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  • Portal Knight


    Reach Level 30.

    Level 30 is the level cap for the game. You earn XP through mining, questing, and killing enemies. As long as you complete each Island to 100% (all quests done) as you go, it really won’t be too bad of a grind.

    As mentioned on the Down the Rabbit Hole trophy, it’s recommended you farm for the patterns required for the Rabbit Armor as you go, not when you finish the game, since each boss gives you a decent amount of XP. You’ll want to be level 10 or higher by the time you’re done with the first Worm Boss, level 20 or higher when you’re done with the second Dragon Boss, and then tipping or at level 30 when you’re done with the final Hollow Knight Boss.

    You can also farm World Events for some good XP. If you don’t mind changing the date/clock settings on your PS4, you can grind the Easter Egg event provided under Dedicated Knight. The XP for this quest increases as you level up, starting at about 450 for Level 1 and capping at about 28k at Level 29. You’ll average about 1 quest per 40-45 seconds this way.

    Alternatively, there is a quick and easy Quest you can grind once you have unlocked Area 3 (Islands Facetta, New Caul, and the Motherlode), though it does require you to regenerate your World, so you have built anything on any Island outside of the ones purchasable through a vendor, you will lose your creation. Farm for Crystal Thread in Facetta and New Caul (they drop from the pods with glowing blue lights). The bigger the Pod, the more thread that will drop. Once you have collected as much thread as you can, head over to the Motherlode. You’re looking for an NPC named ‘Carl the Collector’ (he is in a broken with a door and a fireplace). He will give you a quest to turn in 5 Crystal Thread and will give you a minimum of 15,933 XP in return. Once completed, exit back to the Title Screen. Select your character and when at the World Select screen, hit the cog/settings button on the right. Hit “Regenerate” (say yes when asked are you sure). Enter the World and the quest will be reset so go find Carl again and turn in 5 more Thread. Rinse and repeat this as much as you like. The average time it takes to complete this quest varies based on how fast you can find Carl after you reset the World. Thank you to Rezz for this tip.

    Make sure you are also crafting better gear and weapons as you go (the Warrior uses the Anvil, the Mage uses the Altar, and the Ranger uses the Archer Station). Once you have reach Level 30, the trophy will unlock.

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