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    Visit a friend’s apartment

    To visit a friends apartment you can either ask for an invite or you can go to News and Social, Friends, and then choose one that is in their apartment and click go to. Once you get to their apartment the trophy will pop. To accept an invite you can press then hit until you get to your alerts, click on it and accept it. You can find a boosting partner here: LINK

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  • Yeahhh!
  • Just did that! Let's open "PS Home boosting thread" on the forum
  • Anyone need help with this feel free to add me on psn as I need this trophy also. PSN: lukebeire GMT: 0 PM me Welcome Guest Trophy. No blank friend requests please!!
  • If anyone needs help with this trophy send me a message I'll gladly help out. PSN ID: DiabloXIIIofWar
  • If anyone wants to get this, send me a message. Mention this achievement in the friend request please. My id = toyboy_51
  • add me anyone looking to get this PSN dylanwiggan, just put home in the message
  • Need help with this. PSN ID: Dexprime97
  • i need help with this too. PSN ID : Dekzter
  • Update: Already got it!
  • I need this, if you need this too go ahead and add me - PSN ID: JustSome_Chick
  • I need this trophy, been putting it off for too long :) PSNID: turtdirt
  • Need Help PSN ID: MDK996
  • I need this trophy. PSNID: Askey Put PS Home in subject.
  • Update: Got it!
  • If you need this too go ahead and add me - PSN ID: JTShifty Please add PS Home in subject
  • I login almost everyday. You can add me: Coldplayer1989
  • Anyone willing to give it a go? PSN: GenoStarrz
  • curiosity got the better of me had a look of ps home to find its full of kids. so my OCD kicked in now I need the trophies :( so feel free to add psn codes I will return the favour to get this. bet they bring out more trophies for this see it never ending :(
  • need help with this. My PSN: DAVIDCAROLINE
  • Already got this, so previous comment is no longer actual :)
  • I need help with this one, just add me kcku0527, put PS Home Trophy in title.
  • You can come visit me, my PSN ID is: AXLTHEELCAMINO
  • Thanks to all that offered help for this trophy, got it last night. As a bonus I got to add a few of you to my friend's list.
  • Looking to boost this trophy. Feel free to add me: "Zylra". Please put something along the lines of "PS Home" in the title. :)
  • Feel free to add me for this. PSN: MonkeyCamelThing
  • Add Torresthebest10 on psn! Write PSHOME in the friend request.
  • Need help with this Trophy, add PSN: PanteraDeath
  • I also need help with this trophy, add me serac112 on psn. Put in message for trophy hunting :)
  • I need help also
  • sent serac112 and toxicpunkette FR's im still trying to get this one still also
  • Still trying to get this one if anybody can help: PSN: monkeys_in_trees
  • Shoot me a message letting me know what game PSN ID: unguardedgh0st
  • Add me if you want to get this trophy PSN:AnarchicDivinity
  • Add me :xxshin I need this trophy
  • need help with this
  • I need help with this. PSN: Abi-Sia
  • I would be happy to invite someone to my apartment if they'll do the same for me. I have already tried a couple times but I keep NOT getting invited... eraserturds
  • If you need this too, send me a message with "PS HOME boost" and we can invite to each others ap. PSN: dodinho_moz
  • my partner need this trophy as i cant do it only owning 1 console psn: proudmummy92 thank you
  • got this trophy already, so please dont send me any more friend requests.
  • Add me if you want it DeadPredator97
  • I am still working on the 50 days (my only one left for Home) so if anyone wants to join me in my apartment, add me and I'll send you an invite when I do my daily login. eraserturds
  • Can somebody help me with this trophy?? My psn leisO1-7_HYFR
  • Woohoo! Finally got my 50 days. Sadly, I won't be booting this game up anymore. Sorry folks.
  • I need help with this trophy. PSN: Embrozy You help me, I help you.
  • i need help with this trophy too please
  • hello, i need help to boost 1 trophy. the PS Home's Welcome Guest-Visit a friend’s apartment trophy. the thing is. this will be for my Japanese account. So i dunno if you also need to have a Japan account as well in order to work, but send the invite anyways and message me about this subject in your invite. PSN ID: LosllluminadosX
  • got it!
  • Looking to get this today if anyone can help. my PSN ID is Garrus_Lannister Thanks!
  • *Update* i already got it. don't need help anymore. thanks.
  • looking to get this before it closes for good. PSN ID is Headsmacker
  • I need help to get this trophy. My PSN IS is dhyte56ri7t
  • *update* would like to thank sens_77 for helping me get this. Now I can get this thing off my HDD.
  • Someone please add me, GurpsK13 on PSN, asap. I need this last trophy for 100% before PS Home closes for good in a couple of days. Time Zone: British GMT
  • PSN GooieGreen need an invite ASAP!
  • All done. RIP Home(beta)

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