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    As with other fighting games, ranked matches have players fight against one another as they compete for a high ranking in the game's online leaderboards, as well as the highest league in the game and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is no exception to this. Thankfully, in contrast to most other fighting games, you will not be demoted a league (the game's name for ranks) regardless of how many matches you have lost.

    Whenever you start a ranked match for the first time, you will be greeted with the opportunity to fight against eight opponents to determine what your league will be. If you win all eight matches, you will be placed in the Gold I tier, which means you will unlock the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies at once. Whenever you win a ranked match, you will earn a medal that will help increase your league once you have collected a specific number of them while in each tier of the league you are in. The list of leagues and how many medals you need total in order to advance to the next one are listed below.

    • Bronze: 10 medals needed to advance to Silver
    • Silver: 15 medals to advance to Gold
    • Gold: 20 medals to advance to Platinum
    • Platinum through Elite: 25 medals needed in each rank to advance to Master

    In addition, for every match you win, you will also earn a point that will count towards you earning a bonus medal. Whenever you lose a match with no medals earned, you will either go down a tier in the league you are in or your bonus medal gauge will become empty. Please refer to the screenshot found in Morphenomenal for an idea of what the bonus medal gauge looks like. You can see your current league whenever you go to the main menu or your Profile.

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