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    Take a photo on 10 different days

    Another very simple trophy to obtain though it will take you 10 days to unlock. Note: You can't change your PS3's internal clock to obtain this as the trophy goes by server time and not the system clock, it must be done on 10 different days. To take a picture simply press then choose the top option, Camera, and press to take a picture. These do not have to be 10 consecutive days just 10 different days. On the 10th day of taking a picture the trophy will pop. If you want to see how many photos you have left to take you can go to the main XMB and head over to the photos section to see how many more you need to take.

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  • when he says "different" it means you must complete that action ONE TIME FOR A ONE DAY doing it twice for that day and that day will not count for the trophy.
  • am going for any zone each day
  • Just a quick question, if i take a picture a 00xx hour, will it count as next day or it will be same day?
  • I took 12 pics still didn't get it maybe cuz some might if been not a day later
  • Done more then 10 and no trophy. Done a few before and after midnight in one session and this could be the issue. Perhaps Playstation Home counts a new day according to GMT only, while there is BST currently in UK.
  • Done picture Today at 0:10 and nothing happened and then again at 10:20 and the trophy popup. Not sure when Playstation Home starts and ends.
  • This trophy doesn't include photo's that you've taken before the trophy patch, as I've taken quite a few photo's on more than ten different days, before the trophy patch.
  • trophy patch?? whats that??
  • I'm up to 11 days worth of pictures (20 pics total) according to the time stamps on them and still no trophy. I'll try a couple more days and see what happens. Any ideas though?

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