Interior Designer Trophy

  • Interior Designer


    Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in an apartment

    You can do this in your starting apartment which is Harbor Studio. To unlock this trophy you must place 15 furniture items in your apartment. Furniture items include Wall Hangings, Chairs, Footstools, Tables, Containers, Flooring, Ornaments, Cubes, Lights, Sofas, and Appliances. The items that are automatically in the Harbour Studio Apartment do not count towards this trophy. There are a ton of places you can get free items. The following are some good places to get free furniture items:

    MIB Headquarters: In the back left and right room of the starting area, free neuralizer in the shop.
    Sony Music Unlimited: The guitar and light ball in the VIP lounge. To enter the VIP lounge walk up to any information desk and interact with it.
    Acorn Park: Awarded for entering the area, 3D printer in the middle of the bridge, spend any acorns to receive the trash can.
    3D Printer: You will be given 50 free points, you can buy a rose in a vase for exactly 50.
    The Casino: Concourse: You will receive a few items just for entering the area.

    If you are still having trouble check out the link below for a list of all game related items created by mnbvdsa: LINK

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