Energy Room Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

  • Energy Room


    Have a rest. Now carry on.

    How to unlock Energy Room

    Replay Image: Select image number 4 in row 8.

    In the energy core area where you'll have to use the center cube to climb towards the top of the rotating square. Be careful to avoid touching the energy core and make your way towards the left platform area. Take the ladders to the top of this platform and head right while using the crushing platforms to gain some height before you jump across the gaps. Now in the last room, you'll be able to see the two energy cores and the lever below. Falling down will prevent you from getting back to the top platform unless you used the "Replay" feature. The first thing you want to do is obtain the final miscellaneous trophy by jumping across the gap of this small room. In the very corner, keep running against the wall and the trophy will unlock.

    This is the corner where you need to run into. Very easy to miss if you weren't aware of it:

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