Morphenomenal Trophy in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

  • Morphenomenal


    Reach player level 700

    How to unlock Morphenomenal

    (Online Multiplayer)

    In Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, your player level is the total combined level across each of the game's characters. For each time a character levels up, it will add up to your total player level. Keep in mind that this will only increase during online matches, namely ranked since there are trophies related to it.

    For instance, if you have Tommy at level 30, Gia at level 25, and Jason at level 20, this will result in your total player level being 75; playing as other characters and increasing their level will further add on to your total player level. Your character's EXP will go up, regardless if you win or lose a match but the amount of experience you gain will increase if you win the match. For a screenshot showing an example of this, please refer to the one found below.

    You can check each character's levels individually in the character select screen and alongside it, you can also view your total player level in the main menu, whenever you start a match and the match results screen. Using the three characters added to the game in version 1.02 (Cenozoic Blue Ranger, Udonna and Dragon Armor Trini) will speed up the process of unlocking this trophy.

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