Laser Survivor Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

  • Laser Survivor


    Making light of the situation.

    How to unlock Laser Survivor

    Replay Image: Select image number 1 in row 6.

    Eventually, you'll come across a section where touching the green laser will trigger a series of crushing devices that you need to outrun. On the third crush device, you need to jump on top of it so you can get higher ground to jump across the gap on the right. Jump across the platforms near the lava and quickly run off the large rock floating on top of the lava because your body weight is causing the platform to sink into the lava. Keep heading right and you'll see some ladders, green lasers/switches, and red lasers. The green lasers are safe to touch but the red lasers will kill you, however, if you let yourself die to these red lasers the trophy will unlock.

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