Shock Therapy Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

  • Shock Therapy


    It’ll learn.

    How to unlock Shock Therapy

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After passing a carnivorous plant with the use of a white firefly. Keep going right by jumping, climbing platforms and sliding down a hill until you find AUDIO LOG 3 (be careful to not fall down the cliffs). Climb the nearby ladder next to the audio log and climb towards the top. You should see two platforms to your right, try to catch yourself on the top right platform and fall to the second platform below it. If done correctly, you should see a black cube like object near the right corner of this platform. Climb over it and push it off the left edge. Now jump back onto the ladder and hopefully you grab onto it to break your fall (or else you might die). When on the ground level, grab and push the black cube all the way towards the right side. You'll see a huge spider-like creature next to some electrical objects that have no power. Pushing the black cube into the power outlet will turn these electrical objects on and electrocute the creature to run away, which also unlocks this story related trophy for doing so.

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