Running into Walls Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

  • Running into Walls


    Sometimes, a hidden passage opens up.

    How to unlock Running into Walls

    Replay Image: Select image number 4 in row 5.

    This trophy can be easily missed if you don't know about it especially during your first initial playthrough. Eventually, you'll be in a cave where there will be a laser object shooting a green beam at the pool of lava in front of you. Jump onto the laser and swing it back and forth to gain some momentum to jump off it to reach the right side. Keep heading right but don't advance too far, you'll see a rock fall behind you. Turn around and climb this rock to reach the upper levels. This area really doesn't do anything to advance the story but there's a hidden passage that you can get into by jumping into the wall on the left and keep running left which will unlock the trophy.

    This is the where the hidden passage can be found:

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