Cubicide Trophy

  • Cubicide


    Mine 53,596 Blocks.

    This is cumulative across all your characters.

    You will most likely not have this trophy by the time you finish the game. Even if you built up a lot on one of your home islands, it takes a few to get to 53k blocks, so a little bit of end-game grinding will be needed. Only blocks actually mined will count for this. Blowing up 53k blocks with TNT won’t get you anywhere (no matter how fun it is…). You must get the blocks using tools or your hands.

    It’s recommended you wait to do this until AFTER you beat the game. The strongest drill you can craft is the Titanium Drill, but save your materials. At the Portal Knight Sanctuary (only accessible after you defeat the final boss), there is an NPC named Mr. Chevelle (located on the third floor, out on the terrace) who will give you a quest to turn in 400 Dirt. The reward for this is the Super Drill, which is by far the fastest drill (and strongest) in the game. Using this will make this grind go by much quicker.

    When you have the drill, make some Sharpening Stones (any will do, but the higher quality, the better) and teleport on over to Shrieking Sands. Any Island will technically do, but personally I found this island to be the easiest in regards to mining dirt (you can just run down and shave all the sand down pretty easily). When you’re there, just start going to town on everything. You’ll average close to a stack and half per minute (about 600 blocks), which will be close to 36k after an hour.

    You do not need to pick up anything! You can mine away without anything going into your inventory so if your bags are full, you’ll be okay.

    Depending on how much mining you did during the game will determine how long you need to go for, but you won’t have to go longer than 3-4 hours. Once you have mined the final block, the trophy will unlock.

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  • oh god not this dreaded number again....
  • just an FYI explosives don't count as mining.
  • Make sure you're mining Sand Blocks not Dirt Blocks because those take more hits to break. Dig deeper into ground of Shrieking Sands and it's pretty much all sand there.
  • I actually got it while doing some demolition with explosives, so it seems that explosives DO count. Maybe they changed it when adding the Rifts DLC?
  • Could this trophy be glitchy? I played in co-op I've mined solo and in co-op for a long time but I still haven't got the trophy. Is there a way to track the progress? (other than counting the blocks in the inventory)
  • It's just long... I finally got it...
  • Does this count on bought Islands?
  • Just got it :)

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