Great Explorer Trophy

  • Great Explorer


    Visit all islands of area 1, 2 and 3

    You don’t have to visit all 48 Islands available to you. You only need to visit those tied to the main pathways of the game (the Islands you buy from the vendor the Ghostworld for On the other side…, the final Island you unlock (Portal Knight Sanctuary), the Hard-Mode Boss Islands, and any Islands tied to seasonal World Events will not count). In total, you will only need 41 Islands. Simply creating the Portals to each Island won’t count; you actually need to visit/step foot on each.

    Once you create a Portal, you don’t have to go through it to open the Island on the map. As long as the Portal is activated, you will be able to fast travel to it no matter where you may be. Islands that have been unlocked, but not yet visited, will have the colored icons with “???” on them and will give no extra information (crops, ore, NPCs, etc).

    The list of the Islands required are as follows:

    Area 1: Blue Portal Stones Needed

    • Squire’s Knoll
    • Dusty Junction
    • Fort Finch
    • Autumn Springs
    • Port of Caul
    • Callum’s Claim
    • Shrieking Sands
    • Orson Orchards
    • Garnet Peaks
    • Plains of Passage

    Area 2: Yellow Portal Stones Needed

    • Landlubber’s Leap
    • Angler’s Wharf
    • Addermoor
    • Morello Marshes
    • North Point
    • Broadside Bay
    • Ghostlight Mire
    • Brackenburg
    • Mosakola Harbor
    • Mayyan Delta
    • Hintertown
    • Deepest Mosakola
    • Witchwater
    • Mount Meridian
    • Joren’s Outpost

    Area 3: Green Portal Stones Needed

    • The Great Scar
    • Filia’s Folly
    • New Caul
    • The Bone Wastes
    • Pockmark Plains
    • Pillars of Parum
    • The Motherlode
    • Facetta
    • Old Hintertown
    • Glimmerglen
    • Lunar Landing
    • Sea of Stalks
    • Starspires
    • Farpoint
    • Great Frontier
    • The Gate

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