Master of Magic Trophy

  • Master of Magic


    Upgrade the Altar to the maximum Level.

    You will also need to upgrade the Furnace to Level IV for this trophy (see Do-It-Yourself for what you need to make one).

    There are four Levels available for the Altar. As with the other two trophies, you’ll want to upgrade this as you progress through the game since the materials needed for the higher levels are found in Area 3. You’ll need the following to fully upgrade the Altar:

    44 Wood Logs
    4 Copper Ore
    2 Iron Bars (Furnace Level II Required)
    4 Verdant Emeralds
    2 Gold Bars (Furnace Level III Required)
    6 Sea Sapphires
    2 Titanium Bars (Furnace Level IV Required)
    8 Sun Diamonds

    If you are missing any materials, please reference this post to see where to find each required item.

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