• Estimated difficulty: 3/10.
  • Offline trophies: 38 (23 , 10 , 4 , 1 ).
  • Online trophies: 0.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 15-20 hours.
  • Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1.
  • Missable Trophies: no.
  • Glitched Trophies: no.
  • Do cheats disable trophies? Not applicable.

Introduction: Welcome to Planet 51. This is a sandbox racer geared towards a younger audience. You play as a Planet 51 citizen named Lem and a human alien named Chuck and occasionally one of Lem’s friends. Your goal is to help Chuck return to his ship by completing some task that come up along the way. The game handles well enough, but gets pretty repetitive pretty fast. That said, this is an easy platinum that can be gotten fairly quickly. So, without further delay, I present the road map proper.

Step 1: Unlock a car. Play through the game until you unlock a car. Don’t bother trying to farm any trophies quite yet, because you can always go back for them at a later time.

Step 2: Use this awesome collectible guide compiled by Steve_LWL to find the hidden car and all the comics and billboard locations in the Suburbs.

Step 3: Progress until you’ve reached the town and then find the collectibles there again using this awesome collectible guide compiled by Steve_LWL.

Step 4: Progress until you’ve reached the desert area and then find the collectibles there again using this awesome collectible guide compiled by Steve_LWL.

Step 5: Complete the game.

Step 6: Complete all the tasks to level 10. This is where you’ll spend the bulk of your time. You can warp to a task by entering the pause menu and selecting the desired task from the task submenu. Keep in mind that if you quit a task before you complete it to level 10 you will have to build your way up from level 1 the next time you tackle the task. Be sure to take a look at the various miscellaneous trophies before going for a particular task because a lot of them can be unlocked during your task grinding.

Step 7: Mop up any remaining trophies.
 [PS3T Would Like to Thank Cauchy for this Road Map]

Planet 51: The Game Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 10  23  )

  • All trophies have been unlocked.

  • Complete the tutorials.

    This cannot be missed provided you complete the story.

  • Complete all the Suburbs missions.

    This cannot be missed provided you complete the story.

  • Town


    Complete all the Town missions.

    This cannot be missed provided you complete the story.

  • Complete all the Desert missions.

    This cannot be missed provided you complete the story.

  • Complete all the game missions, including all tasks.

    You will have to complete all the game missions as well as all 10 levels of all the tasks in order to unlock this trophy. A pain yes, but not that difficult.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Glipforg News Paperboy'.

    This is a very easy task even at higher levels. All you have to do is enter the paper throwing zone and press . Then press again to throw the newspaper. If you wait to until the cursor enters the “sweet spot”, before the second press, then you’ll get a “perfect throw”. As far as I can tell, getting perfect throws isn’t really necessary, but there is an associated trophy for doing so. That trophy is the “The Coolest Paperboy”. See that trophy for more details.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Lawnmower Boy'.

    This will be the first task available to you. Just drive around in a nice clean pattern. If you find that you’re running low on time, then you can go for the mole for a little time boost. However, this will ruin your chances for unlocking the “Perfect Gardener” trophy. See that trophy for more details.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Glipforg Deliveries'.

    These are also very easy tasks. You load boxes into the bed of your pick-up truck by pressing under a dispenser, as needed. As usual, there is another trophy that can be gotten during missions and that is the “Experienced Delivery Boy” trophy. See that trophy for more details.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Too Many Dogs in this Town'.

    This is one of the more annoying tasks, not because it’s difficult rather because it’s so boring and tedious. When aiming for a dog, just make sure you wait until the reticule is small and green before you shoot the net, otherwise you’re likely to miss.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Parking Boy'.

    This is one of the easier trophies. Cars to be parked come one at a time and you are to park them in available spots. You only need to return cars to customers to free up spots so that you can park more cars. The only way to fail these task is if you take too long, but even going at a fairly leisurely pace I never even came close to failing. Note that the “Careful Parking Boy” trophy can be gotten during these tasks. See that trophy for more details.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'Taxi!'.

    These tasks take the cake for being the most boring and monotonous. You will be driving the exact same route and be picking up the exact same number of passengers for each level in this series of tasks. The thing that changes from level to level is how much time you start with and how much time is awarded for dropping of a passenger. But don’t worry, you should have more than enough time to complete these tasks with ease.

  • Complete level 10 in the task 'World's cleanest circus'.

    These tasks have you operate a vacuum cleaner that handles surprisingly similar to lawnmowers. You are to clean up the mess in the circus tent but you have to do it in a certain amount of time. You add more time on your clock and keep King Klong calm by scaring moles. And you scare moles by driving over them. Note that you can get the “Sweet Cleaner” trophy during these tasks.

  • Complete level 10 in the tasks 'Car Crusher', 'Battle in the Stadium' and 'Desert Battle'.

    I personally hated these missions. Again not because of the difficulty but rather from the extreme monotony. Just remember that you inflict little to no damage to the other vehicles unless you hit them from the side for from behind. Keep in mind that the “Careful Fighter” trophy can be gotten during any of the car crusher missions. See that trophy for more details.

  • Complete level 10 in all race tracks.

    For the most part racing is pretty easy in this game. However, no matter how fast you go, the computer will cheat and always be on your tail. So, your best strategy is to just drive a clean race trying to stay in first as much as possible. What is really important is for you to save a boost for just before the end of the race so you can boost across the finish line in first place. Also, note that the “Too Good to Compete” can be gotten during any of the races. See that trophy for more details.

  • Unlock all vehicles (excluding vehicles unlocked at the police station).

    You unlock vehicles by completing tasks and completing missions. There are also two hidden cars that are acquired by finding them and driving them to the specified location. They are located with a “C” on the collectible map here. As long as you get the hidden cars prior to completing the final mission, this trophy will unlock along side the “I’ve Got Antennas!” trophy.

  • Collect all the stickers that you'll earn in the tasks.

    As mentioned in the trophy description, you unlock stickers by completing tasks. If you complete all the tasks to level 10 then you should only have a few stickers after the last task. (I had three left.) Just pick another task to play-through and the final stickers will unlock around level five or six. I personally chose the “Town Race” tasks, since I thought it would be the quickest to get through the levels.

  • Find all the comic frames scattered around Planet 51.

    This is very easy thanks to the awesome contributions from our esteemed forum member: Steve_LWL. Just use his collectible guide located here.

  • Enter every open house and building in the game.

    All of the locations you need to go to for this trophy have comics to be collected. So, as long as you collect all of the comics in this game you will unlock this trophy. If you’re following the collectible guide, then the trophy will unlock after you get #55.

  • Travel 12 miles by bicycle.

    The bike is one of the, if not the, first vehicle you obtain and it will be your only mode of transportation early on, except for walking. You should get this trophy naturally, but if not, just choose bike from a dispenser and start pedaling.

  • Travel 300 miles by car.

    You will be driving the vast majority of this game and all the while you will be racking up your miles. In the unlikely event that you don’t have this trophy after you’ve completed all the tasks and all the missions, just choose your favorite car from the dispenser and start cruising.

  • Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.

    I had some difficulty with this trophy and after doing some research over at our sister site it was suggested to attempt getting this trophy by using the ramp at the end of the last race in the game. However, I had no luck with that location. I did have luck by using a “sewer ramp” that can be found at comic #32, #33, or #36 in the collectible guide.

  • Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.

    There are many places that you can get this trophy. Basically anywhere you can drive in a large circle will do. I just used the same location around Lem’s house that’s described in the “Reckless Driver” trophy and carefully and slowly drove around the block until this trophy unlocked. You will have to keep you finger on the gas (i.e. hold down ) the entire time, but you can also press on the brakes (i.e. ) to slow down or even stop the car.

  • Jump through all the billboards in the game.

    The locations of the billboards can be found in the collectible guide here.

  • Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding in the trash cans.

    The easiest way to get this trophy is to farm it when you first take control of Chuck. After completing the trashcan hiding tutorial you will be placed next Lem’s house and there will be a trash can near by. Stand next to the trash can. When a cop is close, a icon will appear above the trash can signaling that you can hide in the trash can. Press and hide. Now, repeat 39 more times.

  • Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60 seconds.

    This is very straight forward trophy to get and easiest done in the suburbs area right around your house. (If you use the map of the suburbs found here, then the area is just above the icon of Lem.) Just equip your favorite car and start hitting all the picket fences and yard ornaments you can see.

  • Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle outside of a mission.

    In the suburbs in the area round your house, there will be a nice suburban block that you can circle around. This is the same area described in the “Reckless Driver” trophy. In that area, you want to bump into a cop, have him chase you, elude him and then repair your car. Now wash and repeat three times.

  • Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes outside of a mission.

    Use the same area described in the “Reckless Driver” and “Fugitive” trophies. However, rather than evading the police like you did for the “Fugitive” trophy, just let the police keep following you repairing your car as necessary. To build up your alert level, hit pedestrians along the way. There are four alert levels and you have to maintain the fourth one for three minutes.

  • Complete the mission 'Neera's Garden' without cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.

    You will want to do this either when you play this mission the first time in story mode or at level 1 of the “Lawnmower Boy” task so you have more time, and therefore, can be more careful. You can also use mission select to get this trophy. Just drive around in a nice clean pattern avoiding the mole, the flowers, and the sprinklers as necessary.

  • Get 'perfect' throws for all newspapers in 'The Paperboy' mission.

    This trophy requires that you get all “perfect throws” for a single paperboy mission. You can use mission select to get this trophy or try to get it when you‘re doing the paperboy tasks. If you want to get a “perfect throw”, then do the usual paper throwing procedures (i.e. enter the throw zone and press ) but wait until the aiming bar gets to the “sweet spot” before you press for the paper toss.

  • Complete any car crusher mission without taking any damage.

    This trophy actually unlocked for me without even trying. However, I think that was just luck. This is best done when going for the level 10 completion of your first car crusher tasks, “Car Crusher”, in the suburbs. One of these tasks only has two enemies and that is the one that I was able to have this trophy unlock for me. Just crush the other two cars very quickly so you don’t give the cars any chance to hit you.
  • Don't lose any boxes in the 'A Job of Little Importance' mission.

    This can be done during the “Glipforg Deliveries” tasks. However, I recommend getting this trophy the first time you encounter this mission because you carry less boxes. Just drive carefully and don’t use boost. If you do end up dropping a box, cancel the mission and restart it. Or, you can also use mission select to get this trophy.

  • Complete the 'Parking Valet' mission without damaging any cars.

    This can be gotten during the specified mission when you first play it or via mission select or during the “Parking Boy” tasks. Just be careful not to touch anything when you’re parking a car and this trophy will come with ease.

  • Complete the 'Cleaning the Circus' mission without making King Klong angry.

    You should get this when going for level 10 in the “World’s Cleanest Circus” task. You pacify King Klong by scaring away the mole that pops up occasionally. So, unlike the “Perfect Gardener” trophy, you want to scare the mole here whenever you can. You’ll know if King Klong gets angry when he starts shaking his cage and causing stuff to fall from the ceiling.

  • Complete the 'King Klong' mission without damaging the pickup.

    Unless you get this your first time playing this mission, you have to use mission select to get this trophy. I thought this was the hardest trophy to get in the game. You will have to get King Klong to the circus without taking any damage, although you can lightly scuff some things in transit. What makes this difficult is that you have a timer and the faster you drive the angrier King Klong gets. When he’s fully angry we will start shaking your truck often making it collide with other cars and thereby causing damage. As far as I can see, there is no way of not enraging King Klong, but you can minimize how much he shakes the car by following the on screen prompts when he starts going wild.

  • Pick up all the special rocks in the mission 'Singing in the Rocks' before any go down the drain.

    Unless you get this your first time playing this mission, you have to use mission select to get this trophy. Another trophy that is mildly difficult. The special rocks have a reddish glow to them. Also, they appear blue when you scan with . I don’t recommend scanning however, since there is small delay from when you scan and when you can maneuver and during this time a special rock can fall into the grate. The strategy I used as just to drive back and forth along the grate at the bottom the hill and kept a look out for the special rocks and picked them up as I came across them.

  • Keep first place in any racing mission for more than 1 minute...and win!

    This can be done in any of the races including the task races, but is probably best done during your very first race because you only have one opponent and he’s pretty easy to beat.

  • Finish any of Chuck's missions on foot without failing any obstacle nor taking any damage from traps.

    Unless you get this your first time playing this mission, you have to use mission select to get this trophy. There are two missions in which you control Chuck while on foot. You want to do this on the first of the two missions, as there are substantially less traps. Avoiding the traps is pretty easy, but some people have difficulty with not failing any obstacles. You fail an obstacle every time you fail to properly follow the onscreen prompts during the obstacle sequences. To make things easier, you can press the PS button just after the onscreen prompt, see what button you have to press, then press the PS button again and hammer the appropriate button as the game reinitiates.

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