centurion" and possibly any Player/Manager of the year trophies that didn't unlock first time around should come in the second or third. If by the end of Season 3 you still need either of those, I would advise that you assemble as strong a team as possible, and charge through a full season without defeat using the save/reload method to maximise your chances. Finally, there may or may not be a requirement to start a new game to unlock the "Facilities level Up" trophy, see that particular trophy description for more details.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank smartbomb for this Road Map]

Premier Manager Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • To achieve this award you need to win a competitive game, sorry Friendlies don't count.

    This trophy will unlock on completion of your first competitive win. The match can be in any league or cup, just not a Friendly.

  • You will need to win a Manager Of The Month award to unlock this achievement.

    This trophy will unlock upon being awarded Manager of the Month. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the save/reload method outlined in Step 1 of the Road Map to continually remain undefeated for one full month. Needless to say, this is significantly easier to achieve with a team with a higher star rating.

  • Win either a domestic league or cup competition.

    Again, this is easier with higher star rated teams and use of the save/reload method. Cups involve less matches to win as opposed to a League so it's worth bearing in mind if you're doing poorly in the league. That being said, ensuring you do well in both will put you in good stead to earn either "Player Of The Year" and/or "Simply The Best".

  • Successfully increase your Coach, Scout and Physio at least 1 level.

    You can view your scout, physio and coaches experience level bar from the Home Menu along with their current star level. When the experience level bar is full, your staff member will gain a star. Your Physio and Coach are assigned by default to go about their activities of their own accord and will gain experience through natural progression. Your scout however needs to be sent to clubs/countries to seek out talent to raise his experience, so keep him busy by sending him off to scout by going to the Hub Menu and going to Scout --> Research and selecting an open schedule and assigning him some search criteria. Once each staff member gains a star level, the trophy is yours.

  • Increase your Stadium, Medical Centre and Training Centre by at least 1 level.

    This trophy is easy in theory, but can actually be quite difficult in that managing a very high star rated team often means their facilities are already at optimum levels. If this isn't the case, simply select either one of your complexes from the Hub Menu and selecting Manager --> Stadium --> for stadium upgrades, Coach --> Training Centre --> for Training Facilities upgrades and Physio --> Medical Centre --> for Medical Facility upgrades. Each of those menus will bring a list of upgrades. Another potential stumbling block is that all upgrades to facilities have to go through the Chairman, who can decline your request for reasons he will explain. The Physio and Coach facilities usually tie in with the corresponding staff member's star ability, don't go expecting a 10 star medical complex for a 5 star physio etc. For the stadium, it is down to your experience as a manager, which can be found in the Home Menu on the Hub.

    Thankfully, there is a very quick and easy method to unlock this trophy. Start a new game, separate to your existing one. Keep a separate save for this. The details are as follows:

    Choose to manage Arles in French Division 1. They have a 1 star stadium to start. Here is what I did;

    1) Sold some of their highest valued players, including two that went for £1.9mill and £2mill. Replaced them with freebies/cheap players.

    2) Received a sponsorship of £900,000, which gave the team a balance of about £5.9mill.

    3) This was enough to buy a £3mill, two star stadium and it gets approved.

    4) You'll receive some more money for TV rights or something and in first month or two of the season, both Physio and Coach leveled up (as did Scout for trophy!). Invested in both a medical facility and training facility.

    5) Play through the season. The stadium was my last one to be built (2nd Feb 2011, which is about half a season). Because of how bad the teams are, when the stadium was finished, I had two points in the league and my only victory in a cup match... and I still hadn't been sacked.

    So as long as you don't lose 9-0 every week, this should be easy enough to do.

    Credit to gcah2006 for this method

    In addition to the above, I would like to add that I tested this and it works with a few little tweaks. Basically, they are a bad team and selling their best players doesn't really help matters. I actually got sacked just before stadium completion, so I would add the following :

    Obtain as many decent free transfer players as possible. Offer them over what they require to sign to beat off any competition. The likes of Emile Mpenza, Juan Veron and Landon Donovan are all going for free so sign them up. After 5 or 6 signings of this caliber, get some more in, but immediately transfer list them. Their high profile will attract bids quickly pushing through a sale. The end result should be half a dozen quality players for free, and give or take 10 million in the bank to afford the likes of Veron and Donovan's wages for 3 months. My stadium was finished on 3rd March and I was 4th in the league.

  • Complete a season with any club.

    See "Loyalty"

  • You will need to get one of your players to win a Player Of The Year award.

    There is no definite way you can guarantee this trophy will unlock upon completion of a season. If you are utilising the save/reload method to win Domestic and European Cups, you should be in with a decent shout. Another way to increase the odds of you picking up this trophy is to keep an eye on who is winning most of the player of the month awards, and signing them in the mid year transfer window. Have them play a decent part of the rest of the season and this should increase your chances too. I used this method with Michael Ballack. As said in the Road Map, if this is still eluding you by season 3, dedicate season 4 to going unbeaten in all competitions all year. A combination of the above all put together in tandem for the 4th season should work it out.

  • Achieved when one of your players scores 30 goals in a Season.

    This should unlock naturally on your way to "Loyalty" and very possibly in Season 1. A few tips to increase your chances:

    • Assign your highest scoring striker after 5 games to be your penalty taker
    • Play a lone striker formation, again assigning penalties to him
    • Play attacking formations

    A mixture of the above should be more than enough to get 30 goals out of your star striker over a full season.

  • Achieved if you win any European cup competition.

    By selecting a team that is participating in a European Cup competition, all you need to do is go on to win it. The save/reload method may feature heavily in the pursuit of this trophy so be patient and use the tips as outlined in the Road Map.

  • To achieve this award you need to win 10 competitive matches in a row.

    This is another potentially difficult trophy made easy by the save/reload method. Using a high star rated team and having signed a few world class players, this should only require a few save/reloads to unlock.

  • Stay at the same club for 5 seasons.

    Survival in your job is the name of the game. Winning trophies helps keep you in the hotseat considerably, but isn't actually essential. As long as you dont get sacked or take up a post with another club for 5 seasons in a row, you will unlock this trophy. It is advised to keep multiple save files sporadically saved over should the worst happen so you can go back to a safe starting point from when the bad results started to pile up and trying again from there.

  • You will need to win a Manager Of The Year award to unlock this achievement.

    If you're playing this game using the Road Map, this *should* unlock at the end of your first season. If not, continue playing the game on your way to unlocking the "Loyalty" trophy. If it hasn't unlocked by the end of your third season, use the save/reload method for a full unbeaten season in all competitions. This should be enough to secure the award and subsequent trophy.

  • Achieved when you have won 100 matches.

    Play the game as normal. Once you win your 100th competitive match (friendlies don't count), this trophy will unlock. Most people will find this trophy will unlock somewhere during their 3rd season. Progress towards this milestone can be tracked by going to the Hub menu and then Manager --> My Factfile and pressing .

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