Spiderbot Trophy in Planet of the Eyes

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    Spider-bot, spider-bot…

    How to unlock Spiderbot

    Replay Image: Select image number 4 in row 1.

    This trophy can only be done in the area where you need to climb a ladder to Level B and jump left to push a black metal platform off the edge to stop the electric current below the ladder. After pushing the black metal platform off the edge, jump onto the ladder and jump to the right side. You should see AUDIO LOG 2 so pick it up. After picking up the audio log, you'll see a dead end by a desktop and chair. This wall leads up to nothing, but if you keep wall climbing it to the top like Spider-Man, the trophy will unlock for doing so. However, this can only be done if you keep pressing to jump while you're moving right with either the d-pad [] or the left analog stick [].

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