Dedicated Knight Trophy

  • Dedicated Knight


    Complete 200 Event Quests.

    This is cumulative across all your characters.

    This will be the most time-consuming part of your journey to Platinum. Event quests are separate from the villagers quests you pick up on the Islands. These are quests that are visible on the World Map (top right) and vary from killing certain enemies, completing seasonal quest lines, collecting resources, etc. The Quests will be listed on the left side with a symbol next to their name. The Island they correspond to will have a matching symbol on its icon.

    You can grind out 200 events based on the random events that pop up on the World Map (this is the longest method to get this trophy). There is not always an Event active and the Seasonal Events will remain on the map, even after you’ve finished them. Doing it this way will take you anywhere between 8-12 hours to complete 200, possibly more depending on your luck. If you find yourself without any Events to do, you have the option to set the clock on your system forward or back one hour so one will appear. Otherwise, you’ll just need to wait it out.

    The other method, as provided by Optimusmart and AquastarG over on PSNP, will cut the time required down for this trophy drastically. It will require you to change the time on your system only once, and from there it’s simply repeating the same Event however many times needed until the trophy unlocks. Note this method does require you to regenerate your World so if you have anything built on an Island other than those you can purchase from a vendor, you will lose it.

    For this method, you’re going to repeat the Easter Egg Event. You’ll need a Level 1 Drafting Table to do this. While on the XMB menu, set the clock on your system to April 1, 2018 (go backwards just to be safe). When you start up the game and get to the World Select screen, click on the Map Marker symbol next to your World and look for the Island with the Easter Egg symbol on it. The Islands for this Event are only the Grassland Islands found in Area 1 (Squire’s Knoll, Fort Finch, Port of Caul, and Plains of Passage).

    When you arrive, the Event will activate. You’ll first need to find 15 of each color Egg on the Island (use a weapon to break them as some of the eggs come to life when you hit them). There are three colors so you’ll end up with 45 Eggs total. Once you have all the eggs, place the Drafting Table down.

    Once everything is ready, craft a Golden Egg with the Drafting Table to complete the Quest. When the quest shows as complete, destroy the Drafting Table and you’ll receive that as well as all the Eggs back (you need to break the table before it finishes making the Golden Egg - you have five minutes to do so). Do not use the Super Drill on the Drafting Table! Just use a pickaxe. The Super Drill can be a little glitchy and actually cause the items it's used on to disappear. When you have everything back, exit back to the Title Screen and select your character.

    This time, when you’re at the World select menu, click on the Settings/Cog next to your World and select “Regenerate” (when it asks if you’re sure, hit yes). WARNING: This will not only reset the Event, but it will also reset all the Story-related Islands. So if you’ve built anything on those, you will lose your stuff. The Islands you can purchase from vendors, however, will not be affected.

    Click on the Map Marker symbol again to open up the map and select the Island with the Easter Egg symbol. Travel to it, place the Drafting Table down, and create the Golden Egg. Once the Quest is marked complete, destroy the table to get all your stuff back.

    Rinse and repeat this process until you have the 200 Event Quests trophy!

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  • This is one of those trophies that developers create to keep people playing, but it makes playing tedious and boring. In any case this trophy will take a long to time to do even if you change the date on your clock manually, it takes around 15-20 minutes to do about 5 quests if you change the date. What i did was take note of the dates that i manually changed to so that next time i played i could start back at the date i finished off or the day after. To make things faster i found that doing certain quests like * Spores * Orc Brothers * Araktula * Skeleton * Parrots * Monkeys * Destroying crystals these were the fastest and easiest to do and if you just keep to those events you can do about 5 events every 20 or so minutes. If you dont get the event you want just go bac
  • k to your setting and change your date. Sometimes a quest will show but when you go to do it the quest tally wont show so no matter how many of said enemies you kill you wont complete the quest. If you dont see the quest tally on the top left of your screen, just warp to another world and warp back. It then shoulds show. Doing this with a friend makes it faster and less boring, but if you are doing it by yourself, put on some music or a movie cos honestly it pretty numbing. i also found the Archer the best class to play as as he can hit from a far and jump around and getting less hits if at all. I just left my finger on R2 and just tapped X to jump makes circles while kill enemies. Good luck.
  • If you dont want to mess about with dates and quitting the game all the time... Make 3 universes: one will be your main the others just for this trophy. Open the first 3 portals so you have 4 islands on the map. This is the minimum for events to trigger. Complete an event Travel to home island (forces a save) Quit to Title Select character Press right and X so you can see universe map and check each for events. Find and travel directly to an event. Complete and start again. There is an event that lasts 11 hours... if that occurs delete that universe (unless its your main) and make a new one and open the portals again (much quicker than waiting). Always keep 14+ blue stones as that min needed to set a new universe up.
  • There is a much easier way than all of the above. Takes you approx 4-8hrs and you’re done. All you have to do is make 5 alchemy tables (all max level) and get 2000 stone and 200 Energy Crystals. If you do not have 200 crystals yet, don’t you worry, they will come naturally. Start making as many C’Thiris Tesseracts as possible over all 5 tables (takes 5min to make one of them). And start doing the temple, jump one level down and the curse is always behind the same door. Depends on the random generator it is almost directly afterwards is, otherwise you’ll need to open a few doors. Once you killed the curse, go out, use another tesseract and start grinding. Per curse you get 2/3 crystals as well to make more of them. You can easily do 20/30 events per hour as soon as you get the hang
  • @ #4 the last patch has made this a little more difficult. the patterns of the tomb are different now. I have been running through it and so far have noted 5 distinct patterns + 1 more that I cannot solve.
  • I can confirm that #5 I spent like 2 hour looking Cthiris. Just follow the method above

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