Fledgling Trophy

  • Fledgling


    Complete all Tutorial Parts.

    You will get this on the first Island of the game (Squire’s Knoll). On the top left side of your screen is where the quests will be listed. It’ll start off with the basics (look around, jump, attack, etc). When you’ve gone through those, you’ll need to pick up some quests from the NPCs.

    Robert, Elise, Rupert, and Cyrill all have quests for you. The starting Island is randomly generated so unfortunately I can’t pinpoint exactly where they will be for you, so you’ll need to do some searching on your own to find them.

    - Robert will require you to fix the Workbench in his home and the rebuild his house.
    - Elise will show you how to mine.
    - Rupert will walk you through creating Portal Stones and actually using Portals.
    - Cyrill will require you to go find some treasure.

    Once you have completed each NPC quest and the quests you automatically get when you start, the trophy will unlock. I recommend doing Rupert’s quests last so when you finish up and go through the Portal, you’ll be done with this Island and won’t need to return.

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