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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Trophy Difficult Rating) (3/10 my opinion with bot exploit)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 38 (24, 8, 5, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100 Hours + (Estimated time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Dozens of BRs needed.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, Master Assassin, The First Rule Is…, Trigonometry Novice, Shoot the Knee
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: NA
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, NA and EU versions.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Additional peripherals required?: No, but the 7.1 Gold Headset will make your life easier sensing the enemy's direction.

Wellcome to PUBG, the game created by Brendan Greene and inspired by the japanese movie Battle Royale, written by Koushun Takami. (Highlander and The Hunger Games are also related.)

While it is not the first BR game made, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sold more than 25 million copies and popularized the BR format. Greene was already behind the development of BR mods for ARMA 2, ARMA 3, Day Z and H1Z1.

The game has no background story, storyline or main/side characters. It is all about beeing the last man, duo or squad stading in the end of each match. And don't worry, every in game purchase is purely cosmetic, making it all skill dependant.
Controls (Basic):

: Move / Pressed Run / Pressed Twice Auto-Run
: Rotate Camera
dpad_up.png: Secondary / melee weapon
dpad_down.png: Switch heals / Pressed use heal
dpad_left.png: Toggle aim
dpad_right.png: Switch/Equip Tossable objects
: Items Menu / Pressed System Menu
: World Map
: Equip/Switch main weapons
: Sit / Pressed Lay down
: Jump
: Pick Up/Interact / Pressed Reload
 + : Emotes
r1.png: Switch camera
: ADS / Hold Aim
: Fire weapon/ Hold Use grenade
r1.png+rs.png: Free look


It's been more than 2 years since the realease of the game, and many players stopped playing after the release of Warzone, Apex, Fortnite and many others BR games.

That said, take note that you can atain almost every trophy (Refer to Cruising with the Enemy and Guardian Angel) in this game by exploiting the lobby and playing mostly against bots. To do so, go into system menu, turn the cross platform off, refresh the lobby, and play Squad of 1 on random map mode.

Take a look at Master Assasin for tips on how to be the best, if you want. This will save many, many hours of grind.

Step 1: Winning the first 10 games.

First, remove your shoes. They make a lot of noise and unless you really want to be up to date with your style, I do encorage you to be bare feet.

Here you should focous on learning how the controller layout work, winning games is not hard as it sounds and these trophies will most likely be the easiest in the game. You need to kill fast, switch weapons faster, and heal even faster. And then be the last standing.

Some kill related trophies will be naturally attained when doing so.

If you played some FPS games before, this will be easy.

Upon completing this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked:

trophy_gold.png Last Survivor
trophy_gold.png Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
trophy_gold.png Dynamic Duo
trophy_gold.png Fantastic Four
trophy_silver.png Killing Spree
trophy_silver.png Top 10
trophy_bronze.png Blood on My Hands
trophy_bronze.png Devil Inside Me
trophy_bronze.png Marksman Novice
trophy_bronze.png CQB Novice

Step 2: Open World Exploration (Misc)

There are some miscellanious related trophies, they are easy and will pretty much be done alongside Kill count related trophies.

You should loot every Help Crate, silencers, boosters and dead bodies. Always have Cruising With the Enemy in mind, as this is pretty much the hardest trophy of the game.

Upon completing this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked:

trophy_silver.png Pacifist
trophy_bronze.png Health Junkie
trophy_bronze.png Cruising with the Enemy
trophy_bronze.png You Complete Me
trophy_bronze.png Ghost
trophy_bronze.png Guardian Angel
trophy_bronze.png Airborne
trophy_bronze.png Now You See Me, Now You Don't
trophy_bronze.png First Come, First Served
trophy_bronze.png Okay, Now I'm Ready

Step 3: Kill Grinding Related Trophies.

Some of then you earned when running for wins, now winning a match is still fun, but you need to keep in mind that some really hard grinding will be needed.

You will already know how to loot properly, the best spots in each map, and what gun you're more suited in. Time to seek the fight; dying doesn't matter anymore.

Upon completing this step, you will have the following trophies unlocked:

trophy_silver.png CQB Master
trophy_silver.png Marksman Master
trophy_silver.png Nade King Master
trophy_silver.png Collateral Damage
trophy_silver.png First Blood
trophy_bronze.png CQB Expert
trophy_bronze.png Marksman Expert
trophy_bronze.png Nade King Expert
trophy_bronze.png Nade King Novice
trophy_bronze.png The First Rule Is…
trophy_bronze.png Trigonometry Novice
trophy_bronze.png Agent 48
trophy_bronze.png Don't Pan Me Bro!

Step 4: Cars, Crossbows, 1000 Kills.

Now there will be only 5 trophies left. 2 of those by killing people with and inside a car are a little tricky; crossbows are a nightmare to find; Master Assassin is glitched, probably being the last trophy you will obtain, as many people have gotten it past 1300 total kills.

Happy farming.

trophy_platinum.png I Beat PUBG
trophy_gold.png Master Assassin
trophy_bronze.png Shoot the Knee
trophy_bronze.png Fury Road
trophy_bronze.png Fast and Furious

PUBG: Battlegrounds Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 25  )

  • Acquire all trophies.

    After acquiring any other trophy, you can brag about this nice platinum frying pan to your friends, good job!
  • Win a game 10 times.

    Easier than it sounds, if you follow the walkthrough, this will be your 4th trophy.

    To win a game you, need to be the last man, duo or squad standing alive after surving all zones close, or killing every enemy in the map.

    For tips on how to improve your awareness of PUBG and therefore win easier, refer to Master Assassin.
  • Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Solo.

    Easier said than done; simply win one Solo match.
  • Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Duos.

    Same as Solo; win one Duo match.
  • Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Squads.

    Same as Duo; win one Squad match.
  • Reach the top 10 10 times.

    Don't worry, as this will come naturally.

    Note that if you are playing Duos/Squads looking at the top right of the screen does not reflect your team position, but the total player's left alive.
  • Reach the top 10 without killing anyone.

    Play any kind of match you desire, land in the center of the map and loot Gear, Healers and Booster.

    Then Hide and survive the longest possible. This is actually pretty easy.
  • Kill 200 players with a shotgun, a submachine gun, and/or a pistol.

    As the description suggest, kill 200 players with short range guns.

    Using SMG's are easier and faster. You should look for any gun using 9mm or .45 bullets.
  • Kill 50 players with a shotgun, a submachine gun, and/or a pistol.

    Please refer to CQB Master.
  • Kill 10 players with a shotgun, a submachine gun, and/or a pistol.

    Please refer to CQB Master.
  • Kill 100 players with an assault rifle and/or a sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.

    Glitched. From my experience, it doesn't need to be a kill from over 100m. I have gotten this after downing a enemy with my AR and then doing a point blank kill (and a headshot) with the SR.

    The best way to grind this is with bots, playing Squad of 1.

    Use SRs that don't need to reload after each bullet fired. Also keep an eye for help crates. They often have the AWM wich use Magnum bullets and destroy people like they are nothing.

    Doing this alongside Trigonometry Novice will save you time.

    In case you're wondering, each square in the mini map has 100m².
  • Kill 30 players with an assault rifle and/or a sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.

    Please refer to Marksman Master.
  • Kill 10 players with an assault rifle and/or a sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.

    Please refer to Marksman Master.
  • Kill 50 players with grenades.

    The best way to grind this trophy is killing bots, playing Squad of 1.

    Only frag grenades count toward this trophy. Molotov, C4 and stick bomb don't work.

    Also doesn't matter how you downed the enemy, as long as the frag blast kill the enemy, so after downing a bot, it will crawl in a straight line; just toss the frag in the same direction a little ahead of him.

    Bots almost always have a frag with then, making this a good farming cycle.
  • Kill 30 players with grenades.

    Please refer to Nade King Master.
  • Kill 10 players with grenades.

    Please refer to Nade King Master.
  • Kill 1000 players by any means.

    First, notice that this trophy is glitched.

    Many players reported getting the trophy after 1300 kills across all season's and Solo/Duo/Squad modes, TPP and FPP. This will take time and is skill dependent, so I highly suggest that you focus on the trophies as the roadmap I created suggest.

    That said, to survive the most and have at least 10 kills or more in every match, consider using the lobby exploit to play mostly against bots.

    Your strategy must always be:

    First, find good guns!

    Long range / scopes 4x;6x;8x / SKS, SLR, Mini 14, M16A4, AWM, M24
    Medium range / scopes 2x;3x;4x / SCAR-L, M416, G36C, QBZ
    Close range / scopes Red Dot;Holographic;2x;/ MP5, Vector, UMP 

    Having one SMG and one AR proves to be the best combo. Always have plenty of ammo, around 200/350 bullets for SMG's (9mm / .45) and 200 for AR's (5.56 / 7.62). Also remember that the SMG ammo weight less.

    Second, carry everything you can.

    Find a Backpack and start stockpilling boosters and healers. If you find boosters and don't have space for then, use yours even with full hp and take then, with a filled bar you gain alot of speed. Always trade your gear for better ones, there are 3 tiers total, and loot crates always offer tier 3 Gear. (be aware of enemies that also may camp then).

    Keep your weapons with good attachments, then try and find what suits you better.

    Third, keep it loud!

    After attaining the suppressors related trophies, don't use them anymore.

    Bots are almost always attracted by the noise of gun shots, while many players avoid it or approach quietly. They can see you through the walls and will shot even when you're inside houses, wait for their mag to empty and spray them; this should be really easy. Any bot that listens to the noise will also come toward you. Use this to your advantage and always have a good cover. They also fire nonstop. You will get used to it and will know when a bot is shooting or a player.

    Good hunting!
  • Kill 100 players by any means.

    Please refer to Master Assassin.
  • Kill 10 players by any means.

    Please refer to Master Assassin.
  • Kill a player by any means.

    Please refer to Master Assassin.
  • Kill 20 players with bare hands.

    Go into system menu, turn the cross platform off, refresh the lobby, and play Squad of 1 on random map mode.

    Down any bot you come across, Press and hold triangle.png to be bare handed, press circle.png to crouch and then go closer to punch then till they die.

    Repeat 20 times and then he trophy is yours.
  • Kill at least 4 players in a single match.

    Please refer to Master Assassin.
  • Headshot and kill 10 enemy players with a sniper rifle.

    Please refer to Marksman Master.
  • Equip a Lv.3 Helmet, Military Vest, and Backpack in 10 matches.

    Please refer to First Come, First Served.
  • Get the first kill of a match.

    There are two ways of doing this.

    The first is the riskier, but faster. Be the first to drop from the plane and press ls.png to go faster, head straight into the first loot you see, grab a gun and seek a fight. If you win, this will much likely be the first kill of the match, and if you're using the lobby exploit, it will be a bot which is easir to kill.

    The second is waiting the plane to force you out, then dropping the fastest possible after pressing the ls.png, land and kill any AFK player that where left in the plane. This may not work at first because; 1 - someone can die before the plane drops you out; 2 - another player can also drop with the same intention and kill you.
  • Kill 10 players with the crossbow.

    Not hard if done with the lobby exploit. Down any bot you come across with any gun you have, then finish then with the crossbow.

    The only thing that is annoying in this trophy, is how hard it is to find Crossbows, and how useless it is in fights. You need to sitck to any AR you're confortable with and use extended magazines to have 40 bullets when engaging someone.
  • Loot 50 items from the carepackage.

    Like the description say, loot 50 items from the help crates.

    They look like this:

    When you hear the plane crossing keep looking until you see the crate dropping. If it is close, go for it, sometimes no one open the crates that already landed afraid from another players camping it. Give it a try and check then.

    They always have one of each tier 3 gear, Helmet, Vest and Backpack.

    Loot everything and if you don't want something, drop then afterwards. Keep in mind that bullets only count as 1 item, since they are stacked.
  • Kill 50 players with suppressed weapons.

    The best way to do this is save any supressor you find, down enemies and finish them with the supressed gun.
  • Equip a ghillie suit for the first time.

    They are only found in Help Crates (Carepackage).

    Please refer to First Come, First Served.
  • Jump out from an airplane 101 times.

    This will come naturally. Play 101 Matches.
  • Kill 10 players with a gun while in a vehicle.

    Pretty easy to do with the lobby exploit, especially in the bigger maps.

    Find a car, attract some bots by shooting to the sky. Down then with any gun then place the car near then, switch for the passanger seat and kill then.

    Can also be done with any bike, but you will be more exposed.

    Reapeat 10 times.
  • Revive a knocked-downed teammate.

    There are 3 ways of doing this:

    1 - You can politely ask the people who fill your team to help you, if he/she throw a grenade at their own feet and you revive him/her.

    2 - You can boost this by playing with a friend.

    3 - Do this naturally after helping a downed random teammate.
  • Equip a suppressed weapon in every weapon slot.

    You need both main weapons and a pistol to be equiped with an supressor.

    There are 2 ways of doing this:

    1 - Find the 3 pieces on your own, and this can take a long time.
    2 - Playing squads, with randoms or friends and asking then to help you.

    Every supressor look like this:

  • Kill another player with the frying pan.

    When you find a pan, equip it.

    Find and down an enemy, switch to the pan and kill him.

    Easy as that.
  • Kill 10 players by hitting them with a vehicle.

    Pretty easy to do with the lobby exploit, especially in the bigger maps.

    Find a car, attract some bots by shooting to the sky. Down them with any gun then ram over the poor souls with the car for the kills.

    Reapeat 10 times.
  • Wear the outfit of a dead player.

    After killing any player, loot the entire cosmetic gear he had and this trophy will pop.
  • Get into a vehicle with an enemy player.

    This can be easy to do, or a complete nightmare. Totally random and luck dependent.

    Bots don't use vehicles; this can't be done using the lobby exploit.

    You need to find a vehicle sitting duck and wait for another player to get on it.

    The problem is, if you ride the vehicle and go anywhere with it, the other players will be aware of you because of the noise and will hunt you down totally ignoring the car.

    You need to play smart here. Good luck.
  • Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.

    You will get it naturally. Just keep using boosters until the bar fill.

    This can also be done with the adrenaline syringe as your bar will fill entirely.

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