Down the Rabbit Hole Trophy

  • Down the Rabbit Hole


    Collect and equip the complete Rabbit Armor and eat a carrot.

    There are 4 patterns that you need to get in order to make the Rabbit Armor:

    • Fluffy’s Wits (Headpiece) - 100% drop rate off the Target Dummy on the Tutorial Island/Squire’s Knoll (Recommended you do this at a high level as this thing has the highest HP out of everything in the game. The stronger you are, the quicker he’ll go down, but even at level 30, it’ll still take a minute or two)
    • Fluffy’s Strength (Gloves) - Rare drop off the 1st Worm Boss
    • Fluffy’s Courage (Chest piece) - Rare drop off the 2nd Dragon Boss
    • Fluffy’s Speed (Leggings) - Rare drop off the 3rd and final Hollow Knight Boss

    You will undoubtedly have to farm the bosses for their patterns. Because of this (and because you get a pretty good chunk of XP), it’s recommended you farm them as you go. When you kill each boss, go through the portal that appears when they’re down, then just fast travel back to their respective islands.

    Once you have received (and learned) each pattern, you’ll need to make all 4 pieces of the armor. In total, you’ll need the following:

    • 20 Cotton Cloth (60 Cotton)
    • 20 Silk Cloth (60 Silk)
    • 40 Linen Cloth (120 Palm Leaves)
    • 40 Gossamer Cloth (120 Crystal Thread)

    These can all be made at the Workbenching Table (you’ll need to upgrade it to Level 5 to make the Gossamer Cloth). After that, you just need a carrot. Equip the armor, munch on the carrot, and the trophy will unlock.

    If you are missing any materials (or carrots), please reference this post to see where to find each required item.

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