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    How to unlock Champion

    This can be a pain to get but with the right Boosting setup, you can achieve it fairly simply. The way the Tournaments work on this game is that there are three levels: First Round, Semi-Final and the Final. You can only face someone who is on the same level as you, and once you lose at any level, you go back to the First Round.

    If you have a good boosting partner and each of you have 2 accounts on your PS3, both can acquire this trophy in 14 matches. It will require logging out of your primary account and switching to your secondary a few times, but using a similar approach as Epic Win we'll be playing 8 Ball and knocking the 8 ball in with your first shot to save time. Below is a "Road Map" of sorts to show the easiest way to get the trophy with only 2 players. For simplicity I will use the following abbreviations:

    Player 1 Main Account = A1
    Player 1 Secondary Account = A2
    Player 2 Main Account = B1
    Player 2 Secondary Account = B2

    1. A1 defeats B1 (A1 in Semi-Finals)
    2. B1 defeats A2 (B1 in Semi-Finals)
    3. A1 defeats B1 (A1 in Finals, B1 back to First Round)
    4. B1 defeats A2 (B1 in Semifinals)
    5. A2 defeats B2 (A2 in Semifinals)
    6. B1 defeats A2 (B1 in Finals, A2 back to First round)
    7. A1 defeats B1 (A1 gets trophy, B1 back to First round)

    Rinse and repeat so that B1 wins the Final round and trophy at Step #7.

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