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    Own 15 purchased or rewarded clothing items

    A lot of games will automatically give you free stuff if you have saved data on your system so this may pop as soon as you start PlayStation Home. If it doesn't then the following are some good places to get free clothing:

    Pottermore Diagon Alley: Just for entering the area you will unlock a full wizard outfit.
    x7 Club: If you are a PlayStation Plus member you can download a ton of free stuff.
    MIB Headquarters: Walk around to the different rooms to receive a lot of free stuff.
    Mall: A lot of the shops in the mall will have free clothing as well, walk into different ones to see what they have.

    These are just a few places, a lot of other places that you go to will have free stuff either just for entering or for walking around so explore to find a ton of new stuff. If you are still having trouble check out the link below for a list of all game related items created by mnbvdsa: LINK

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  • It is a retroactive trophy. It will pop up within a few seconds after you log in to home.
  • ^Yeah if you played psn home before the trophies were released

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