Brand New Toy Trophy

  • Brand New Toy


    Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items

    There are a few places where you can get some free portable items, their locations are as follows:

    Acorn Park: Found under the Explorer tab

    - St. Patrick's Day Empty Well Bucket: Given to you for entering Acorn Park, if it isn't then interact with the wishing well next to the dog park.
    - Dog: Just for entering Acorn Park you will be given 200 acorn points, you can use the points to purchase the dog from the vendor by the dog park.

    Aurora 1.8: Found under nDreams in the Explorer Tab

    - Vincent: Given to you for entering the area

    These are just a few that you can get for free. You can also buy a skate board in Acorn Park or if you have the Giftinator 9000 you can unlock a free Laser Shark under Locomotives.

    To see how many portables you have to press then go: Personal => My Inventory => Portables. Note: The Bubble Machine does not count towards this trophy.

    You can also get this by downloading dances as well, thanks to RED_REBEL44 for pointing this out and BobbyLight for the tip.

    I just got my trophy by downloading two free dance moves. Pause -> navigator -> shop -> Granzella store then go to the bottom middle icon and you should find 2 free dance moves.

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  • You should write more places, where I can find other portable items? I don't have enough acorn points and can't buy free dance moves because PSStore is not working (price is Error)
  • The two dances in Granzella Store aren't free anymore. Now they cost both $1.99.
  • Just got the dance moves for free, still there.
  • The free dances are located in the Locomotion section of the Granzella store. It's the icon showing a car and a dragon.
  • Free Items are in many locations. Acorn Park changes with the season, so the St. Patrick items are only in the St. Patrick's Day version of Acorn Park. Simply find any item to buy for your 200 Acorns, & that will tick one of the items off of your list. I for example purchased a "BUMPER CAR". I also won a "GO-KART" in another district, & got the "DAVID GUETTA HEART" from the DJ Booth in the David Guetta district.
  • lol forget all those stupid messages,,, just go to free ITEM GIVEAWAY then buy the stuffs from volume 4 . select the 2 character logo, you will see a koala ,troll. lantern etc.. etc... very simple trophy lol. no need to look everywhere for stupid dog stand or loading maps lol lol ... btw ,, st patrick day ( i cant even see it ) ??????????????

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