Do-It-Yourself Trophy

  • Do-It-Yourself


    Upgrade the Workbench to the maximum Level.

    You’ll also need to upgrade your Furnace to IV level in order to get this trophy.

    There are five levels tied to the Workbench. You’ll need to upgrade this as you progress through the game as the materials needed for the later levels are only found in Area 3 (or rarely through random World Events). In total, you’ll need the following for the full upgrade:

    48 Wood Logs
    8 Copper Ore
    4 Iron Bars (Furnace Level II required)
    4 Gold Bars (Furnace Level III required)
    4 Titanium Bars (Furnace Level IV required)

    10 Stone Blocks
    3 Wood Logs
    20 Basalt Stone Blocks
    40 Obsidian Stone Blocks
    80 Celestial Stone Blocks

    If you are missing any materials, please reference this post to see where to find each required item.

    When you create the initial workbench, there are no size limitations tied to the final size, so you can place it anywhere you want. Once you have made the final upgrade, the trophy will unlock.

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