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    Defeat the Hollow King Boss without taking damage.

    This boss is weak against Light Damage. You can solo him starting around Level 28, but it’s recommended you wait until you reach Level 30.

    This is by far the most difficult trophy you will do for the game, but the key to doing it is quite simple: patience. You want your main focus to be dodging and evading more than dealing damage. Make sure that during the fight, you ALWAYS have your Knight locked on to something, be it a Shadow Crystal or the Hollow King himself. If you’re not locked on to anything, hit and more times than not you’ll lock onto the Boss. If you missed it in the Roadmap, it is very highly advised that you turn off the Emote Wheel (Settings, Controls, Manual Settings). Accidentally hitting can make or break this fight for you so save yourself the headache and just turn it off.

    As with the other bosses, there are two parts to defeating the Hollow King that will repeat until he has been defeated. To start the fight, hit any of the Shadow Crystals on the platform.

    Part 1: Don’t worry about attacking anything during this short step. When you attack the initial Crystal (to start the fight), the Hollow King will do a whirlwind move in one of the player’s direction (if you’re doing solo, it’ll just be you), and he will do it quickly. While locked on to something (the Crystal or the Hollow King), mash so you are constantly rolling out of the way. If you are attacking while doing this, your rolls will be too slow and he will hit you, so no attacking! He will do this once if playing solo, twice if playing co-op.

    Part 2: After he has done his whirlwind move(s), you want to now attack the Shadow Crystals. If you are playing solo, there will be three Crystals to attack. If playing co-op, there will be four. During this step, he will shoot 3 large (and very powerful) Storm Orbs at all active players (or just you if you’re going solo). You need to roll out of the way of these before they hit you. As long as you are locked on to something, you should be able to roll away and still have time to spare to attack the Crystals. If you are not locked onto anything, just run parallel with the Boss so his attacks land behind you. If you don’t get all 3 (or 4) down in one go, don’t worry. This isn’t a race and you won’t be penalized. Steps 1 and 2 will repeat until all the Crystals have been broken.

    Once they have, the Dragon will come down, allowing you to attack him. Keep a note on this though… if you get all the Crystals down in the middle of Part 2, there is a very high chance he will still attack you one more time before going down, so just make sure you keep an eye on him and roll out of the way if need be. Once he’s down, attack away. He’ll eventually fly back up and you’ll rinse and repeat the process until he has been defeated.

    After he has been defeated (and if you took no damage), the trophy will unlock. If you did this on your first encounter with him... First, mad props to you, and second, Ghost Buster will also unlock.

    If you make a mistake, you can reset the boss (and the fight) by having all players go back down to the Landing Pad (either run or teleport through the map).

    If doing this at Level 30, the Talents/Specs used for each class can be found in this post.

    Below is a video showing this fight solo with all three classes, and one run on co-op, just in case you need more help.

    Note: The Ranger in the video is level 28 with level 22 crafted gear. The Mage and the Warrior are both level 30 with level 26 crafted gear. Everything they're using/wearing can be crafted at the Workbench (Ranger), Altar (Mage), and Anvil (Warrior). This is by far not the best gear available in the game.

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  • This is the hardest trophy in the game and requires a bit of luck. highly recommended you do this with a partner. If you both going into the boss at the same time have one person stay at the platform before the arena and the other person fight the boss the person who is going for the trophy is the person staying on the platform and needs to run back and fourth making sure to dodge quickly as the bosses projectiles can still hit them. Once boss health is almost down the person on the plat form should run up and deal the killing blow. Another method is to have the person going for the trophy to wait out at the join partner menu and have the one or two people fight the boss until nearly dead. Then person going for the trophy to join and kill the boss as the other two dodge. This one ne
  • eds a bit of timing as it can take up to 30 seconds to a minute to join a game. A good time to join is usually at the last crystal.
  • Is there anyone willing to help me get this trophy using the co-op method please? I'll help you in return. Id:paul-7706

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