End of the Tunnel Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

  • End of the Tunnel


    Explore the dead end.

    How to unlock End of the Tunnel

    Replay Image: Select image number 2 in row 6.

    Shortly after unlocking the Laser Survivor trophy, you'll need to find a way to get past both red lasers without dying. To do this, climb the two left ladders all the way to the top and head towards the ladder on the right side. There is a green laser device that you can jump onto and start swinging back and forth to increase the swing speed. This will cause the green laser to touch the green button switch on the ground level which in turn disables the red laser on that corresponding side. Once you have gained enough speed on the right green laser, quickly jump off the device, take the ladder up and head back towards the left ladders. Jump onto the left green laser and start swinging back and forth until you gain enough momentum for it. Now you must quickly jump off the left green laser device and take the ladder down to the ground level. Run as fast as possible to the right side past the red lasers. If the red laser is still on but the green laser is still swinging, you might have to wait a bit before running past the red laser. Keep heading right and pull the black/grey cube out of your way to clear a path ahead. Continue heading right and climb the poles that you come across upwards and not downwards. You'll end up reaching the dead end of the tunnel with nowhere to go, which will unlock the trophy.

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