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  • On the other side...


    Visit the Ghostworld.

    This trophy will take a bit of luck to get as the Event the Ghostworld is tied to is completely random. The Event you’re looking to get is called “Mysterious Portal”. It’ll require you to build a Portal in the middle a graveyard (you’ll need 6 Yellow Portal Blocks for this). When you go through [the Portal], you’ll be in the Ghostworld and the trophy will unlock.

    Keep an eye on the Events while you play through the game. If it hasn’t appeared after you’ve finished everything else and you don’t want to wait for it to appear naturally, you can change the clock on your system to help. Exit to the Title Screen, change the time on your system ahead 1-2 hours, then open your map and check for the Event. If it still hasn’t appeared, rinse and repeat until it does.

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