Grand Explorer Trophy

  • Grand Explorer


    Visit 20 unique spaces

    All you have to do is visit 20 different places. The hardest/longest/most annoying part about this trophy is downloading the new areas. Simply choose any 20 areas and once you have visited 20th one, the trophy will pop. I recommend going to at least the following places since you will need to go there while working on other trophies anyway:

    1) Aurora
    2) The Complex
    3) The Complex 2
    4) The Casino: Concourse
    5) Acorn Park
    6) MIB Headquarters
    7) Pottermore Diagon Alley
    8) Sony Music Unlimited
    9) x7 Club
    10) Mall Floor One
    11) Mall Floor Two
    12) The Casino Complimentary Hotel Room

    For the other 8 just pick any other areas that suit your fancy, The HUB, any of the four core districts or any of the developer/publisher worlds.

    As recommended by Warbear:

    For this trophy, I would recommend downloading whilst in your Harbor Studio. Trying to download in a public space will sometimes queue your downloads. Also downloading in a private space is much much faster.

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